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How to Use Google Workspace Migration Tool For Data Transfer?

Anuraag Singh | Modified: November 26, 2020|G Suite, Google Workspace | 4 Minutes Reading

This is a step-by-step working guide to explain how to migrate Google Workspace (formerly named as G Suite) data to another account via the Google workspace migration tool. Fully automated tool for end-to-end encrypted, secure, and seamless migrate / transfer G Suite to another account or domain. Migrate Google workspace emails, contacts, calendars, and documents to another account or domain.

How to Migrate Google Workspace Data?

If you want to migrate data from Google workspace to a different account then you need to opt for a professional tool. SysTools G Suite Migrator is one of the best DIY utility to transfer data from Google Workspace user account without any trouble.

Using this Google Workspace migration tool you can simultaneously migrate emails with attachments, documents, calendars, and contacts to different accounts or domains. Apart from just data migration facility, this utility also offers advanced features such as:

  • Filters for category and date-range to migrate selective data.
  • Quick & Easy mapping option for source and destination Google Workspace users.
  • Complete security with the authority to perform migration via Admin account only.
  • Provides a live preview of the on-going migration process.
  • Option to migrate calendar and documents access permission across different accounts
  • Stop migration feature to terminated all on-going migration processes.
  • Option to retry failed items of last migration attempt
  • Re-Run Full migration option to migrate skipped items of the previous attempt
  • Provides unlimited delta passes using Delta Migration option to migrate newly arrived data
  • Generates detailed and summary reports after completion of the migration.

Working Steps of Google Workspace Migration Tool

1. Download and launch the Google Workspace migration tool on your Windows or Linux system

2. Once launched, tap the “Activate” button for the activation of the Demo or Paid version of the tool.

3. After the activation is completed, select the source and destination platform as “G Suite” from the tool window.

Google Workspace migration tool

4. After that, scroll below to select the category and date-filter from the workload section and hit the Next button.

5. Now from the Source tab, provide the Google Workspace Admin Id, Application Id, and P12 file path. If you haven’t created one, then click on Project Settings below to know about its steps. Finally, click on the “Validate” button for authentication of entered details.

6. Similar to the task done in the source tab, provide the details for the destination Google Workspace domain and Validate >>Next.

7. Now, for mapping of source and destination user accounts, choose the mapping option from “Fetch Users” and “Import Users”.

  • Fetch User: This option will automatically read all the user accounts listed in the source domain. Once fetching is complete, the tool will preview all Source users and keep the destination user empty for mapping.
  • Import Users: This option can be used to import a CSV file containing the mapped list of source and destination user accounts. To get the sample CSV file, click on the “Download Template” button.
    8. Once the mapping is finished, select the users with checkbox options and apply priority using the Star option. The priority option will migrate the selected user first before others.

9. Finally, click on the Validate button for the authentication of user id and then click on the “Start Migration” button to migrate Google Workspace data to another account.

10. Once the migration is complete, use the Download Report option to save the details of migrated data.

Note: If some items got failed/skipped during migration then use the “Re-Run Migration” option

That’s it! By using the above 10 steps Google Workspace admin can easily migrate user data between different accounts/domains.


In this article, we have explained the step-by-step working of the best automated Google workspace migration tool and its features. If you want to migrate to the same or different Google Workspace domain then you can use this utility to easily transfer user data from the current Google Workspace account to another new one without any data loss.