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Set of Folder Cannot Open in Outlook – Top Six Methods

Anuraag Singh | Modified: February 21, 2023|Outlook | 7 Minutes Reading

We all know Outlook is one the most used and popular emails client but some of the user’s respite that they are getting an unusual error message “set of folder cannot open in Outlook”. Also, the users asked about the query on various platforms such as Microsoft community, Reddit, and many other forum sites.

Let see some of the user’s queries asked by the users to understand what the real issue is?

The above screenshots are from Reddit and we clearly see that what users is facing in this error. Now, if we speak about the fixed, then fortunately you have all the fixes here. Just keep reading the blog to know all the fixes.

Well before starting the method to resolve this issue first let understand the reasons that are responsible for this error.

Set of Folder Cannot Open in Outlook Reasons

If talk about the reasons then, it is uncertain. However, we can say this error occurs due to Outlook data file corruption or if the .xml file of Outlook is damaged. This is the major reason this error occurs in Outlook.

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Besides Outlook data corruption or damaged.xml file, this also happens when users running Outlook are in compatibility mode. Also if the user using the old Outlook file in the latest Outlook, one can encounter this error.

Now if we talk about the reasons for corruption that is one of the major reasons behind this error, then there are many such as sudden outlook or system termination, virus infarction, oversized Outlook data file, and many others. But you do need to worry about that because in the upcoming section we are going to troubleshooting techniques to fix all your issue.

How to Fix Set Folder Cannot Open in Outlook Issue

Well after knowing all about the issue now, let’s move towards the troubleshooting techniques to resolve this issue. Here in this section, we are going to discuss some DIY methods to fix the set folder not open in Outlook.

#Tip 1: Start Outlook in Safe Mode

The first thing we have to do to fix this issue is starting Outlook in safe mode. Running the Outlook in Safe mode disables all the add-ins and also it will disable all the modified settings and restart the Outlook with default settings. So, if the error is occurring due to any Outlook settings, then you will be able to fix this in safe mode.

# Tip 2: Update the Outlook Program

As we said above that if you are using an outdated Outlook version, then you may encounter this error with your Outlook. So it is very important to update your Outlook program in order to fix the error. Now, to update the Outlook program follow the below steps.

1. First you must open Outlook.

2. Select File from the drop-down menu.

3. Next, select the Office account.

4. Then, select Office updates and select Update choices.

5.  For update the Outlook software, click the Update Now option.

#Tip 3: Recreate Outlook Profile

After updating the Outlook profile if you are still facing the set of folder cannot open in Outlook, then you may try to recreate an Outlook profile because this process helps many users. Now, to do this just follow the below steps:

1. Open Control Panel on your system and click the Mail option.

2. Click on the Show Profiles button to see your profiles.

3. Now, click on the Add add a new profile.

4. Enter a name for a new profile in the Profile Name section and then click OK.

5. Now, select the Manual setup or additional server types option and click Next to start setting up your email account with Outlook.

6. Now, select your email account type and then click Next at the bottom.

7. For POP3 or IMAP, select that option and enter the details manually to configure the account settings.

8. Once all the account information is done, select the existing Outlook PST File from the Deliver new messages to section and then click the Browse button.

9. Now, navigate to the Outlook data file’s path you noted earlier and select that file.

10. At last click on the Finish button to end the email account, set up a wizard.

11. Now, restart the Outlook program and choose your newly created profile from the Always to use this profile menu

12. Click on the OK button to make your new profile the default email profile for Outlook.

#Tip 4: Disable the Compatibility Mode in Outlook

If you have Outlook configured in ‘Windows Compatibility mode,’ but the operating system you are running on your computer is an older version, the “Microsoft Office Outlook has encountered a problem and has to close the Outlook program.

Now, to fix this you have to disable the compatibility mode, and to do this follow the instructions below:

1. Go for the ‘outlook.exe’ file on your Windows machine.

2. Now open the outlook.exe properties

3. In the Outlook Properties dialogue box go to the Compatibility tab

4. Check if the ‘Run this software in compatibility mode for’ checkbox is selected or not if selected in unchecked it.

If disabling of compatibility mode doesn’t make any changes and still getting errors, then try the next solution to fix the error.

#Tip 5: Repair Office Installation

If you are still facing this set of folder cannot open in Outlook, then you can try to repair the Office installation and to do this simply follow the below steps:

1. The First click on the Start button go for the Control Panel

2. After that choose the Program and Features.

3. Now, search for the Office

4. Click on the change option and once the Office pop-up opens choose the Quick Repair and click on the Repair button to start the repair process.

#Tip 6: Repair Outlook Data File

After trying all the above steps if you are still facing the set of folder cannot open in Outlook, then maybe your Outlook data file has been corrupted. Now to repair the data corruption of Outlook you can try its inbuilt inbox repair tool that is also known as Scanpst. But the limitation of this utility is only capable to repair minor corruption of Outlook data files.

So if the corruption of your Outlook data file is severe, then you will notice that the utility is unable to repair the corruption. So in that situation, you can try one of the most amazing tools that is one of the most searched on the internet i.e, PST Repair Tool.

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This tool is a combination of a straightforward user interface and amazing so both technical and non-technical users can easily use this tool in order to resolve the corruption issue in Outlook.


Now, it is time to wrap up the write-up, here in this blog we have discussed all the possible troubleshooting methods to resolve the set of folder cannot open in Outlook. So, go through the write-up and resolve the issue by yourself