Migrate IncrediMail Emails to PDF Along With Attachments

Dexter Morgan | Last Modified: August 4th, 2021 | PDF Updates

As we know PDF i.e. portable document format is used by many organizations for sharing crucial data with their clients or employees. It’s because this file format is highly secured and cannot be manipulated easily. However, exporting IncrediMail messages to PDF file format is a common task in forensics data analysis. Thus, many people are searching for a solution to migrate IncrediMail emails to PDF format. Therefore, keeping these things in mind we come up with this write-up and provided the solution to export emails from IncrediMail to PDF.

Reasons to Migrate IncrediMail Data to PDF

There are many reasons due to which people export messages from IncrediMail to PDF format these are given below:

  • Representation of emails for legal purpose
  • Forensics investigation
  • Carrying data without any platform independency
  • Representing email evidence in court by printing it in PDF format

Best Way to Migrate IncrediMail Emails to PDF File Format

SysTools IncrediMail to PDF Converter is the advanced solution to export IncrediMail messages to PDF format. With this program users can easily convert .imm, .iml, .im and .db IncrediMail files to Adobe PDF. All emails, contacts, Address Book and attachments can be exported to PDF. The tool provides two options to add IncrediMail files i.e. Select File & Select Folder. Users can select any among the two and carry out the migration of single or multiple IncrediMail files to PDF. After the conversion of the IncrediMail data files to PDF, users can easily open these PDF documents in any PDF viewer program.

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Other Advanced Features of the Software

  • Migrate IncrediMail emails to PDF by keeping folder hierarchy intact
  • Provides “Advance Settings” option to set bates number, page layout & General settings
  • Allows to set margin, page orientation, and page size
  • Users can select Start Number, Position, and Increment by number
  • Apply Date Stamp in any desired format at any location
  • Keeps all email properties i.e. metadata & formatting intact
  • Different file naming conventions are provided
  • Supports all versions of the Windows Operating system

Steps to Export Emails from IncrediMail to PDF Format

Follow these simple steps to migrate IncrediMail emails to PDF format:

Step 1: Download and Start the software

Step 2: Load IncrediMail Files with any Identities / File / Folder option

add file
Step 3: Preview IncrediMail emails & other data


Step 4: Select export file format as PDF

imm to pdf
Step 5: Select the destination location & convert IncrediMail emails


Why Users Want to Export IncrediMail Messages to PDF

“I received some IncrediMail files from my client and on an urgent basis, I need to convert .iml files to PDF documents. But, the main problem is I am not having an IncrediMail email client on my local system. So, is there any solution that could help me to transfer IncrediMail files to PDF format?”

“Since the last few months, I was searching for a reliable solution that can migrate Incredimail emails to PDF with attachments on the desktop. I searched for various ways but till now, I do not have any convenient way for the same. So, can anyone suggest to me that how to export emails from IncrediMail to Adobe PDF? Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated!”


PDF is the most commonly used file format for saving important documents as it can be easily viewed on any platform. This can be easily opened in any Web Browser like Google Chrome, MS Edge, or Firefox as they have inbuilt PDF Reader. Moreover, it is the standard file format that is used in court to represent electronic mail. So, in this write-up, we have covered the best solution which can easily migrate IncrediMail emails to PDF format. All imm, iml, im and db files can be converted into PDF format by the tool.