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Learn How to Recover Formatted Data from USB using CMD Step-by-Step

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Published On April 23rd, 2022
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User Query 1: “I was having some serious issues with my USB drive. Whenever I used to connect it with my computer, various error messages used to pop-up and prohibit the USB from being opened. The situation became so severe that I was forced to format the USB pen drive. As a result, all the files I had in the USB had been wiped out. Please tell me how to recover formatted data from USB using CMD without any data loss. There are several methods available online, but when I tried whose methods I did not get satisfactory results.”


User Query 2: “After formatting my USB drive accidentally, I have been looking for a suitable technique to retrieve my deleted files. Some of my friends suggested me to recover files using CMD. But I do not trust manual technique like command prompt completely. Can you tell me how to recover formatted data from USB using CMD? You can also suggest some other utility that can help me recover my formatted files”.

USB device or USB drive formatting has become a common problem. People from all over the world report that their USB files show some error messages for which they are forced to format their USBs. Is such situations, people usually do not get any time to back up their files. As a result, formatting USB means losing all the files saved in the device.

Wait, Do Not Lose Hope!

Though it is generally presumed that formatted USB drive files are not possible to recover, it is not quite true. Technological inventions have made it possible to restore back the files that got deleted due to USB formatting. In this post, we are going to share two popular solutions to recover formatted files from USB. Read on to know more –

Why Do People Need to Recover Formatted Data from USB using CMD?

USB drives are quite prone to virus and malware infection. Since they get connected to multiple computers and laptops, they can easily get infected by the virus. And some of these infections are so critical that users do not even get a chance to copy or backup their USB device data like photos, multimedia, documents, etc. before formatting. Also, certain error messages keep prompting users to format the pen drive in order to run the USB. All these lead to sudden and forced formatting of USB and then people need to recover the files that got lost due to formatting.

Solution 1: Recover Formatted Data from USB Using CMD

Many people do not like to use third-party tools and therefore, rely on native techniques. One such manual method is using the cmdlet. In this process, the command prompt is used in order to recover formatted data from USB using CMD. If you want to try it, perform these steps:

  1. Open Command prompt on your computer by typing cmd in the Search box.
  2. Type chkdsk h: /r inside the command prompt to scan your USB drive.
  3. After the issues have been identified, run attrib -h -r -s /s /d h:\* .* command.
  4. Once this script execution is over, open the USB drive to check if the deleted files are restored.

Solution 2: Recover Formatted Data from USB with USB Recovery Software

If you are wondering why you need this second solution when we have mentioned a free method in the earlier section, here is the answer for you. Though almost everyone gives this command prompt method a try after formatting their USB, very few actually find it to be a successful technique. In most cases, this method fails to retrieve the wiped files. That is why people use this second solution to get a sure-shot result.

USB Recovery Software is the second approach that we are going to discuss in this blog. With the help of this software, users can get back all the formatted files of their USB drive. This tool is capable enough to recovers photos, videos, and documents from the USB drive. The biggest advantage of this Windows OS based application is it is compatible will USB devices of all major brands. The working of this tool includes only a few easy steps:

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1: Download and Launch the tool and select the USB drive.

2: Click on the Formatted Scan option.

3: The tool will recover all the files previously located on USB.

4: Save the files you need in any preferred location.


Formatted Data recovery from USB is a matter of concern for many users. Due to the vulnerability of USB devices against virus attacks, many users are forced to format their USB storage without proper preparation. This blog thoroughly discussed how to recover formatted data from USB using CMD or command prompt. Since this method is not completely reliable, we have also included another method. In this second method, the USB Recovery Tool has to be used. This second method is not only secured, but it also has a better success rate.This software supports all images format like .jpg, .jpeg, .png, gif, tiff etc.


How do I recover files from a formatted flash drive?

With the help of the above-mentioned blog, you can recover files from a formatted flash drive. You can try USB recovery software to get rid of data corruption.

Can data be recovered after formatting?

Yes, you can recover data after formatting the drive. By following below mentioned four easy steps:

Step 1. Download the run the tool on your system

Step 2. Select scan option to scan your drive

Step 3. Now preview your all recovered data

Step 4. Finally, save your data at the desired location