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How to Convert NSF To PST Without Lotus Notes Step By Step Explained

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Published On April 16th, 2024
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Summary: This article dedicated to all those users who are looking for a smart way to convert NSF to PST without Lotus Notes. In this guide, we have outlined the step-by-step work to perform this entire operation without any hassle or data loss. You just need to follow the given steps to ensure the desired results.

In this era of rapid growth, every organization is competing for the top spot. Microsoft Outlook has proven to be one of the best email clients used by organizations. Its invaluable features and ease of use make it one of the best tools for organizational growth. Learning how to convert NSF to PST without Lotus Notes (move to steps directly) is crucial in this case. Users always need the exchange of information with many other email clients.

5 Quick Steps to Convert NSF to PST Without Lotus Notes

  • Step 1. Download, Install, & Run the Tool.
  • Step 2. Import NSF Files & View Files.
  • Step 3. Choose Category & Set Date Filter.
  • Step 4. Apply the Required Advance Settings.
  • Step 5. Set the Destination Location & Hit Export.

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In this blog, we will discuss one of the top giant IBM Lotus Notes. Why there is a need to export NSF to PST without Lotus Notes and how to do it without Lotus Notes. However, first, let’s discuss NSF and PST format in small notes. NSF stands for Notes Storage Facility, it is the default database file stored by IBM Lotus Notes Facility, It uses a domino server for storing different elements such as contacts, emails, calendars, events, appointments, tasks, etc.

Similarly, Outlook PST (Personal Storage Table) files are also used to store mailbox data like emails, calendars, events, etc. These items are stored locally on the client’s system. It’s just basic information, let’s move on to the NST to PST conversion process.

What are the Reasons to Convert NSF to PST File Format?

NSF files are known for their fine job, but there are some occasions where we need to export NSF to PST without Lotus Notes’ presence on Windows OS, The reasons for doing this are as follows:

  • High Price – Outlook is a part of Microsoft Office so there is no need to purchase Outlook externally. Along with that, the Microsoft Office Suite could purchased for a very decent amount. If we compare it with Lotus Notes, we have to buy it externally at a higher cost.
  • Account Management – In Microsoft Outlook, a user can easily manage one or more accounts of any email client and perform any task within a particular amount at a time, as in the case of Lotus Notes. There is only a single account that can be operated by Lotus Notes users at a time. You have to change account settings and perform the synchronize process every time for each mailbox.
  • Interface – The interface of Outlook is far better and more attractive if we compare it to with interface of Lotus Notes. This is a major reason why new users are shifting towards Outlook. As other platforms are complex, users want to convert NSF to PST without Lotus Notes for further ease.
  • Market Share – Most of the market share is in the favor of Microsoft Outlook if we count the market share of both in percentage then 80% of the data share will be in the favor of Microsoft Outlook.
  • Maintenance Cost – The maintenance cost of Lotus Notes is much higher than the maintenance cost of Microsoft Outlook. The complexity is much lower if we compare it with Outlook without Lotus Notes.
  • Account Synchronization – Users need some technical knowledge while synchronizing Lotus Notes, on the other end, Outlook can be synchronized easily by a person with non-technical expertise.

Now, we know why there is a need to export NSF to PST without lotus notes. Now let’s discuss how the NSF to PST converter works to provide users with a detailed solution.

How to Convert NSF to PST Without Lotus Notes to Using Professional Tool

Lotus Notes to Outlook Migrator facilitates you to Convert NSF Files to PST with emails, contacts, tasks, notes, journals, etc. It allows the user to migrate encrypted emails from NSF to PST with intact meta-data. Along with that it:

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This software also supports to conversion of encrypted NSF files to PST with intact metadata. By using this users can apply a filter option to export selected data from the NSF mailbox. By using this application Outlook installation not required while exporting NSF to PST.

Working Steps to Export NSF to PST with Complete Data

Just Download the mentioned tool and Install & follow the steps to convert NSF files into PST format on Windows OS for Outlook.

Step 1. After installing the software, you will see a screen like this.

convert nsf to pst

Step 2. On this screen Select the NSF Files radio button and Hit the Add Files or Add Folder button.

export nsf to pst

Step 3. After this choose the Categories items from the Select Categories option to export NSF to PST.

how to convert nsf to pst

Step 4. Now choose Advanced Settings to learn how to convert NSF to PST Without Lotus Notes like a pro.

  • HTML Formatting: It maintains all HTML formatting of emails during the conversion process.
  • Internet Header: It used to maintain the sent or received email header.
  • Remove Encryption: It removes the encryption of email files.
  • All Documents: This option allows all document view mail items to be migrated into PST.
  • Doc-Link: This option allows us to maintain Doc-Link of mails.

convert nst to pst

Step 5. Tick the map CN value with the SMTP address checkbox then hit Next. It will take you to the screen where you have to Select the Categories which you want to import.

convert nsf to pst without lotus notes

Step 6. After all the settings Click on the Browse button to Select the Destination location to save converted Lotus Notes data.

convert nsf to pst

Step 7. Click on the Export button to start the NSF to PST conversion process. The export process will start as follows.

export nsf to pst

Step 8. The Export process will save successfully and you will see the following pop-up.

how to convert nsf to pst

Step 9. At the end of exportation, Click on the Save Report option to save it.

convert nst to pst

Step 10. You can access the Final Report files, as shown below.

Convert NSF to PST without Lotus Notes Report

Users can also get the Best Lotus Notes Converter Tool if they want to export the file in different file formats rather than the PST format. This solution is also useful for users in several scenarios. This is also one of the IT experts’ most favorite IBM Notes conversion tool.

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Summing Up

We have read about how and why there is a need to export NSF to PST format. Then we discussed how to convert NSF to PST Without Lotus Notes on Windows OS. Hence, it saves your time, money & effort which can be helpful in better opportunities.

Using the best NSF to PST converter software as mentioned above is first of all very light in your pocket. Secondly, it provides a very professional experience for users that other tools are incapable of. Following the steps mentioned above, users can easily get the best solution available they want. Users don’t severely suffer from IBM notes conversion operations anymore.

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Convert NSF to PST Without Using the Lotus Notes Related FAQs

 Q1. How can I convert an NSF file to PST for Outlook?

To convert an NSF file to PST for Outlook, you can use the above-mentioned automated software. This tool makes the conversion process easy and efficient. It’s important to note that manually converting NSF to PST without using the Lotus Notes application is impossible.

Q2. Is the software mentioned above safe to convert NSF to PST?

Yes, the automated tool is a futuristic solution that ensures the safety of your data files during the conversion process. So far, there have been no complaints about data security or threats associated with using this tool.

Q3. What is the price of the automated solution for NSF to PST conversion?

If you want to convert NSF to PST without Lotus Notes, the solution offers a free demo version for you to try. If you find it suitable for your needs, you can purchase it at affordable prices, starting from $80, with different pricing plans available. Additionally, users can request customized plans to meet their specific requirements.

Q4. How does this tool achieve fast conversion speeds?

The tool achieves fast conversion speeds thanks to its finely tuned integration of advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence. This combination allows users to experience the quickest utility for their NSF to PST conversion needs.