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How to Add Sample Watermark To PDF With/ Without Acrobat?

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Published On January 25th, 2024
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Do you want to know how to add Sample Watermark in PDF documents? If so, in this article I will show you how to add text watermark in PDF files.

You know, Watermark is a transparent text or image that is applied to a text file to protect it from being modified by another user. A watermark on a file makes it more difficult to copy or modify. You might have noticed in some of the document files that contain a transparent text named Sample.

The sample by the word means that it is a form to test and get review/result in original content. Some situations where the user searches how to add SAMPLE watermark in PDF documents are:

Situations Where PDF with Watermark Sample is Required

Case 1:

When a student creates a prototype of a project and documents it, they add a Sample (watermark) to the document. It is done to notify the reviewer that this prototype has not yet been approved and has to be tested.

Case 2:

When a company documents the work over a project, they usually put a watermark on the document created describing the work of the project, either of a product or software. This determines that the newly produced product will be provided to the target customer after alpha and beta testing.

From the situations mentioned above, you might have got an idea of where all the SAMPLE texted watermark is used. Now let’s check out the procedures to enter/put a watermark on PDF documents in the coming sections.

How to Add Sample Watermark To PDF Files? – Different Methods

There are two methods in which you can add text watermark in PDF files (Sample) and they are:

  1. Manual Method
  2. Automated Method

How to Put Sample Watermark PDF Files Manually?

All would be known with Adobe Acrobat Pro. This is a licensed application provided by Adobe that inserts a watermark in a PDF file manually. You can follow the below steps to add a SAMPLE watermark to PDF file(s).

  • Download, Install, and Open Adobe Acrobat Pro Note: License the software to add text watermark to PDF file.
  • Open PDF file.
Open PDf file
  • Go to Tools menu >> Edit PDF option.
Opt. PDF Edit option
  • Got to More option >> Watermark >> Add.
Choose watermark option
  • Choose Text in Source form
    • Add Text “SAMPLE” to add as a watermark.
    • Choose Font, Size, & Colour (as required).
Choose Text option
  • Choose required Opacity and Rotation for text.
Rotation & Opacity of watermark
  • Set Vertical & Horizontal position (by default, centre).
Position Sample Watermark
  • Click OK to insert the Sample watermark to PDF.
Click OK to Add Sample watermark

After process completion, open the PDF file and view the added text watermark in PDFs. Now we move to the automated solution and see how this method adds Sample Watermark in PDF files.

One Important Reminder: The License of Adobe Acrobat Pro is not permanent and needs to renew at a time interval.

How to Insert Sample Watermark in PDF files Professionally?

PDF Watermark Creator Tool is a professional tool to add watermark to PDF files. This software can insert text and image watermarks into all kinds of PDF files. The application provides a summary of the watermark details to be added to the user before generating the sample watermark. Now we move on to the steps to put a watermark on the PDF file.

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Simple Steps to Add Sample Watermark To PDF

  • Click on Add File(s)/ Add Folder(s) to insert PDF documents that need to be Watermarked.
  • Choose for Text Watermark.
  • Write ‘Sample’ in the textbox and do the required font settings. You can set the position, rotation, and opacity and layer it over or below the PDF text. You can even select ‘Mosiac’ for marking your text in a tiles manner.
  • Click on Preview to check the watermark on a PDF page.
  • Lastly, click on Generate.

After the process completes, go to the saved location and view the sample watermarked PDF documents. Now let us know some advantages of PDF watermarking.

Advantages of Text Watermark in PDF

Watermark has many advantages when placed on a PDF file. Some major advantages to putting a watermark on a pdf are provided below:

  • Enter added information about the content in the file.
  • Own the data in the PDF file (Silent Copyright).
  • Prevent others from copying, or modifying the intact information.
  • Previews the type of data contained in the PDF file.


In this article, we have discussed how to add Sample watermark to PDF files in different ways. Both manual and automated solutions are discussed with their stepwise procedure to put/insert text watermark in PDF documents. Use the best method that suits you the most.