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Save Outlook Attachments to OneDrive Automatically

Aldrich Calvin | Modified: March 1, 2023|Outlook | 5 Minutes Reading

Keen to know the solution to save Outlook attachments to OneDrive? Then you are on the right page. Here in this article, we are going to discuss a very easy way to save all Outlook email attachments to OneDrive automatically.

Basically, this query rises because users want to save their data files to any secure place because we know that data is everything nowadays. Hence, they are seeking a secure place to save the data file and the cloud storage environment is one of the safest places to store important data.

Moreover, OneDrive is a cloud storage service provided by Microsoft hence, this is the first choice of all Microsoft Outlook users. Also, if one can save their data to cloud storage then they can access the data from any place or from any device. Hence, everyone wants to save their important data to the cloud system so they do not have to rely on Outlook to see the attachments.

Reasons to Save Outlook Attachments to OneDrive

On a regular basis, average Outlook users receive approx 70 to 100 email messages with attachments. Some of the attachment is very important for users so they want to save those Outlook attachments to OneDrive to keep them safe. So, here in this section, we are going to discuss some major reasons to save Outlook email attachments to OneDrive.

  • Work from Anywhere- OneDive is a cloud storage service and one of the most important benefits of storing Outlook attachments to OneDrive is users can their data from anywhere with any device.
  • Migration of Data is Easy- if one can store their data on OneDrive then the migration and sharing of data items are very easy. Users can share attachments from OneDrive to anyone very easily
  • No Data Loss– Well we know that data backup is very useful in the case of any data loss situation. And creating a backup of Outlook attachments on OneDrive helps you to restore your attachment data easily. Along with that cloud storage is the most secure place, so you no need to worry about security threats and cyberattacks.

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How to Save Outlook Attachments to OneDrive Automatically

If you are using an Outlook.com or Office 365 account then, you have an option to save your Outlook attachments to OneDrive. But if you are using a desktop version of Outlook then there is no inbuilt option to export Outlook attachments to OneDrive. And if you want to do it manually then you have to extract your Outlook attachments one by one from Outlook then, you have to upload it to OneDrive. But the catch is how will users extract multiple Outlook attachments at once because Outlook does not provide an option to save multiple attachments to a local drive.

So, in that situation, users have only one option left and that is to try an automated solution. SysTools Outlook Attachment Extractor. It is software that gives you an option to extract Outlook attachments in batch from OST, PST, and BAK files. Also, provide various data filter options to extract attachments as per the user’s requirements.

Moreover, the process save Outlook attachments to OneDrive is in the two-step. In the first step, we extract all attachments from Microsoft Outlook to the system and then upload them to One Drive in the second step. So follow the listed below guidelines to do it correctly.

For Windows OS Users:

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For Mac OS Users:

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Step 1: – Export Attachments from Outlook to Local Device

These steps can be performed on Windows OS only.

1. The first thing you have to do is Download and install the software.

home window

2. Once the installation process is completed run the software and choose PST/OST radio button and then click on the Add File (s) or Add Folder option to add the Outlook PST, BAK, MSG, and BAK files.

add file

3. Now, choose the destination path to save the file.


4. Select the item type like Emails, Calendars, etc.


5. Now, click on the Extract button to save the attachments locally.


Step 2: – Save Outlook Attachments to OneDrive.

1. First login to your Office 365 account and open OneDrive.

2. After login, click on the Upload option and then choose any of the mentioned options.

3. File Upload- Use this option to upload only the file.

4. Folder Upload- Use this option to upload the whole folder.

5. Now, select the extracted attachments folder from the destination location to save Outlook attachments to OneDrive.

6. After that, click on the Open button and your uploading process will start automatically.


Most of the users want to save Outlook attachments to OneDrive due to various reasons. But due to lack of knowledge or process lengthiness, they are not able to complete it. Therefore, to make the task easy for the users we have discussed a simple and effective solution in the above blog. That will help you to complete the process without any data loss.