Learn to Export Email from Outlook to Lotus Notes – Proven Method

Anuraag Singh | Last Modified: August 12th, 2020 | technologies

With the development in technology, numerous email applications are upgraded to meet the requirement of the users’ in every aspect. Nowadays, there has been a demand among users to migrate to IBM Notes application from the default email client. This can be due to multiple reasons such as changing organization needs, its advanced features and much more. Now, when it comes to importing Outlook emails to Lotus Notes, most of the users fail to implement the file conversion process. Moreover, both MS Outlook and Lotus Notes stores data in their respective file formats, i.e., Outlook save its data in PST format whereas IBM Notes in NSF format. Thus, the process of file conversion from one format to another is not everyone’s forte. Thus, to eradicate this need among many users, this blog describes a sure-shot solution to export email from Outlook data file to Lotus Notes in a sophisticated way.

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What Urges a User to Export Email from Outlook to Lotus Notes?

Because of its database-driven structure, IBM Notes renders numerous advantages over conventional email applications. Here are some, which are disclosed below,

  1. In IBM Notes, the information is located centrally on the Domino server. This centralized storage provides wide access to organization information and individuals user databases
  2. When the information is stored centrally on the Domino server, even if there comes a problem with a user’s local desktop application, the Notes database is still retained and it is not lost.
  3. Every individuals’ data are centrally stored in the user’s database thereby allowing the accessibility to share information within the organization.
  4. In terms of security, Lotus Notes provides high security in comparison to other ordinary email applications.

Let’s Explore Some User-Queries to Elaborate the Situation in Depth

“Being working as an IT administrator, I have to deal with numerous request from the client. One of my clients requested me to import Outlook emails to Lotus Notes as she will be working on IBM Notes for a project. As I am aware that there no manual solution available to meet this demand. Hence, I need to know some trustworthy third-party tool, which will allow to swiftly export email from Outlook to Lotus Notes. Please suggest some result-oriented tool, if any.”

“I’ve been an Outlook user since the time I have joined this firm. However, my organization is transferring me to another location where IBM Notes is used as a primary email application. As a result, I need to migrate some important emails to Lotus Notes. Is there some relevant method available to export only some particular Outlook emails to IBM Notes?”

An Instant Approach to Export Email from Outlook to Lotus Notes!

Although there are a plethora of converter tools, which will allow transferring Outlook emails to Lotus Notes, users need to be careful enough while choosing the tool to deliver quick results. SysTools Outlook to Notes Converter is the recommended tool by the experts to export Outlook emails to Lotus Notes. Because of its simplified interface makes easy for a naive user to smoothly complete the file conversion from PST to NSF format. Apart from that, it renders customized date-filter option wherein users can export selective data within a particular mailbox item easily. Also, one can instantly convert multiple Outlook PST file to Lotus Notes format using Add Folder option. Moreover, one of the highlighted functionality of the tool is the ability to open the converted NSF file on the latest IBM Notes 10.0 version as well.

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How Does the Tool Work? A Step-by-Step Guide!

  • Download and launch Outlook to Notes Converter tool to export email from Outlook to Lotus Notes.
  • After that, click the Add File (s) or Add Folder option to export single or multiple PST files to Notes NSF format. export email from outlook to lotus notes
  • PST to NSF converter offers select categories feature which allows to export the required mailbox item according to the need of the user.
  • Avail “Date-filter” option to export selective data within mailbox items to export email from Outlook to Lotus Notes. This can be availed for emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, as shown in the image below. date filter options for all data items
  • The software also renders the option to preserve the folder hierarchy intact as that of the source file format via “Maintain folder hierarchy”.
  • Users can also select “Exclude Deleted Items” option in case if the user does not want the deleted data from Outlook to convert multiple Outlook PST files to Lotus Notes format.
  • A separate NSF file for contacts is created, simply by choosing the option corresponding to “Create separate NSF file for contacts”.
  • After that, provide the destination location to save the converted NSF file.
  • At last, click the Export button to begin the file conversion process from PST to NSF file format. provides folder location
  • Finally, at the destination location, the converted Outlook file in NSF format will be placed.

Time to Conclude

Concerning the changing needs of the users, they tend to switch to email application from one to another. When it comes to migrating from Outlook to Lotus Notes, exporting the PST file of Outlook to Lotus Notes NSF format is a tedious task. With the aforementioned converter tool, one can efficiently export email from Outlook to Lotus Notes without facing any technical glitches. Apart from exporting the email, it is capable enough to transfer other Outlook mailbox items such as contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, journals, etc. in a seamless way.