How Can I Perform IMAP Backup on Mac OS? Comprehensive Method

Anuraag Singh | Last Modified: November 4th, 2020 | Tips

Whether you are a professional or a self-employed individual, there comes a time when you have to eventually perform IMAP email Backup Mac. This has to be done because of you using an email for you work-related communications.

Users can efficiently choose IMAP Server Backup Tool to perform IMAP Backup on Mac OS within a few clicks. But before, moving ahead let us get to know about IMAP and why it is useful.

Understanding the Need of IMAP

IMAP is abbreviated for Internet Message Access Protocol. On a remote server it is used for accessing email for several clients. This is the reason because IMAP has gain the popularity among the users in a very less time. The emails can even be stored on multiple devices at a single time. The biggest advantage of opting an IMAP server is that it can accessible from anywhere and anytime. The rapid increase of smartphones, laptops, etc. has increased the overall demand IMAP than ever.

Perform IMAP Email Backup Mac – Smartest Approach

Users can opt for SysTools IMAP Server Backup Tool for Mac OS to easily backup IMAP emails on multiple file formats. This is a perfect software for all those users who lacks technical expertise. In other words, even non-tech savvy users can effortlessly perform IMAP backup on Mac OS. It has a very easy-to-use and self-explanatory interface. All the server name and port numbers are available on the software panel itself.

Features of the IMAP Email Backup Software

  1. Supports Multiple File Formats

This advanced tool lets users to select from the several available file types to back up the added IMAP mailbox data. Compatible options are PST, DOC, EML, MSG, HTML, PDF and other file formats.

  1. Filtering Option

The Mac IMAP Backup Tool offers multiple options using which users can perform selective or range-based backup. This in return will save the precious time and efforts of our users. Also, it assures that no data will be missed.

  1. Folder Structure Management

Users can preserve the actual folder hierarchy and the software keeps it untouched throughout. Thus, by using this feature users will get the data in an organized folder unlike irregular hierarchy. Also, it will be much easier to search for the data at the exact location rather than opening every folder one by one.

  1. Safe and Secure Backup

Not only the folder hierarchy will be maintained, but also, your data will be safe and secure completely. Users can perform IMAP email Backup Mac OS by using this tool in an effortless and trouble-free manner.

  1. Bulk Backup Mailbox

The IMAP Server backup application has one more great functionality and this is to perform the backup in bulk mode. Users can select the multiple accounts and then can effortlessly backup the accounts.

Apart from all these features, this tool offers Scheduled Backup in One Time, Weekly & Monthly so as to archive IMAP Emails.

The Bottom Line

There can be several reasons because of which users might have to perform IMAP email Backup Mac. Also, performing the steps manually can be a time-consuming and laborious task. Also, it requires technical expertise. For simplifying the process, users must opt a third party tool like, SysTools IMAP Server Backup Tool. It is a reliable and efficient application to backup IMAP mailboxes on Mac OS.