How to Export Google Contacts to Another Google Account

Anuraag Singh | May 31st, 2019 | Updates

Many G Suite users use Google Contacts as their default contact application. Google Apps can store a large number of contacts in the Google Contact App of G suite users. G Suite user looks for the method to export Google contacts to another Google account/domain. The reason behind could be like:

  • They want to transfer G Suite contacts to another G Suite account/domain.
  • Wishes to move Google contacts to another account.

This type of migration process can only be done by the Admin account only. If there are few users whose contacts need to me migrate, then it can be done with the help of a manual approach. But if Admin has to transfer multiple user’s contacts to another account/domain, then it takes a lot of time.

User Scenario

“Hello, I have been using G suite for quite a time in my organization. Soon we are merging with our partner firm and looking for the method to transfer contacts from our domain to theirs. As each employee has many contacts, we cannot afford to lose any contact of our precious client. Please suggest me a method to export Google Contacts to another Google account easily and quickly. Also, try to give a foolproof solution as we don’t want any loss of contacts during migration.”

If you are looking for the solution to transfer G Suite contacts to another G Suite account, then you are at the right place. Today in this blog we will guide you with an easy solution to perform this task stepwise.

Note – All the Methods require that the user has already created a destination account before starting the migration process.

Ways to Export Google Contacts to Another Google Account/Domain

You can perform the conversion using the following 3 methods:

There can be multiple ways using which you can transfer all Google Contacts to another G Suite account. Method 1 & 2 can only be done through the Admin account using the Admin console. If you like to migrate only one account contacts to another account/domain then use Method 3.

Method 1: Migrate G Suite Contacts using Admin Console Email Migration

This method can be done by the Admin account only. This method requires the setup of a data migration services.

Note – Setting Up the Data Migration service can be a handy task that requires high-level technical knowledge and availability of the Exchange server. Still, if you wish to try transfer G Suite contacts to another G Suite account using this method then go to this link:

We Recommend you not to use this method as this method can take a large amount of time and a lot of technical skills. You can easily perform this task with the help of third-party software which is SysTools G Suite to G Suite Migration tool. It is the best tool in the market to export Google contacts to another Google account/domain.

Method 2: Migrate Google Contacts to G suite Easily

Systools G Suite Migrator can easily export contacts from multiple user’s accounts to another domain/account. What are you waiting for? Download the software from the official site and start the migration process.

Download Demo

Steps to use G Suite Migrator:

First, you need to complete the simple prerequisites of the tool which you can get at the product website.

  1. Download and Install the software from its official website and click on the setup button. launch the tool
  2. Enter your Service Client ID and Browse the path of P12 file created(in prerequisite), now click on the Save button. enter source client id
  3. After that click on Migration >> Source, enter Source Admin ID and click on the Connect button for authentication. source admin id
  4. Click on the Next button and enter the Destination Admin Id, then click the connect button again to authenticate the Destination email. destination admin id
  5. In Preferences panel choose category Contacts. select contacts
  6. Next, you will get the option to apply the Date Filter, choose the filter if you want to apply. filter option
  7. For source and destination user mapping, enter the Destination Mailbox address.
  8. After that tool will fetch all users in an admin account, now select the user’s account to migrate. You can also apply priority to the user’s account which you wish to migrate first. select user's account
  9. Click on the Start button, after this transfer process starts. click on Next
  10. You can track the status of the migration once the transfer process is finished. Click on Save Report to download the migration report to your desktop.

Method 3: Manual approach to Transfer G Suite Contacts to another G Suite account/domain

  1. Open your G Suite Contacts and click on one or more contacts. login
  2. Now click on Select >> All. select contacts to migrate
  3. Click the three-dot option for More action and select Export. Export all
  4. A pop-up window will appear and then select Export as Google CSV. export as CSV
  5. This will download a CSV file “contacts.csv” on your desktop. downloaded csv
  6. Now Login to your Destination Account and click on More dropdown at the left-hand side of the screen. Click More dropdown importbutton >> Import.
  7. Browse the ‘contact.csv’ file. After this, all the contacts will be transferred to your new account/domain.add csv file and finsih

Observation Verdict

All the possible ways to export Google contacts to another Google account/domain are covered in this blog post. We have tested Method 3 and according to us its the best method to perform this task. Transfer G Suite contacts to another G Suite account /domain without any data-loss, Also data integrity and security are preserved in this method. You can try any method which you are comfortable with.