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Free Convert OST to PST Without Outlook Installation

Anuraag Singh | Modified: September 5, 2023|Conversion | 13 Minutes Reading


In this article, I will explain the simple and verified solutions to convert OST to PST format. To complete this task you can opt either  manual free method or experts suggested paid software. Both the methods are discussed in below with their pros and cons.

Microsoft Outlook is famous among users because it allows them to work even in offline mode. Now, it is possible only because of the OST (Offline Storage Table) file of Microsoft Outlook. It maintains the mirror image of all Exchange Mailbox data on the local machine.

According to Microsoft if you have an orphaned, inaccessible, Exchange profile that is not active, the IMAP setting is not configured or another user’s OST file. Then you cannot convert it into PST format for free. In these cases, you have to rely on a third-party OST to PST converter tool.

As a result, whenever a user works offline, it is saved in the local OST file. When the internet connection with Exchange Server is restored, all changes made in offline mode are automatically updated to the Exchange server mailbox.

Automated Solution to Convert OST to PST File

Try automated OST to PST Converter Software to convert multiple OST Files to PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, EMLX, NSF, PDF, vCard, CSV, ICS, TXT, HTML, MHT, DOCX, DOC, RTF file format. Download the utility in a hassle free way.

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  • Step1: Download OST to PST Converter Software and Install.
  • Sep2: Browse OST File and Preview Complete data.
  • Step3: Apply Advance Features (Split PST, Date Filter, Category).
  • Step4: Select PST and click the Export button to Start Conversion

Note: – You can visit official web page of SysTools OST Converter for more details. 

As the OST file resides on the local machine, it is unaffected by any Exchange Server crashes or mailbox deletions. Therefore, a user can take the help of the OST file to restore Exchange mailbox data in case of any miss-happening. Many users out there are looking for a solution to convert OST to PST of course for free.

It is because there is one major disadvantage of OST, you cannot relink it with Outlook even in the same profile. It means the OST file is bound to the account that has created it.

convert ost to pst manually

This is one of the major reasons behind converting OST files into PST format. Unlike the OST file, the PST file stores complete mailbox data and can easily import/export from any Outlook account. Now, to know how to convert OST file to PST manually let us go through this blog below.

First, take the latest backup of your OST file. Because the Free solutions can make the situation worse, and you may lose emails permanently. Move directly on steps to convert OST to PST without Outlook.

Why Convert OST to PST File Format?

When users start searching for a solution to convert OST files to PST for free, it is clear that they must have come across any of the below-mentioned situations:

  • If your Exchange mailboxes get deleted from the server, then you need to export complete data from OST to PST format and access the mailbox data again.
  • If you are looking for a solution to backup Exchange mailbox data
  • A user wants to recreate the OST file, but there are some unsaved data in the OST file.
  • A user is unable to access the EDB file because of Exchange Server corruption and needs to access emails on an urgent basis.
  • If you have switched the workplace and want to access the old OST file in the new office also. Then convert OST to PST format.
  • The Exchange Server and profile are not connected.
  • Having another user’s OST file and wanting to access it.

Difference Between OST and PST File

Feature OST File (Offline Storage Table) PST File (Personal Storage Table)
Purpose Allows users to work offline and sync with Exchange server when connected. Stores data locally for archiving, backup, and exporting purposes.
Associated Email Client Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Outlook
Storage Location Stored on the client’s computer in the local Outlook profile. Typically saved on the client’s computer or external storage devices.
Connection to Server Requires a connection to the Exchange server to synchronize data. Independent of any server connection; operates as a standalone file.
Data Accessibility Data is accessible only from the computer where it was created. Data is portable and can be accessed from different computers by importing the PST file.
Synchronization Automatically synchronizes with the server when connected to the internet. Manual import/export or synchronization process is required.
Data Storage Contains a copy of mailbox data from the Exchange server. Can store various Outlook data like emails, contacts, calendar events, tasks, etc.
File Extension .ost .pst
Restoring Data Can recover data from the server in case of OST file corruption Can restore data to Outlook from the PST file after importing it.
File Size Limit Can recover data from the server in case of OST file corruption Limited by the Outlook version and file system (e.g., 50GB for Outlook 2016).
Usage Scenario Ideal for users who need offline access to their Exchange mailbox. Suitable for archiving old emails, creating backups, and transferring data between computers.

