Ultimate Guide to Restore MDF File In SQL Server

Anuraag Singh | Last Modified: September 10th, 2019 | sql server

Summary: This blog post talks about the best possible ways to restore MDF file SQL server 2017 and its below version. We have also discussed the reasons for SQL database MDF file corruption. Read this blog to find the relevant solution to perform this task.

As we know that there are many database software applications are available but Microsoft SQL server is among best and advanced relational database management system. This SQL server application creates the database in two files which are MDF primary database file, NDF secondary database file. But like any other file formats, these two files are also prone to corruption. Database corruption is the worst nightmare for any SQL Database Administrators. If the users don’t fix the corruption in time then the users have to face fatal data loss.

If you are also facing the corruption problem then in this article I am going to discuss the best ways to restore MDF file in SQL Server. But to avoid any corruption problem we will discuss the reasons responsible for the SQL database corruption problem. We will discuss the best possible ways to restore the SQL database by using SQL recovery software.

Reasons For MDF File Corruption

Computer system stores the data on the hard disk drive and in case, if your hard drive fails or crashed then the entire SQL database, will become inaccessible. So there are other reasons also responsible for corruption. Some of which are given below:

1.Virus Infection: No computer file is immune to the corruption problem. Due to virus or malware infection, the SQL database can be corrupted. There are many possible ways due to which virus can enter the computer system like during the file downloads from the internet

2.Abrupt System Shutdown: Sometimes Abrupt system or forcefully shut down the system will result in SQL database corruption problem. Let us understand with the help of an example: If the user is working on the SQL server and suddenly the power goes off then there are chances of database corruption also.

3.Internal Bugs: Sometimes due to the presence of internal bugs, the software application produces the incorrect result. This can be the reason of MDF file corruption.

Note: If anyhow your MDF file is corrupted and you want to restore MDF file in SQL server 2017 or above version then the user can take the help of Restore SQL database tool.

Know-How to Restore MDF File in SQL Server 2017 / 2016 / 2014 Version

When the users SQL database gets corrupted, MDF files are affected then the user can try the SQL Database Recovery tool restore SQL database. This utility is a perfect solution to recover the SQL database objects such as Table data, Stored procedure, triggers, indexes. This application provides two Scan quick and advanced scan option to remove high-level corruption. Before recovering the data this software shows the preview of deleted SQL table records in red color. Moreover, this software is compatible with SQL server 2017 and its below version.


Final Words

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When the SQL database users face MDF file corruption problem then the users don’t need to worry about. The user can take the help of SQL database recovery tool to restore MDF file in SQL Server 2017 / 2016 / 2014. In this article, we have also discussed the reason responsible for corruption in the SQL database. So to resolve the high-level corruption problem it is better to take the help of expert solution to avoid any data loss problem.