How to Save IMAP Emails Locally Using The Certified Methods

Anuraag Singh | Last Modified: November 19th, 2020 | Mac

Modern Email service providers understand the users’ needs. That’s why they moved from POP3 to IMAP protocol for their standard configuration for Email setup. IMAP lets people access the same account from various devices. People want to know how to save IMAP emails locally on Mac to have a downloaded copy of their mailbox email data, at every moment. Regardless of internet availability, users can have their needed data in hand. To achieve this goal we have initiated this outstanding utility that will serve this purpose effortlessly.

Here what it offers to its users to get maximum benefit while performing the IMAP backup locally on Mac OS.

Let’s understand the issue through this user query

User Query – “My name is Jones. I am a consistent user of Outlook. All my email activities had been maintained on Outlook application. For the sake of security of data and safety from the thefts, I want to download the important files to my local drive. I want a utility that will serve my particular requirement. Import/Export wizard is quite complicated and does not allow the user to have a selective approach while exporting the data.”

Go to Solution to Save IMAP Emails on Mac Locally

SysTools IMAP Server Backup Tool is a complete package to save IMAP emails on Mac OS. Users can use this application to backup IMAP emails to multiple file formats like PST, MSG, etc. The interface of the tool is user-friendly so that even a novice user can operate on it. In the section below, we have listed some of the features offered by this software to save Mac IMAP emails locally.

Highlighted features of IMAP Server Backup Solution

The user is advised to give a glimpse of the features of this utility. So users can get the maximum benefit out of this solution. Here are the advantages that are designed concerning the specific need for IMAP emails download.

Multiple Download of Files and folders – This tool expedites the download process by facilitating the multiple downloads of files and folders of the IMAP mailbox. The user no longer has to face delay to only complete the download of mails.

Date Range Filter – This potent feature provides convenience to the user to download the emails of a particular date range using the ‘From’ and ‘To’ column. Users can directly get access to the emails of specific dates using this utility.

Various Formats to Download – Along with other marvelous features this advantage is the cherry on the cake. The user has multiple format options while downloading the data i.e. PST, PDF, EML, MSG, and MBOX. These formats are the dominating formats used in leading applications. Each format carries its individual importance and benefit for the user to save IMAP emails locally on Mac.

Schedule Backup – It is a necessity to keep the backup update since its email data is added every single day. Users can set up their schedules backup depending on his requirement. This schedule backup is on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Free Version – You can download the Trial version from the official site, and experience the functionality and easiness of this IMAP server backup solution. Once you are satisfied with the product. Grab the authorized version of this tool for unlimited access.


Users who seek to create the backup of their valuable data, often struggle because of the technicalities and lengthy process of the manual method. We introduced an assured solution for the query of how to save IMAP emails locally. For the non-tech users who don’t want to put their data at risk of loss and want to accomplish the task on their own. This tool will assist them, the straightforward approach will bring convenience and smoothness while the exportation of data from IMAP to IMAP applications.