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Google Workspace Migration For Microsoft Outlook (GWMMO)

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Published On April 2nd, 2024
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Microsoft Outlook one of the most widely used applications by several organizations. Additionally, this is contact, email, and calendar management systems offer an effortless experience. Outlook has one of the drawbacks it does not provide much space in the initial phase. But offers the possibility to increase space.

The number of errors Outlook gives us – “Outlook Operation Failed”, “Outlook stuck on loading profile”, Outlook SMTP Error – has frustrated the users. they are now looking to switch to a platform that doesn’t make them bear such pain.

Google Workspace has become the prime choice of users. Launched in 2008 as Google Apps for your domain, it’s now Google Workspace (earlier known as G Suite). The number of features Google Workspace provides is unbelievable from a user-friendly interface, productivity, and collaboration tools, to robust security.

It covers it all.

So, now does Google leave any reason why users should not move to their brilliant Workspace?

Focusing on the 360-degree service, Google made it a point to provide a plug-in for its users to migrate to Google Workspace from Outlook.

Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook® 

google apps migration for microsoft outlook

It is the G suite migration for Microsoft Outlook (abbreviated as GWMMO), one of the amazing features of Google. It lets Microsoft Outlook users move their Microsoft Outlook data or a PST file containing emails, calendar events, and personal contacts to a Google Workspace account.

Before moving your data to Google Workspace, know the items that you can take from Outlook:

  • You can either import emails, calendars, and contact information at once or separately.
  • Using this tool, you can save emails that sent before or after a particular date.
  • You can skip importing junk mail and deleted items.
  • You can avoid importing specific mail folders. (using the command-line utility).

Important Note– The tool, GWMMO imports only your personal contacts and not the company’s Global Address List.

What Can You Expect from the Migration?

  • You can easily monitor the status of your migration process.
  • Pause and resume the migration at your will.
  • Run subsequent migrations that import only new data. This avoids moving the data that has already been migrated.

How can GWMMO Migrate the Microsoft Outlook Data to Google Workspace?

Knowing in detail GWMMO, it’s time to know the working steps of the tool.

Before that, download the Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook tool (https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gsmmo). Once done, run it to install GWSMO and GWMMO tools on your system.

Follow the steps given below to learn more about the tool:

Step 1: Launch Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook® on your system and set up the Gmail account.

google workspace migration for microsoft outlook

Step 2: Then, you redirected to the login page. Here, you need to validate your login credentials.

google apps migration for microsoft outlook

Step 3: Now, select the PST Files that you want to access in your Google Workspace account and then move to the next step.

migrate all data

Step 4: Then the process will start, and the progress report will be displayed on your next screen.

google workspace migration for microsoft outlook

Step 5: After you are done with the process, you can log in to your Google Workspace account, and verify all the files that you have imported.

google apps migration for microsoft outlook

Is GWMMO Reliable?

Till now we have talked about the pros of the tool, let’s discuss the troubles it gives:

  • The process may take about 3 hours to complete. It may even take longer than that if you have larger files.
  • You should also note that Outlook won’t be available during the migration process. This is because the PST files will be in use.

Because of the above reasons, it recommended to use the tool only when you have a lot of time in hand. Since this requires you to leave your system alone for an extended period, maybe overnight.

  • There are also times when, while transferring the PST Files from Outlook to Google Workspace account, you need to fulfil a pre-requisite condition. It is to install an active Microsoft Outlook Application on your system. If you haven’t done this, your Google Workspace Migration for Outlook shows an error, like this:

g suite migration for microsoft outlook (gammo) tool

Why Not Plump for a Viable Option?

Undoubtedly, GWMMO is a great tool to work on, but is it the most reliable tool to work with? Knowing the problems the user can face with it, they will be looking for options with which their migration from Outlook to Google Workspace becomes a smooth ride.

This can be achieved with the Trusted Outlook to G Suite Migration Software. This tool allows you to import multiple PST files to corresponding Google Workspace user accounts at once. It migrates emails, contacts, and calendars from Outlook to Google Workspace. The tool even provides the option to migrate only new data.

This tool allows selective data migration to Google Workspace with a date filter. With this application, users will get a stop & start migration option to manage ongoing Outlook to G Suite migration. This application offers a dashboard interface to track the PST to Google Apps Migration process. Transfer PST file to business Gmail of G Suite account with delta migration.

Know the Working Steps of Application

  1. Download and install this tool on your computer & choose the source & destination platform. g suite migration for microsoft outlook
  2. Now map the PST folder path with their Google Apps account. google apps migration for microsoft outlook
  3. Provide the destination account details and validate. google workspace migration for microsoft outlook
  4. Finally, PST to Google Workspace Migration with Start Import Button. google apps migration for pst

Final Verdict

This article discusses migrating from Google Workspace to Microsoft Outlook. I allow users to move their email, contacts and calendar from local PST files. Additionally, the article discusses using an automated tool to migrate your Microsoft Outlook PST files to your G Suite account. This application used in case users do not have a purchased edition of Outlook email client. The tool also has some additional features which briefly discussed in the article.