How to Transfer Domain Between Office 365 Tenant and Keep the Same Domain Name?

Anuraag Singh | Last Modified: June 26th, 2020 | Office 365

Transfer domain from one Office 365 tenant to another is not impossible; you can accomplish this task easier if you know the right solution. In this article we will know the method to transfer domain between Office 365 tenants while keeping the same domain name.

The most considerable point while performing this task that is domain can be attached to only one Office 365 tenant at a time. Apart from this, the detaching domain from one Office 365 tenant is also long & complex. The detaching domain will take up to two days, after that you can add the domain to another tenant.

The process of transfer domain between Office 365 tenants is divided into 4 phases.

1 – Move user’s data from Office 365 domain to temporary Office 365 users mailboxes.

2 – Detach domain from Old Office 365 tenant.

3 – Attach domain in the new Office 365 tenant.

4 – Move the user’s data from temporary mailboxes to a newly created Office 365 domain.

You have to follow all phases to successfully accomplish this task. Let’s start the process.

1 – Move Users data from Office 365 Domain to Temporary Office 365 Users Mailboxes

To successfully perform this task you have to use an automated migration tool because there is no manual method available. Microsoft suggested users use the automated tool to do this task. We would like to suggest you this Office 365 to Office 365 migration tool, it is fully loaded with multiple features that will simplify this entire process.

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Follow given steps to perform this migration –

1: Start software & select Office 365 as a source and as a destination.

2: Now, select data (emails, contacts, calendars, documents) which you want to transfer. The software also provides Migrate document permission, Use Group Mapping, and Date-based filter. Select options and click on Next.

3: Login source Office 365 tenant with the Application ID and admin ID. Then click on Validate then Next.

4: Time to login destination Office 365 >> Validate >> Next.

5: Now, we have to add users into the software. To do this task you have to “download user list template (CSV)”. Enter domain users ID as the source, and temporary users ID as the destination in this CSV file.

6: Import this CSV file into the software to create a mapping between them. Browse CSV file >> click Upload.

7: Now, Validate permission and click on Start Migration.

Data successfully transferred from Office 365 domain to Office 365 temporary users mailbox. Now we are ready to detach domain from source Office 365 tenant.

2 – Detach domain from Old Office 365 tenant

1: In the Admin Center go to the Setting then Domain page.

2: Select the domain which you want to remove from Domains page.

3: Now, select Remove. Follow any additional prompts and click Close.

Now, the domain is successfully removed from OLD Office 365 tenant. We all know it will take two or more days. After then, we can attach the domain to the new tenant.

  3 – Attach domain in new Office 365 tenant

1: Go to Admin center >> Settings >> Domain Page.

2: Select Add Domain.

3: Enter the domain name of the domain, then select Next.

4: Choose how you want to verify the domain. Now you have to verify that you own the domain.

5: After verifying the domain, Choose how you want to make the DNS changes required for Office to use your domain.

6: Now, you can see two option –

1 – Add the DNS records myself.

2 – I’ll add the DNS records myself.

Select Add the DNS records for me option.

7: Select Finish.

The domain is added successfully new we have to perform the last step to complete the transfer domain from Office 365 tenant to another tenant.

4 – Move users data from the temporary mailbox to newly created Office 365 domain

In this step we will migrate data from temporary mailbox to domain. To do this step we have to use again Office 365 to Office 365 migration tool and repeat step 1 to accomplish this task. The tool is capable to transfer a domain from One Office 365 tenant to another tenant.

To transfer temporary users mailboxes data to domain, you have to enter a temporary user’s email ID and domain users mail ID in CSV file. It will create a mapping between then, after that migration will be performed between users.


In the above article we have explained a quick and easy guide to transfer domain from one Office 365 tenant to another tenant. If you are one of them who’s searching for a solution to transfer a domain between Office 365 tenants, then this write-up will defiantly help you.