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How Can You Merge Outlook Contacts From Different Accounts? – Quick Solution

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Published On September 5th, 2022
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Summary: Accurate given below, the write-up is all about how you can merge Outlook contacts from different accounts. When we talk about Microsoft, we get to know how much technology has been enhanced. Microsoft has one of the top-rated tech-based devices, software, etc. Here we are going to talk about another masterpiece of Microsoft i.e. Outlook email client.

When we are talking about email clients, people often use two or more accounts at the same time. Have you heard “to be in tune with somebody”, we say it when we describe a good relationship with something/someone and don’t know what to say. So, this line I can relate to here as users are so much in tune with Outlook, it gives them so many benefits and ease. Outlook is one of the email clients which are on the top list of users either for professional or personal use.

Outlook has everything which users want such as a calendar, creating multiple accounts, store contacts, tasks, etc. So, people use Outlook for personal as well as professional purposes at the same time. But sometimes it is a headache to maintain both Outlook accounts contacts like “handling twin babies at the same time”. That is why users want to merge Outlook contacts from different accounts and that’s what we will guide you in this blog.

Method to Merge Outlook Contacts from Different Accounts

Before we start, keep in mind that the manual method usually stated by most of the online sites is to Synchronize your Outlook account. Sync or configure accounts means, you have everything email, task, contact, etc. in your preferred account. But technically they are not merged. Merged means you have huge data in different file(s)/folders and you want all of them in one folder. To decrease workload.

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Outlook provides a move option that you can use if you already have both accounts synchronized. You can also sync Outlook contacts between two systems. In case when you have huge lists of contacts and contact folders in both accounts. The simplest solution is “merge contacts” of both Outlook accounts and have access to the contacts in one account or you can save contacts in VCF or PST format in your system. Use VCF Split and Merge Tool to merge Outlook contacts from different accounts.

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Steps to Merge Outlook Contacts From Different Accounts

In this section, we are going to explain the solution. This solution is contained 2 steps, in the first step we have to save the contacts into CSV file format in Outlook. After this conversion, proceed to the next step in which we have to merge selected files by using the best merge tool. Follow each step one by one for a hassle-free conversion.

Step 1: Save contacts as CSV files in Outlook

  • Select all contacts in Outlook >> hit on File
  • Hit on Open & Export >>press on import / export
  • Now, click on Export to a file and Select Comma Separated Value
  • Select Folder >> Browse >> Map Custom >> Finish
  • Check the CSV file in your saved location.

Step 2: After this, use VCF Split and merge tool

  • Download the tool on your system and Run it.

install the software

  • Select option- Add file(s) or Folder.

add file option

  • Hit – Export option.

hit export button

  • Then select – Merge vCard to merge multiple VCF files into one.

select merge vcard option.

  • Click – Additional Settings and then.

select vcard versions

  • Fill location – Browse >> and hit – Export.

hit export option

  • Now, the Export process has started.

process completed

You can now view merged Outlook contacts in your provided destination. And then import those files into one of your desired Outlook accounts easily.

Some Extraordinary Features of Tool

  • Preview the VCF files to class the contacts by date, alphabetical order, and size.
  • All versions of vCard files 2.1, 3.0, 4.0, and windows OS versions are supported.
  • VCF is created by different email apps, and the tool supports every one of them.
  • Maintains information of the contacts after merging.
  • The tool saves a report of the merge process.
  • Supports every platform’s VCF file whether it’s from skype or a normal contact CSV file.

Final Verge

So, if you properly give the readers to this article, it provides a reliable source, which can merge Outlook contacts from different accounts. Users can use any method, it’s their choice. But if you want something reliable, which you can blindly trust and give you exact data that you provide without changing any information. Try the given method. Use a free demo of the given solution, if you have fewer Outlook contacts to merge.