Outlook Attachments Preview Error: Know the Solution Here

Aldrich Calvin | Last Modified: October 16th, 2020 | Outlook

You have just received an email message with attachments but when you try to preview it, you encountered an unexpected Outlook attachments preview error ” This file cannot be previewed because there is no preview installed for it.” Well, we know that it is an unexpected and sometimes a very frustrating issue. But there are lots of Outlook users who reported this issue. So, if you seeking the solution to resolve this issue, then from this article you will know the methods to fix this attachments preview error in most of the cases.

Undoubtedly the preview feature in Outlook saves lots of time because you can simply view your attachment through the preview option without downloading it. Also, this error may vary like sometimes you will see a pop of an error message, or sometimes just nothing will happen after clicking in the preview option.

How to Fix Outlook Attachments Preview Error?

As we said above with the help of this article you will able to resolve this attachment opening error in most of the cases. Therefore, in this section, we are going to discuss some major causes of this problem and how to fix it.

Check the Attachment Preview is Enabled

There is an option to enable or disable the attachment preview functionality in Outlook. So if the attachments preview option is disabled, then you will encounter Outlook attachments preview error. So check the option because sometimes it is disabled by default. Hence, to confirm it check the Attachment Handling Settings. Follow the guidelines in order to do that.

  • First, launch Microsoft Outlook.
  • Now, go to the File option from the top ribbon menu.
  • Click on the Option from the File menu.
  • After that select the Trust Center tab and click on the Trust Center Settings.
  • From the Trust Center Settings, select the Attachment Handling option.
  • Now, uncheck the Turn off Attachment Preview option to resolve the Outlook attachment preview error.
  • Select the appropriate application to view attachments in your Outlook by click on the Attachment and Documents Preview button.

Check the Internet Connectivity

Due to weak internet connection, you can also encounter this Outlook attachments preview Error. So check the internet connection and if everything looks good, then try to re-open the attachment to preview.

Check for Firewall Settings

It sounds irrelevant but antivirus and firewall block some of the attachments to prevent unauthorized access to the program that can create serious issues or damage your data. So, disable the appropriate attachments settings. Moreover, if you don’t have installed any antivirus in your system then disable the Windows default “Windows Defender Firewall” to fix the Outlook attachments preview error.

To disable Windows Defender follow the listed below guidelines.

  • First Right-click on the Start button and choose the Settings option. You can also choose the Settings option from the notification center if you are using Windows 10.
  • Now, go all the way through the Update & Security option.
  • Choose Windows Security from Update & Security option.
  • Then choose Firewall & Network Protection
  • Select the profile, and disable the Windows Defender Firewall setting.

Check for Preview Application

If you are encountering the Outlook attachments preview error, then maybe this error is beyond Outlook. So first you need to check the compatible application for that specific attachment like Adobe Reader for PDF attachments. Once the application is installed in your system, then you can download the attachment and open it.

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In the above article, we have discussed the most simple and effective manual techniques to resolve the issue of Outlook attachments preview error. So, go through the article because the above solutions definitely fix the issue.