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Know How to Migrate from Zoho Mail to Office 365? – Issue Resolved

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Zoho mail created an adequate amount of audience in its span due to its features. Still, businesses want to learn how to migrate from Zoho mail to Office 365 but why?. Even it has some capabilities that are only available in larger productivity packages. Businesses & organizations can get personalized email addresses as well as smart integration and collaboration options. So the reason is that Zoho mail is just suited for small-scale businesses only.

It lacks several of Office 365’s professional capabilities, forcing companies to transfer their data from Zoho to Office 365. This article is going to give you a clear insight into this operation. We are going to understand both the manual & automated methods.

Why Do Businesses Migrate Zoho Email to Office 365?

If you work in a mini or small-scale organization, Zoho may be the right email client for you. However, when your company expands its operations, switching from Zoho to Office 365 is a good choice.

While all Office 365 Business plans with OneDrive access come with 1 TB of storage, Zoho’s WorkDrive storage space varies depending on the plan, starting at 5 GB per user. For enterprises that demand more storage space, this may not be enough. So, the storage limitation is a major factor why organizations migrate their data to a different mail client.

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All Available Methods to Execute this Data Migration Operation?

There are just two ways to execute this operation. One is the manual one & the other one is opting for the automated solution. If you want to learn how to migrate from Zoho mail to Office 365, let’s explore a bit more.

Manual Method
The manual method is only advisable if the organizations need to move only a few users’ data. Users need to execute several steps through Zoho mail’s setting tab. However, in case organizations want to transfer numerous mailboxes. Users must save all the data in PST file format and they can either use the Drive shipping method or network uploading to import that data to Office 365. Evidently, the manual methods aren’t recommended by It experts in the case of multiple users.

Automated Solution
Let’s talk about the automated approach. It includes the usage of dedicated tools that are specially designed with advanced algorithms to perform such complex migration tasks. The automated or modern approach is recommended by Microsoft’s MVPs & other IT technicians. It’s a great choice for migrating data in bulk.

Critical Limitations of the Manual Method

The manual method does work with decency but it comes with a number of flaws that sometimes cause severe risk to the data integrity. In order to learn how to migrate from Zoho mail to Office 365, it’s crucial to understand each & every factor in detail.

  • There’s a good probability you’ll lose data integrity, especially if you’re dealing with attachments. Your files may get corrupt and if you don’t have a backup, there’s no way to get back your data.
  • The more data there is, the longer it takes to migrate it. This is because the manual method is time-consuming whereas, for businesses, their time is their money. In the majority of cases, organizations miss their deadlines.
  • Manual methods do not provide the liberty of migrating selective information. In addition, it’s quite difficult to manage the flooded data in the destination accounts. No folder hierarchy & timestamps are maintained this way.

Given these disadvantages, it may be more practical to use tools that can accomplish Zoho to office 365 migration. Each tool has its own set of features, effectiveness, and hence success rate.

How to Migrate from Zoho Mail to Office 365 Using Automated Tool

Considering the limitations of the manual method, users must opt for SysTools IMAP Migrator. Organizations can transfer data quickly by selecting the automated procedure. There is very little chance of things messing up here as data security is the utmost priority here. The automated procedure is quite easy to understand. Users just need to enter the IMAP host, server port no. & their admin credentials in the tool. Then after selecting the data with the help of various filters, they can simply transfer it to the destination.

Businesses have accepted this method and it has currently the maximum success rate than any of the manual methods available. Opting for the modern approach for migrating bulk data is the right choice for rapidly expanding organizations.

What makes the Automated Solution Special?

There are several advantages of using the automated tool that makes it better than others. It’s time to understand these advantages to know how this automated solution is different from the manual one & its offerings to its users.

  • The automated solution is much faster than that of manual ones. It holds the capacity to perform the whole task in minimal time. This ultimately results in increased efficiency.
  • A variety of filters are present in the automated tools that help users to migrate Zoho email to Office 365 in a customized way. Users can avoid transferring unwanted data files to the destinations.
  • Delta migration is another feature that can migrate newly arrived data to the destination.
  • Not just emails but Contacts and Calendars can also be Migrated to Office 365 without any hassle. 

Migrate Zoho Email to Office 365 – Tutorial for automated Solution

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Step-1. Download the tool, Select Source & Destination platform.


Step-2. Select Email & apply Date Filter as per your requirements.


Step-3. Enter details of server for Source & credentials for Destination platform & Validate permissions.


Step-4. Add Users using Import & Download Template options.


Step-5. Enter source app password, validate & then click on Start Migration.

how to migrate from Zoho mail to Office 365 step-5

Bringing It All Together

If any user or organization is planning to execute this complex operation, the automated solution is the right choice. The tool can help users learn how to migrate from Zoho mail to Office 365 without data loss. It’s crucial to gather complete knowledge of any task before stepping into it. The manual operation must be the last option, not the first one to avoid errors.

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