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DBCC CHECKDB Repair Options to Repair Corrupt SQL Database

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Published On April 27th, 2022
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As we know SQL server by Microsoft is one of the prominently used database management systems. Many organizations use this application to store crucial data information. But there are some situations like Virus or malware infection, and file system corruption, due to which users have to face corruption problems. Running the DBCC CHECKDB command is the solution to check any inconsistency of the database.


This article will discuss how to combat corruption issues by using DBCC CHECKDB repair options. If the users want to repair a corrupt SQL database then the user can try the DBCC CHECKDB repair options but the users have to be very careful if they are using manual techniques to fix corruption issues. 

So if the user wants to know which Repair option to use then you need to run DBCC CHECKDB and it will tell you which repair option is necessary, Let us talk about the available repair options:

1. Repair_Fast: It does not perform any repair actions. It helps to maintain syntax for backward compatibility.

2. Repair_Rebuild: This will help you to perform repairs that will not cause data loss. It includes quick repairs and repairing missing rows in non clustered index.

3. Repair_Allow_Data_Loss: This will help you to repair the database but this option is not considered the best option to bring the database to an inconsistent state. Because if this command is successful then the user has to face data loss. Executing this command will help to delete broken data and fix all the structural linkages. 

If you want to repair a corrupt SQL database by using DBCC CHECKDB Repair options then you have to understand one thing. The purpose of repair is not to try and save your crucial data but- to make the SQL database structurally consistent. So that the storage engine can easily process the SQL database without facing any corruption issues or any difficulty.

Resolve Corruption Problem Without Using DBCC CHECKDB Repair Options 

DBCC CHECKDB is not always the best way to deal with SQL database-related corruption problems. The user can try the hassle-free SQL Recovery software to deal with corruption issues.

By using this utility the user can easily recover the SQL database objects such as corrupted tables, stored procedures, functions, triggers views, etc. Also, this utility provided support to recover Unicode database objects. This application provides a dual scanning Quick and advanced scanning option. It can easily deal with all types of corruption problems and allows its users to export recovered data directly to live SQL Server database, SQL Compatible Scripts, or CSV File. The easy to use graphical user interface helps the recover SQL database objects easily without losing a single bit of data. Moreover, this software is compatible with SQL server 2019, 2017 and its below version.

Follow the Steps To Repair Corrupt SQL Database

1. Download and Install the Software on your Machine

repair Corrupt SQL database

2. Now click on the Open file button to add the MDF file to the software.

repair corrupt SQL database

3. After that choose the Scan mode from Quick Scan and Advanced Scan. Also, select the SQL server version and then mark the option recover deleted objects and click on the Ok button.

DBCC CHECKDB Repair Options to database

4. Preview the database items and click on the Export button.

Repair MDF File

5. Choose the SQL Server database option and in the database authentication chooses the server name and authentication mode.

DBCC CHECKDB Repair Options to Repair Corrupt SQL Database

6. After that select the destination of the database.


7. Select the database objects which you want to export.

repair corrupt database

8. Choose the option with only schema and schema and data.

repair corrupt database 

9. Now click on the Export button to start the export process.

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Final Conclusion 

Many times database administrator has to deal with SQL database-related problems. So to repair a corrupt SQL database the user can try DBCC CHECKDB Repair Options. But in case the user found any difficulty in recovering the SQL database then the user can take the help of an expert solution to resolve this problem quickly.