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SQL Server Master Database Corruption – Know How To Fix Easily

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Published On January 25th, 2024
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MS SQL server is the most prominent and advanced database management system to store data. And all the data get stored in the Master database file which makes it an important file for an SQL server. It is also known as the primary database file of the database. SQL Server uses two files, one is MDF which contains, schema and the data and the LDF file which contains Logs. The database also contains NDF file which is a secondary database file. But the most crucial file is the MDF file which contains the primary configuration details of the SQL server.

The major information is recorded in the MDF file and whereas parallel transaction logs are recorded in the master log.ldf file. This means all crucial information total users and login details and all the information of pointers of the database are stored in the master database file. But what if somehow, due to any reason Master database got corrupted? As you get to know how crucial the master database file play role in the SQL server. But in the case of SQL server master database corruption, what will happen?

Well, the user will not be able to access the system databases of that user.

So in this article, we will help you in resolving master db corruption in SQL Server. But before proceeding to the solution let us discuss what are the possible reasons for getting master corruption in SQL Server and how to determine it.

How to Determine SQL Server Master Database Corruption Issue

If you are a System administrator then you must know the important symptoms of this issue. Some of which are listed below :

  1. In case the user fails to start the SQL server.
  2. Chances of input/ output errors of segmentation faults.
  3. Report generation by database consistency checker.

MS SQL Server MDF File Corrupted Problem – Know the Reason

Here are the corruption reasons Master.mdf file of SQL server. The user must know all reasons so that the user can avoid them in the future.

One of the major issues of corruption in SQL servers is due to hardware failure. In case of corruption occur at the minor level then the user can restart the database, but the user will not be able to access the details stored in the database.

  1. Virus infection is also one of the reasons for SQL server Master.mdf file corruption.
  2. Abruptly system shut down while the database is opened.
  3. In case of bugs in the SQL server itself. Then the user faces an SQL server master database corruption issue.
  4. In case of upgrading of the SQL server from previous versions to newer ones.
  5. The power surge is one of the most common issues of this problem.

Manual Method to Solve SQL Server Master Database Corruption Issue

In this segment, we will discuss different manual techniques to solve this problem. The user can choose any one of them according to their choice.

Method 1: Know How to Restore Master Database in SQL Server

If the user wants to restore data from master database files, then the user must have mastered.ldf and MDF files. First, the user has to start the SQL server in the single-user mode and then the user has to follow the below steps to restore the Master database in SQL Server.

  1. First, launch the “SQL Server Configuration Manager” and then choose “SQL server 2005 services”
  2. Then go to the SQL server instance and then perform a right-click. After that choose the “Properties option”
  3. Now the user has to choose the “Advanced Tab” on the “SQL server properties” window
  4. Then Go to the startup parameters option then add “-m; prefix before already existing parameters.
  5. Start the SQL Server in single-user mode.

Now follow the certain steps to restore the MDF file

  1. Start the SQL server and open CMD.
  2. Now the SQLCMD on the command prompt.
  3. After executing the above command the user has to remove (-m) parameter and start the SQL server.

Note: The user can fix this error only if when he has a backup of the database but what if you don’t have a backup of the database file? In that case, the user can take the help of a reliable solution.

Resolve SQL Server Master Database Corruption by Professional Approach

The above discussed manual method to fix Master database file corruption requires technical knowledge of the user. Also, the manual approach requires a backup of master.mdf. But in case the user doesn’t have a backup then the user must for an expert solution i.e. SQL recovery software to restore the master database in SQL Server. The software repair MDF / NDF database files and recover master database corruption in SQL Server. It recovers complete database objects such as Triggers, rules, tables, stored, procedures etc. from the master database file. You can try the free trial version of this utility by downloading the software.

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Sometimes users face MS SQL server master database corruption in their database. We have discussed various possible reasons how SQL server Master.mdf file gets corrupted. To solve this problem we have given a manual solution to resolve master corruption but the manual method has some limitations. For that case, a professional approach has also been discussed to repair master database corruption and to restore the master database in SQL Server. Its simple and easy user interface makes it possible to recover the data in just a few clicks.