A Complete Tutorial on How to Migrate Emails to Office 365

Anuraag Singh | Last Modified: May 29th, 2020 | Office 365

There are many users who are looking for a solution on how to migrate emails to Office 365 from Exchange, Gmail, etc. So, rejoice users! Put aside all the worries regarding the transfer of emails to O365 mailbox. In this write-up, we will cover some easy-to-operate solutions that can move emails from different accounts to Microsoft Office 365. So, let’s begin with the first method!

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How to Migrate Emails to Office 365 Mailbox From Exchange Server?

If there an Organization who is using on-premises MS Exchange Server and wants to switch into Office 365, then with the help of below techniques they can achieve the same. Go through each and every method.

Cutover Migration (or Express Migration)

If the company is using Exchange Server 2013, 2010, 2007, or 2003 and wants to migrate 2000 or fewer mailboxes, then the Cutover migration is best suited for you. It is one of the simplest way to migrate email to Office 365. However, if the file size is huge, then this process takes long hours to complete the task. So, ensure that you have sufficient amount of time and resource while dealing with this export technique.

Staged Exchange Migration

This method is only applicable to Exchange Server 2007 and 2003. With the help of staged migration, one can move on-premises Exchange mailboxes in batches to O365 user account. Moreover, it only exports emails to Exchange Online and not contacts, groups. Using this method, 2000+ mailboxes can be easily transferred to Office 365 account.

Exchange Server Hybrid Environment

Hybrid deployment is a way that allows the company to integrate Office 365 with on-premises Exchange Server environment. If a user select this method, then it is must to maintain cloud as well as on-premises mailboxes. So, this method is consider as a little bit complex and it somehow affects the resources. In case, when the user wants to completely switch from Exchange to Office 365, then this way is not appropriate.

Use Exchange to Office 365 Migration Software

There is no doubt above method consumes lots of time and long sequence of steps. As a suggestion, it is not worth to waste the valuable time to migrate emails to Office 365. Hence, it is better to use SysTools Exchange to Office 365 Migrator. This method works on Exchange 2016 and 2013. It an easy-to-use software that smoothly migrate to Office 365 from Exchange user account in a few mouse clicks.


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Top-Rated Features of the Tool:

  • Migrate Emails to Office 365 without any data loss
  • Read / Unread status of emails is maintained
  • Meta Properties of emails is kept intact
  • Export emails with large-sized attachments as well
  • Category-Based filter to select Emails only & deselect other items
  • Track Progress Status of Mailboxes: Pending, InProgress, Completed

Steps to Migrate Emails to Office 365 with this Tool

Step 1: Install this tool on Windows OS and select migration platforms.

Step 2: Select Emails only from categories section and deselect other mailbox items.

Step 3: Provide correct Exchange and Office 365 Admin details and validate them.

Step 4: Use Fetch Users option to add all mailboxes into tool or download CSV template from tool and import users via CSV file.

Step 5: Map all the mailboxes and click on Start Migration button.

Step 6: You can Prioritize mailbox migration and Stop migration if required.

Step 7: You can download summary or detailed report of users once migration is completed.

Move Emails to Office 365 from PST Files

There are two ways through which home-users, as well as organizations, can migrate .pst to Office 365. Both of them are explained below;

Upload PST Email to O365 Via. Office 365 Import Service

O365 Import service is provided by Microsoft to migrate email to Office 365 from a .pst file. In this service, two methods are offered i.e., Network Upload & Drive Shipping. In advance, both the workarounds have lots of steps and no doubt technical knowledge is mandatory. So, if you have multiple PST files, then it is suggested to avoid this procedure. It will consume user’s precious time only.

Use Automated PST to Microsoft Office 365 Import Software

Users can go with the SysTools Office 365 Import Tool in order to upload bulk PST files to Microsoft O365 account. It is a surpassing automated software that requires few clicks and in a matter of minutes, it migrates PST email, contacts, calendar entries, etc. to Exchange Online. The best part is that this utility supports selective data migration. Hence, no need to waste time to export the complete data when your requirement is to transfer a few data items in Office 365 mailboxes. Apart from this, the self-guided interface of utility helps the user a lot.

People Also Ask

What About IMAP-Enabled Account Emails to O365?

The number of global users are looking for a method to migrate mailbox to Office 365 through Gmail, and from other email application. Thus, this can be done with IMAP migration technique. The only consequence associated with this method is it only move emails and not contacts, calendar entries, and tasks to Exchange Online.

Before, using this method, it is mandatory to create mailboxes in O365 where the IMAP-enabled account data will going to move. Because IMAP Migration technique never makes mailboxes in MS O365 itself.

Bringing It All Together

Through this article, we are trying to provide the solution for most searched query i.e., how to migrate emails to Office 365 through Exchange, PST, or IMAP-enabled account. In this guide, the reader will definitely get the complete information regarding the various migration techniques. All these methods are very much useful when one can switch from on-premises Exchange or Gmail to Office 365 account.