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How to Import VCF to Thunderbird Address Book – Best Professional Solution

Aldrich Calvin | Modified: January 14, 2022|Mozilla Thunderbird, VCF File | 5 Minutes Reading

Many users want to import VCF to thunderbird address book, but can’t find a suitable solution. If so, this is the right blog to provide you with the perfect solution to accomplish this task with ease. Stay tuned and read the full blog for more information.

Nowadays, most users search online for questions on how to bulk import multiple VCF to Thunderbird. As we all know, Thunderbird can only import and export one contact at a time. But this method may take a long time to import a large number of VCF instead of importing multiple vCard to Thunderbird directly. Here is a best free method to this query that will help you move VCF file to Thunderbird without any damage. Follow the instructions provided to send and import all contacts from vCard to Thunderbird address book.

Why Need to Import VCF to Thunderbird Address Book

The need to transfer multiple VCF contacts files to Thunderbird Address Book varies depending on the user’s needs. Sometimes users need to access vCard contact files from one app to another, or want to create the same contact list for all apps, etc. There are many other reasons, which may vary from user to user.

Quick insight into user requirements through user queries!

“I’m new to Thunderbird and was able to set it up and test it. Now I want to import the contacts stored in an excel spreadsheet into thunderbird address book. It looks like I have to do this by creating a .vcf file. I did and moved it to a new computer. I got stuck there. The list is very long and I want to import my contacts to my Thunderbird contact list in Windows 10. Can anyone tell me a solution?”

“I have contacts in VCF that I want to import into the Thunderbird Address Book. How can I move it to my Thunderbird address book? I don’t want to import the items one by one. Can I import the VCF contacts file into Thunderbird in one go? Thank you for your help.”

A Trouble-Free Alternative to Import VCF to Thunderbird Address Book

SysTools VCF to CSV Converter Tool is the best automation solution for converting VCF files to CSV. With this software, users can convert multiple VCF files at the same time without losing information. Also, no special process is required to migrate VCF to CSV.

Best of all, this software is a standalone tool and you don’t need to install any additional applications to get the job done. And you don’t have to worry about data loss throughout the process.

To perform this task, you must first convert the VCF to CSV and then the CSV to Thunderbird.

A). Export VCF Contacts to CSV File

B). Import CSV file into Thunderbird Mail

For your convenience, let’s take a look at the complete workflow of this application.

  • Launch and Run the software on your Windows OS

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  • Then, click the Choose File or  Folder option to upload the VCF file

Add file or folder

  • After that, select CSV as the file saving option from the given list of saving options and click Next

Select CSV File

  • Navigate and select the Click OK button on the software user interface

vCard viewer-csv

  • The added file path will be shown in the application as follows. Now, click the Export button.

Click on export button
Part B:

  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird on your Windows Machine  and click Address Book to open the contacts section


  • All of your email client’s contacts will be listed in front of you. Here you have to click on Tools >> Export


  • The Import Wizard will open, from here choose Address Book


  • Options to import VCF  text file (LDIF, .tab, .csv, .txt) or vCard files (.vcf) into Thunderbird
  • Click “Next” and select the converted CSV file
  • Finally, click the Open tab, then click the OK tab to import the VCF contacts to Thunderbird.

Main Features of This Best Software – Benefits

There are several benefits of using this app that can help the user to do this task smoothly:

  1. Software support allows you to load multiple VCF files into Thunderbird at the same time.
  2. This software can import VCF files from various email clients.
  3. This app offers multiple options to upload .vcf files to the software panel, such as Select File or Select Folder.
  4. Support for splitting large VCFs and merging multiple VCF files
  5. With this tool, users can easily sort multiple contacts alphabetically or by size and date.
  6. There’s no limit to the number of contacts you can export
  7. There’s no limit to the number of contacts you can export
  8. Using this tool, users can transfer specific data based on their needs or preferences.
  9. Users can move all contacts with VCF to Thunderbird with no size limit.
  10. This wizard has an intuitive interface for both technical and non-technical users.
  11. Compatible with Windows 11, 10 and all other previous versions.

Ending Notes

The above post briefly explains how to import VCF to thunderbird Address Book. Professional software can easily solve this problem in a few simple steps. There are many users who are looking for a solution to this problem. So, after reading this informative blog post, users should not face any problem in performing the task.