Solutions on How to Erase Watermark in PDF Files

Anuraag Singh | Last Modified: May 6th, 2020 | PDF Updates

Are you able to easily copy data from a PDF file containing watermark? If it is a Yes, then read the below article. We have discussed various procedures on how to erase watermark in PDF file?

A watermark is placed above the content of a PDF file. The watermark in a PDF file has a lot of advantage for the owner who has created it. A watermark helps one to own the data of a document, create confidentiality with the information in the PDF file, hide many secret/coded informations from normal users and many more functionalities.

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But having many advantages, a watermark sometimes makes a user helpless. There come situations when the user needs to delete watermark from PDF document. Come let’s see some of the situations where the user requires to remove watermark from document and searches ways on how to delete watermark in PDF files in the upcoming sections

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Why A User Eliminate Watermark from Document Files?

A user can have a number of reasons for removing a text or image watermark from the document files. Here are some provided, compare these issues with yours and see if we are getting your issue in the right track or not

  1. The watermark sometimes hides some of the words which confuse us in getting the actual phrase statement.
  2. The documents with watermark added need to be reused/ updated. This becomes troublesome to some users while updating the same file or creating a new one with its reference.
  3. When a user needs to edit the watermark. This occurs usually for development copies or draft documents.

These are some that we found during our research with watermark issues. There could be many more though. Now, as we have got the actual query, let’s move on to the solution. We will be discussing how to erase watermark in PDF files through various techniques. Choose your relevant technique

Methods to Delete Watermark from PDF Documents

There are various procedures that could be followed to easily get rid of the watermark from PDF file. The techniques are mentioned below

  1. Manually typing the whole content
  2. Use Adobe Acrobat DC to eliminate watermark from PDF
  3. Wipeout Watermark in PDF by Automated Solution
  4. Remove Watermark from PDF using Google Docs

Now, let’s get to know each process in detail.

Type the Whole PDF Content Manually

In case if the PDF document containing the data/ information is small, then you can easily write down the data on a word document and save it in PDF file. Follow the steps below

  1. Open any version of the word document and create a new file
  2. Write the whole content as it is into this word file.
  3. Go to File menu, click Save option, and save the file in PDF file format

After this is done, you can open the PDF file and view the file without a watermark. Now, let’s move to the next procedure.

How to Erase Watermark in PDF using Adobe Acrobat DC?

Adobe Acrobat DC/Pro DC is a popular application for dealing with PDF files. You can use this application to easily erase watermark in PDF files. You need to follow the steps mentioned below in order to get rid of watermark from your PDF file.

  • Open PDF file in Adobe Acrobat application
Open PDF file with watermark
  • Select Edit option on the right panel
Edit PDF option
  • Click Watermark option & select Remove Watermark option
Opt Remove watermark from PDF option
  • On the appeared dialog box, click Yes option
Click Yes to erase watermark from PDF file

One thing to note is, it is not considered as an efficient solution when the number of PDF files to eliminate the watermark is more. Also, the licensing of the application is an issue. The license is not permanent and is required to be renewed after an interval.

How to Erase Watermark in PDF Professionally?

PDF Watermark Eraser Tool is an efficient tool to remove watermark from PDF files. This application helps to remove text and image-based watermarks from multiple PDF files in a process. Also, offered an option to save the PDF file with watermark removed on the system at their desired location. Let’s get to the procedure for eliminating watermark easily and safely

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Steps to Delete watermark from PDF Documents

  • Install & Run the application
  • Click Open PDF option
Click Open PDF
  • Select Add Files to add PDF files
  • Browse destination to save PDF files
Add PDF files and Browse Destination
  1. Click Next and hit Start to begin process
Click Start to erase watermark from PDF files

After the process completion, move to the location and review the PDF files without watermark. Now, we shall move to the last method and view how this works in wiping out watermark in PDF documents.

How to Erase Watermark in PDF using Google Docs?

Everyone might be having a Gmail account. You can also delete watermark from PDF file using Google Docs. Many of you might be unaware of this method. Follow the steps below and get rid of watermark easily in Pdf files

Steps to Remove watermark from PDF file Using Google Docs

  • Get access to your Gmail account
  • Upload your PDF file in Google Drive
  • Open the PDF file in Google Docs
Open PDF file in Google Docs
  • Download the File in Docx format
Save file in Microsoft word (.docx) format
  • Open file in Microsoft Word
  • Go to Design tab >> Under Page Background, click Watermark
  • Select Remove Watermark
  • Go to File menu >> Select Save as option >> Save the file in PDF format

By this, the watermark will wipeout from PDF file. It is a lengthy process and is not recommended for the user having a large number of PDF files.


The above article is all about the methods on how to erase watermark in PDF documents. We have covered some situations where you wish deleting watermark from PDF files. If you are frustrated with watermark in a PDF document, you can read the article and opt for the method that makes you feel the most relevant option among all.

How to erase watermark in the word?

Simple Steps to Remove a Watermark from Word Document
1. Open MS Word and go to Design tab
2. Under Page background section, choose Watermark option
3. move down and click on Remove watermark option

Does Adobe Acrobat offer to eliminate a watermark from secured PDF files?

Yes, it does. You have to enter the password of the document. Then you can easily remove a watermark from the PDF.