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Google Workspace Email Forensic Analysis – A Guide by Security Experts

Aksh Nayak | Modified: June 16, 2023|Email Forensics | 3 Minutes Reading

Google Workspace Email Forensics is a specialized field within digital forensics that focuses on analyzing and extracting potential evidence from Google Workspace Email accounts. With millions of users worldwide, Gmail being one of the most popular email services, is the home to many crimes and hence requires investigative support from forensic experts.

Google Workspace Forensics

This article highlights the importance of Google Workspace Email Forensics and discusses a professional tool specifically designed for conducting investigations in this context.

Overview of the Field

Google Workspace Email Forensics deals with the investigations of evidence in the emails of Google Workspace accounts. As always, the first step in any investigative process is collecting the data.

Forensic Analysis of Google Workspace Email Information

The data obtained is analyzed to make it usable for the forensic investigation. In this step, context is added to the scattered and unordered data that is acquired in the first step. There are two main methods to achieving this that are discussed in detail below:

Method 1: Google Workspace Email Forensics Through Email Header

The Google Workspace Email server and other places containing the data can provide the data associated with the Google Workspace Email Account. This data is also present on the email header, which contains information like sender and receiver addresses, transport layer security information and attachment details. The investigation using email headers is incomprehensive and incomplete. For a regular user, it is difficult to navigate and contextualize all the complex data in the header which may lead to improper conclusions.

To access the email header information in the Google Workspace Email, follow these steps:

  • Select the desired email and click on the options tab.
  • Choose the “Show Original” option.
  • You will see the email header information here. You can copy all the contents from this page and paste them into a suitable tool, such as MessageHeader by Google.

Method 2: Professional Solution for Google Workspace Email Analysis

We recommend you to utilize a functionally superior and advanced software tailored to carry out in-depth analysis of Google Workspace Email accounts. One such highly acclaimed application is the MailXaminer tool, designed to make it easier and expedite the analysis of Google Workspace Email data. There are several advantages to using this software and it is one of the most recognized solutions in the field.

Advantages of using the Google Workspace Email Forensics Tool

  • Different options for evidence viewing
  • Search the evidence with different options
  • Generate links within the evidence for efficient analysis
  • Various options for Filtering
  • Export/Extract the report in multiple formats
  • User-friendly and Intuitive interface. 

MX Demo

Here are the simple steps to utilize this tool effectively:

  • Launch the tool and enter the user credentials to create a new case. To start a new case launch the tool and enter your credentials.
  • You can add relevant files required for analysis by selecting GSuite and uploading the evidence.
  • For exporting the findings, you can choose multiple formats. This ends the forensic investigation.

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This article details the procedures of Google Workspace Email Forensics analysis within the Google Workspace environment. It emphasizes the significance of employing an automated and functionally superior tool. It will help you to effectively navigate evidence to make it usable for the investigation process. The Google Workspace Email Forensics Tool has been discussed in detail, highlighting its excellent reviews and its suitability for this purpose.