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How to Transfer OneDrive files to Google Drive in Secure Way

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Published On May 5th, 2022
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So finally, you have decided to migrate files from Office 365 One-Drive to G Drive. Are you looking for a relevant approach to moving documents from OneDrive to Google Drive?. If yes then here, in this blog, we are going to suggest some efficient solutions that will help the user to transfer OneDrive files to Google Drive in a facilitated manner.

Nowadays, One-Drive and Google Drive are the most popular online cloud storage systems, they are widely used by people to store their information related to business or any other. Both services allow users to sync and store data files. OneDrive cloud storage service is provided by Microsoft and Google Drive is developed by Google for the same use. But they differ in their specifications. Users mostly prefer to use Google Drive over One Drive due to its better service.

Although, there may be several reasons why the user wants to move data from OneDrive to Google Drive.

Let us discuss the major reasons, why a user needs to migrate data from One cloud storage device to another.

Why Transfer Files from OneDrive to Google Drive

There may be many reasons when a user wants to transfer OneDrive files to Google Drive. However, we are mentioned here, some major reasons are given below:

1. Storage – Google Drive provides 15 GB of free cloud storage. If it is not enough then it offers extended storage on a reliable priced plan such as 1TB for $9.99. On the other side, One Drive also provides free storage but it is only up to 5GB which is far smaller than 15 GB. It provides subscription plans at a more friendly budget than Google Drive but Google Drive also provides annual offers that are not come up with OneDrive. Normal users prefer Google Drive and move data from OneDrive to Google Drive.

2. Security Reasons – At present, the security of data is a major issue for users. Google provides better encryption to data files using TLS and 256-bit AES encryption algorithm. Besides, it provides two-factor authentication to protect data from password theft. In the case of OneDrive, Business Oriented files are encrypted whereas the normal data are in plain text. Files are encrypted during transmission but at the Microsoft Server, they remain unencrypted. Therefore, lack of security in OneDrive is one of the major issues, why people are transferring files from OneDrive to Google Drive.

3. File Size Limitation – One Drive provides only a 10 GB maximum size limit for each file to sync or upload data. Whereas, Google allows the user to upload or sync data up to 5TB. Users can easily upload or transfer a larger file size limit to Google Drive. This is the major issue that attracts users and they choose Google Drive.

These two are the most popular cloud storage system at the present, in time. And if the user is seriously planning to move data from OneDrive to Google Drive, Go for the complete step by step procedure.

Manual Method to Transfer OneDrive Files to Google Drive

This is the easiest way to move documents from OneDrive to Google Drive, and it is very similar to moving data from one device to another. The procedure for this method is given below:

  • Simply, login to your One Drive Account.
  • Then, Download all your data files including documents and media.
  • Finally, Upload the data manually on Google Drive.

It looks very simple to migrate data from OneDrive to Google Drive, by using this solution, but this is not. Drawbacks with this method are as follows:

  • It is a time-consuming process as it can take much time in downloading and uploading the data.
  • This manual method is risky, and may lead to data loss issues while transferring data files.
  • This process needs internet connectivity with high speed to properly export and import data manually.

Automated Solution for OneDrive to G Drive Migration

This method is unlike the manual method which includes uploading a downloading data. By using this method users transfer OneDrive files to Google Drive within just a few clicks without any data loss issues. It works well if you have limited time and even slow internet connectivity.

SysTools OneDrive to G Drive Migration Tool is efficient to transfer data files from one cloud storage to another cloud storage device in a hassle-free manner. It saves huge time and energy to get this done.

Advance Features of the Software

  • Allow transferring all types of documents from OneDrive
  • Able to migrate single or multiple user data to the destination.
  • Can export different items such as Docx, PPTX, XLSX, Images, etc.
  • Provides different options to add users i.e. fetch users and import users
  • Users can set the priority of migration by applying filters.
  • Support Delta Migration to move modified or newly arrived data.
  • Give Retry failed items option to move data that is failed in the initial run
  • Provide details of the migration process with the CSV Reporting sheet.

Pre-Requisites to the Software

  • Destination User(s) should also already exist at the destination Admin Account.

Pre-requisites for Office 365 (OneDrive) as source

  • Enter the admin id (Office 365) and application id

Pre-requisites for G Suite (Google Drive) as a destination

  • Enter the admin id, service account id and p12 path

Steps to Migrate Data from OneDrive to G Drive

There is a short procedure to transfer OneDrive files to Google Drive. Follow these steps given below:

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    • Download the tool and select Office 365 as the source and G Suite as the destination.

    • Choose the category as Documents and Apply Date filter.

    • Add admin credentials of source and click validate button.

    • Add admin credentials of destination and click validate

    • After fetching the users set the priority if needed.

    • Click the “Start Migration” button to move OneDrive data to Google Drive.

After performing these simple steps click on the Download Report button to save the entire migration report (Summary & Detailed).

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Final Verdict

After going through this write-up we came to know about the different methods to transfer OneDrive files to Google Drive. Although manually we can move documents from OneDrive to G Drive but, due to some limitations, some other alternative can be used. One such alternative solution is provided by SysTools. The software described in this blog can easily migrate / copy files to G Drive without any risk of data loss.