How to Recover Data after MBR to GPT Conversion in Four Steps

Eva Mendis | Last Modified: February 18th, 2021 | Recovery

“I was converting my HDD from GPT to MBR, due to some technical issues with Windows installer. After that when I checked out I couldn’t find the remaining partitions. How to recover data after MBR to GPT conversion? Is there any chance to get the other partitions back? Or Is it possible to convert MBR to GPT without losing data?”

Is it possible to convert mbr to gpt without losing data?

Please make sure to follow these actions when you realize that the data has been lost after MBR to GPT conversion.

  1. Stop using the system. Do not perform any activity on data. This primary step is needed to stop the overwriting of data.
  2. Download and Install Partition recovery software on your system.
  3. Follow stepwise instructions to recover data after MBR to GPT conversion.

Quick Info about MBR

MBR is the abbreviation for Master Boot Record. It is a boot sector that is located on a certain part of your hard disk. MBR holds information about the partitions of HDD and performs as the loader for the operating system.

Older MBR boot sectors were undocumented and difficult when it comes to debugging them.

Quick Info about GPT

GPT works on Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) which makes the organizing across hard disk and firmware. Additionally, it provides freedom for 128 partitions that support maximum storage for logical partitions. It offers better compatibility with larger logical drivers and global support across hard disk manufacturers. GPT is a lot easy to debug than older MBR drives.

Why Convert from MBR to GPT?

GUID partition table aka GPT disks has a huge advantage over Master Boot Record (MBR). After selecting GPT you can have more than four partitions on each disk.

Even if the user wants to have a drive larger than 2 terabytes he would have to convert his boot record to GPT because MBR does not offer service for more than 2 TB disk.

If the user desire to upgrade his operating system to Windows 10 then also he will need a new partitioning type that forces him to convert mbr to gpt without losing data during installation.

Reasons That Caused Data Corruption during MBR to GPT Conversion

Data corruption while converting MBR to GPT is can occur due to many reasons

Corrupt MBR or GPT – In case MBR is damaged, the Windows won’t be able to boot for Windows XP, Vista, 7/8, or other editions. The damage could occur due to viruses that target the MBR to replace it with its own code.
It can show these errors in response.

How to convert mbr to gpt without losing data during installation

Also for GPT, if it corrupted due to system incompatibility or hard drive is either corrupted or damaged then Data partition corruption can happen.

Selecting Wrong Disk While Partition Conversion – It is more like human erroneous which is more likely to happen due to inexperience of user or negligence while performing the conversion.

Partitioning Error – Errors like “Windows cannot be installed to this disk.” Or errors related to disk partition can be encountered while performing the conversion.

Systems that have mismatched boot mode and partition style of HDD or SSD can lead to partitioning errors.

How to convert disk from mbr to gpt without losing data

Hard disk issue – If your Hard disk has physical or logical bad sectors, then it can obstruct the conversion process or corrupt the data after MBR to GPT conversion.

These issues not only corrupt the partition’s data but complicate the recovery of data after MBR to GPT conversion for a home-based user. To restore files after corrupt MBR, the user should refer to the Partition recovery solution.

A partition recovery solution can recover severely damaged/corrupted/lost data from Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003, and 2008 without confronting any issue.

By now you might have figure out that what caused the data loss from partitions and why your partitions are not visible.

Steps to Recover Data after MBR to GPT Conversion via Partitions

Smooth recovery of data from MBR to GPT protective partitions. It can fix MBR raw drive from FAT and NTFS file system by convert MBR to GPT without losing data during installation for all Windows editions.

Step 1. Download and Install SysTools Partition Recovery software on your Windows machine.

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Step 2. Select the drive on the homepage and click on Scan mode to start the scanning to recover deleted partition on the external hard drive with a single click.

Step 3. Checkbox the files that were lost and got corrupted files, or you can select the entire root folder. Click on the Save button.

Step 4. Choose the destination location to export the selected data.

Is it possible to convert mbr to gpt without losing data?

Step 5. After completion of export partition recovery will indicate a confirmation message.

How to convert disk from mbr to gpt without losing data

Now you know that how to recover data after MBR to GPT conversion using an instant deleted partition recovery software.

Concluding Points

Various requirement leads for conversion MBR to GPT boot record. Users want to understand that how to recover data after MBR to GPT conversion when they realize their data is corrupted and inaccessible.

Partitions data recovery is the assured solution to convert disk from MBR to gpt without losing data. If the demo version showcases your corrupted data on the recovery panel then the full-fledged version will provide the recovered files to the chosen location.