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Facebook Forensics Via Free Facebook Password Recovery

Published By Raj Kumar
Aswin Vijayan
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Published On May 2nd, 2024
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Facebook activities top the list amongst the other social networking buzz. Figures show that about 800 billion people are currently holding an account on this social network. However, with the growing popularity of Facebook, its potential is being misused. A large number of cases involve grooming offences that need to investigate by the Facebook application. This has given rise to an urgent need for Facebook Password Forensics using the Facebook password recovery tool.

Activities related to Facebook including; chat, group events, wall posts, and comments can pave a path for the experts to reach the root of an offence. The objects that need to be examined could be located at different locations such as; RAM, page files, browser cache, restore point or unallocated clusters of the local machine. However, the professionals target to examine the browser cache memory to gather and assemble the evidence. One of the core entities that are aimed at is the password of the user using which essential information can be gathered directly from the suspect’s account itself.

When it comes to Facebook password forensics and recovery, one of the effective tools is Free Facebook Password Recovery. It is used extensively in the field of forensics due to its simple UI and remarkable features that serve instantaneous recovery of the original password for the account(s).

Specification Of The Tool

  • Supported OS – Windows 8.1 and all below versions
  • Size Of Tool – 545 KB
  • Version – 1.0
  • License – Freeware
  • Processor Required – 1 GHz
  • Free Hard Disk Space Required – Minimum 5 MB
  • Language Support – English

Why Select Facebook Password Recovery?

  • For the purpose of security long passwords are created. The software has the potential to recover the password(s) of any length so that the experts don’t have to put in determine its character length and recovery.
  • The software recovers and displays Facebook account passwords from the Mozilla Firefox browser’s cache memory. Therefore, if the option to remember a password is enabled it will be present in the memory for retrieval.
  • The software provides the list of all the passwords which are recovered. Moreover, the list can be sorted according to password and the username to arrange account credentials on a priority basis.
  • Complex passwords cannot be cracked with ease. If an account contains complex passwords that contain alphanumeric, numeric, multilingual character sets, or a combination of all, the software can still recover them exactly in the original form.
  • Multiple account passwords can be recovered at once, which further accelerates the rest of the investigation that follows. Therefore, it becomes easy for the forensic expert to discover the last activities or when was the password last changed providing vital information.
  • Facebook Password Recovery tool is highly compatible with Windows OS. It is designed considering the intense usage of Windows Operating System worldwide in comparison to other Operating Systems.

Free Facebook Password Recovery tool is designed in order to retrieve the Facebook password. Recovery of the original password is provided regardless of its character length and type.