How to Save Outlook Email as PDF

Eva Mendis | September 18th, 2019 | Conversion, Outlook, PDF Updates

If you are an Outlook user and having the requirement to save Outlook email as PDF, then this is the right blog for you. Here, we will explicitly demonstrate the various techniques of saving MS Outlook 2013 email as PDF.

PDF file is known for its security and portability. To share any file or keep its formatting unchanged, saving in Portable Document File is the first choice of the users. Even in case of storing MS Outlook emails, converting them into PDF format is what people usually want to do. But the problem is, they do not know how to save Outlook email as PDF.

Many people try the manual method, which is fine for a limited number of emails. But what if someone has to process a large number of Outlook emails? People with this requirement wonder, how to save Outlook email as PDF in bulk? In this blog, we have compiled the answers to this commonly asked question.

Ways to Save Outlook Email as PDF

If you want to convert your emails from Outlook PST to PDF, Then you have two different options. First one is manual method that does not need any extra software. Another one is Quick methods that involves a sophisticated application named PST to PDF Converter Tool. This segment will focus on both the techniques so that readers can opt for the one they find useful.

Manual Technique to Save Email as PDF from Outlook

To export PST file emails in Adobe Portable Document Format manually, follow these steps listed below:

a. Open MS Outlook 2019 or any other version on your computer.

b. Now, open any email for saving Outlook email as PDF.

c. Open the File menu of Outlook and select Print option.

d. Regardless of what appears to be the default Printer, choose Microsoft Print to PDF from the drop-down menu.

e. At this stage, users have to click on Print.

f. Select PDF format from the Save As Type list and add a name before clicking Save.

g. Thus, one can easily save Outlook email as PDF using native commands.

Problem You might Face While Saving Outlook Email as PDF

With the use of this manual approach, users can save email as PDF from Outlook. But the biggest disadvantage of this method is that it is unable to export the attached files on the email. Moreover, users cannot save a large number of Outlook PST emails at once with this method. For bulk number of emails, each email has to be saved as PDF, which is undoubtedly a lengthy and tiresome process.

How to Save Outlook Email as PDF: Use PST to PDF Converter

Only a professional level application can help you overcome all these issues and the application is SysTools PST to PDF Converter. This tool is specially designed to save emails as PDF from any Outlook versions. Along with the emails, the software can save other PST data like Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Tasks, etc., in PDF format. All types of email attachments can be exported in PDF file as embedded format. Your PST file can be of large size, but the utility will have no problem processing this application. All in all- this is an affordable tool with easy-to use interface.

Here is a list of Important features of this software:

  • Save outlook email as PDF in a bulk simultaneously
  • Add Folder option to include a folder full of PST file
  • Conversion of PST attachments as embedded links
  • Facility to add Bate Number and Date Stamp in PDF
  • Suitable for both ANSI and Unicode Outlook PST files
  • Date-based filter and Naming Convention are available
  • Support for all MS Outlook and Windows OS versions

Note: To save Outlook email as PDF on Mac, download PST Converter for Mac.

Steps to Save Email as PDF from Outlook without Data Loss

Step 1: Download and launch PST to PDF Converter.

open PST to PDF

Step 2: Choose “Add File” / “Add Folder” to load one or multiple PST files at the same time.

Add PST file

Step 3: After the file loading, all Outlook data can be previewed in detail.

Preview emails

Step 4: Select PDF file and apply different “Advanced Settings” before saving Outlook email as PDF.

Apply PDF settings

Step 5: Click on Export to save the data in chosen location.

Save Outlook email as PDF


If you are looking for the solution to the question, “how to save Outlook email as PDF,” this post is for you. Here, we have discussed two different methods of converting PST to PDF. Though manual method is a free technique, it is lengthy and will not export attachments. On the other hand, PST to PDF Converter Tool can export bulk Outlook emails along with the attachments. It also allows users to include Bates number and Date Stamp. Considering all points, experienced people usually go for the automated solution for saving Outlook email as PDF.