Solutions to Convert OST to PST in Hassle Free Way

The free methods are available to convert your OST file to PST format. But, the expert suggests that if you are a novice to this, then don’t use the manual (free) method.

In this post, I will explain the 3 free manual solutions and a professional paid software, which help you to convert orphaned OST to PST format without Outlook. In order to know all of them, go through the section below:

  1. Know-How to Convert OST to PST Manually
  2. Use Archiving Solution to Convert OST to PST for Free
  3. Know how to Convert OST to PST Without Outlook
  4. Convert OST to PST For Free – Only for Technical Users

Note:  – I tested all 4 solutions in my environment. Finally, I realized the 3rd solution is best to convert OST to PST format without Outlook. Because the utility is digitally signed and secure to use.

Method-1: Manually Convert OST to PST for Free

Note: – To perform the below listed steps, you need an active Outlook profile of the same OST file which you want to convert in PST format. Follow steps to convert OST to PST for free.

  1. First of all, log into Outlook via an Exchange mailbox account, which was used to create the OST file.
  2. After that, you need to navigate to Files >> Open & Export >> Import & Export option.
  3. Then, choose the Export to a file option and click on the Next button to proceed further.
  4. Now, choose the Outlook Data File (.pst) from the next window and click the Next button.
  5. Next, you need to choose the folder that you want to export and again click on the Next.
  6. Here, you have to select the destination location by clicking on the Browse button. Select any desired option related to duplicate items.

Suggestion: You will get an optional choice to protect your PST file with a password. But it all depends on your choice and you can skip it also.

Method-2: Use The ‘Archiving’ Feature for Free OST to PST Conversion

As you enabled the archiving feature in Outlook, all emails from the OST file will get saved in a separate PST file. In addition, it is helpful in maintaining mailbox size and also in control by moving older items into the archived folder.

Note: – To use the archive feature, your Outlook OST file profile must be active. It will not help in the case of an orphan OST file, another profile OST file, Old OST file.

Now, to create a mailbox archive, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the Microsoft Outlook application and click on File >> Options.
  2. After that, click on the Advanced option and choose the Auto Archive Settings option.
  3. Here, you have to choose the number of days in which you want to run the auto-archiving. Choose the folder in which you want to save the archived PST file and define the archiving option. Then, click on the OK button.

Method-3: – Convert Orphaned OST to PST Without Outlook

The above-discussed methods are not foolproof solutions to perform the conversion of OST files to PST in a secure way. The free methods have some limitations like it requires a connection with Exchange Server. In the case of the orphan OST file, you cannot convert OST to PST manually.

Thus, to avoid all such situations, take the help of SysTools Converter for OST to PST. It is one of the best utilities that is widely used by users. Because it converts inaccessible or orphaned OST to PST file format. There will be no loss of data rather it exports permanently deleted data from the OST file.

The application is supported by all versions of MS Windows OS and Microsoft Outlook.

Steps to Convert OST to PST Without Outlook

1: – Download OST to PST Converter application, Install and Run on your local machine.

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2: – After that, click on the Add File button to the upload OST file in the application.

software screen


3: – Now, either choose Select File to browse the OST file manually or the Search File option to let software look for the OST file in your system drives.

select OST File


4: – When the OST file is added successfully, click on the Remove Encryption option to remove Open PGP or SMIME encryption from the OST file. Depending on the level of corruption, choose either Quick Scan Mode or Advance Scan Mode.

scan OST file


5: – As the scanning process is completed successfully, a preview of OST file emails is provided by the software.

free methods


6: – After that, you need to click on the Export button to convert OST to PST without Outlook.

export options


7: – Now select the PST radio button and click on Export. Now the software starts converting OST files into PST format. Simply wait till it completes to 100%.

convert ost to pst free


8: – Go to the location where you saved the output file, View the PST file. Now you can import this file into Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, etc., versions.

save exported PST file


Method-4: – OST Conversion Guide for Technically Sound Users

If you are technically sound, then you can follow the below-mentioned steps. You can perform these steps on the orphaned OST file too. You do not need to use expensive tools to complete the conversion tasks. Convert orphaned OST to PST free with Outlook.

