How to Extract DMG File on Windows? – Know the Complete Method

Anuraag Singh | Last Modified: February 12th, 2020 | EML, technologies

On the Mac operating system, the DMG file extension is called the Apple Disk Image file or the Mac OS X Disk Image file. Digital reconstruction of a physical hard drive. Besides, DMG is a file format used to install new Mac OS applications on the Internet. In principle, the software installer should remain compressed. Since this is a Mac installation file, many users also want to know how to extract DMG file on Windows. This disc image format for Mac OS supports stretching, encryption, and compression of file, so some DMG file are password protected.

Mac OS X 9 and later versions support DMG file, and earlier versions of Mac OS support the same version of the IMG file format. Users cannot open DMG file on Windows platforms because the DMG file format is compatible with Mac platforms. To install on Windows, users need to download EXE and DMG for Mac OS. However, due to the needs of many users, we will discuss different ways to save DMG file under any version of the Windows operating system.

Different Ways to Extract DMG File on Windows Operating Systems

As mentioned above, DMG file are only supported on Mac OS, so it is very difficult for users to open disk image file on the Windows platform. However, there are certain utilities that users can use to extract data from DMG file. In the following section, some of them are discussed:

Open and Extract the DMG File With DMG Extractor

DMG Extractor is a special software for extracting data from DMG file. It can open a variety of DMG file and is completely free. This is one of the most commonly used tools to open and extract data from disk image file. To extract the DMG file on Windows, users should do the following:

1 – Firstly, Download and Install the Tool on the machine.

Download and Install

2- Start the software and click on Open the tab. Now, you have to browse the .dmg File.

Open  the DMG file

3 -Then, all data stored in the DMG file displayed on the Window.

DMG file on windows

4 – After that, if you want to extract the data inside the Disk Image File, then click on the Extract button from the toolbar.

Extract DMG file

5 – Lastly, you have to Extract DMG file on Windows, select the desired Extraction options. Then, All selected data from the DMG file is extracted successfully to the desired location.

All selected data

Deficiency of Using Free Version of DMG File Extractor

This application that extract data from DMG file on Windows. However, there are certain limitations when users use the free version of this Extractor. All these disadvantages are:

  • With the free DMG extractor, users can only extract data from disk image file.
  • You cannot extract the larger file
  • Just open the corrupted DMG file.
  • Now, to avoid all these limitations, a user is suggested to switch to some other third-party solution like DMG Viewer Pro Tool.

Benefits of Using Full Version of DMG Extractor

For an unlimited number of reliable solutions that don’t bother anyone, just use the full version of the tool. It is one of the best utilities available online to efficiently open, view and extracts DMG file on Windows. Besides, users can easily search for specific data items in DMG file or file types such as MBOX, EML, EMLX. You can easily run this application on any version of MS Windows without any restrictions. The other advantages of using DMG Opener are:

  • You can view encrypted or protected DMG file.
  • Displays the file or folder selected in the DMG file.
  • Easily view and analyze damaged disk image file.
  • Different display modes such as normal, hex, header, etc. to analyze emails.

The Last Words

The task to extract data from DMG file on Windows platforms is the most difficult. As a result, users are looking for a solution to open and view Mac OS image file. Therefore, the above article described two different methods that users can use to view and extract DMG file on Windows. However, users can choose one of these methods according to their choice