  • Requirements: – Only Microsoft Outlook and technical knowledge
  • Required Time to Complete This Task: 8 Min. Only (also depends on mailbox size)
  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook on your system and disable the Automatic Send/Receive option.
  2. Now create a new mailbox, it will result in a .ost file at the default location. After that close the Outlook application.
  3. Now copy your original OST file (which you want to convert into PST format) and paste adjacent to the newly created OST.
  4. Rename your Original OST file as the newly created OST file and replace it.
  5. Again launch Outlook and click on File from the menu bar and select the Import/Export option.
  6. Follow the GUI steps and at last, you will get a PST file. Your task to convert OST to PST for free has been completed.

User’s Queries!

Here I am going to list some users’ queries, which are taken from multiple forum sites. Simply read the queries and understand the requirement of converting OST to PST manually.

“Hello Experts, My name is Mack John and I am using Outlook 2013 in the office. But we stop using the Exchange server. I want to use all my old emails without an Exchange server. So, I want to know how do I convert OST to PST for free? After that I will import OST in Outlook, Please guide me soon.”

“Hello friends, I have orphan OST file which I want to convert in PST file type. Is it possible to convert OST to PST without Outlook installation on same machine? If YES, then please suggest me steps.”

“Hello everyone, I am in urgent need to convert Exchange OST to PST file format. Please suggest me a professional way. I tried, but it did not work for me.”

“I am looking for 100% free OST to PST Converter. Is it really available in the market? I searched on Internet but nothing found for free. I tried manual methods to convert OST in PST. But I am not able to do so. Please suggest me a perfect way which truly free.”

“Please share free OST to PST converter software here. I don’t want to invest my money to buy full software. I am really in urgent need to use 100% free solution. Please don’t share creak or free serial key.”

“The manual way completely destroyed the formatting of message after converting OST in PST. If any totally free OST to PST converter available in market please drop link here. Please avoid to share virus affected crack tools.”

“Hello everyone. Please share your completely free OST to PST converter software link here. I will use it in my environment and check all features. After that I will write all features from my side and share on my blog with expert comment link. Note: – crack, free key stay away! Only real one accepted” 

Summing Up

Yes, you can convert OST to PST for free by using the manual solution. But all of them are not guaranteed solutions and have some limitations also. Therefore, for the one-stop solution in all scenarios, you can take the help of 100% secure SysTools OST to PST Converter suggested above to receive desired results. It will help you to convert OST to PST without Outlook on your system.

Users FAQ

Can I Convert OST to PST Format Without Outlook?

Yes, For this you have to use SysTools OST to PST converter software. You can download the free version of the software from the above download button.

Is it Possible to Convert OST to PST Without Exchange Server?

Yes, it is possible to convert orphaned OST to PST format but not manually. For this, you have to use the OST to PST converter software. The software is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and below versions. Simply download and install the tool on your system and complete the conversion process in easy steps.

After OST to PST Conversion, Can I Use The PST File in Outlook 2019?

Yes, once the conversion process is completed. You can easily use the resultant PST file in Microsoft Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, etc., versions. If you are converting OST to PST manually then there might be some difficulties accessing the output file in all versions of Outlook.

Which is The Best Way to Convert OST to PST Format, Software or Manual Methods?

Of course, free solutions are always preferred. But in some situations, you have to rely on paid software. But according to my finding using paid software full version is best.

Is It Possible to Convert Hosted Exchange OST to PST Format

Yes, but for this you have to rely on third-party software. Follow the method 3 and easy convert hosted Exchange OST to PST format.