Is Everything Deleted from Computer? – Know Data Recovery Methods and Techniques

Anuraag Singh | Last Modified: April 30th, 2020 | Recovery

everything was deleted from my computer

No matter if users are using Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or any below versions, at least once they face the data loss issue. While scanning forums, we found so many Windows users are bothered with everything deleted from computer desktop problems. After this, you need data recovery methods and techniques to avoid data loss. Here is a typical case we have extracted from a forum website:

“Yesterday when I turned on my computer, I noticed that the background of my computer is gone and it is solid black. All the shortcuts, documents, files, folders, and images are also gone. I use a little desktop icon in the toolbar pretty often to minimize everything automatically from my desktop and it is gone as well. I had tried to restore my system and realized that my PC has not been making the checkpoints so that, I have no resource in that area. Well, this is very horrible for me and I do not know to whom I should ask PC manufacturer or Windows for help. I am afraid that if I will restart my computer, other files will be gone. Someone help me.”

Today, everything deleted from the computer has become an annoying issue but, the main question is how it happens and what are the possible techniques to get lost data back. In order to answer all such questions of users, here we are with this write-up. So, let’s get started with data recovery methods?

Methods to Recover Deleted Files from Desktop?

Below are some simple techniques to fix everything deleted from computer issues, and it is recommended to follow the guidelines sequentially. In the below section you will find two manual data recovery methods and one automated data recovery technique solution. Perform the techniques listed below:

Method 1: – Recover Desktop Deleted Files from Backup

In order to restore computer deleted files from backup, make sure the drive is available where your backup is saved. Then, follow the steps mentioned below and get a safe data recovery technique to fix everything deleted from computer issue:

  1. Click on Start >> Control Panel
  2. Select System and maintenance >> Backup and Restore
  3. Now, click on Restore my files and go with instructions of the wizard

data recovery methods and techniques

Method 2: – Restore Computer Deleted Files from Previous Versions

One can fix everything deleted from desktop and recover computer desktop deleted files as well as folders to a previous state. In order to restore a deleted file/ folder from the desktop, perform data recovery steps listed below:

  1. Click Start >> Computer
  2. Go to the folder that is used to store files/ folder and hit a right-click on it
  3. Select Restore previous versions option (Note: If the folder was situated at the top level of the drive, for instance, C:\, then hit a right-click on the drive and click Restore previous versions.)
  4. After this, you will get a list of all available previous versions of the file/ folder. The list will show files stored on a backup and restore points (if both are available).
  5. Choose the previous version and click Open to ensure that you want to restore (Note: You cannot copy or open previous versions of files that were generated by Windows Backup, however, you can restore them.)
  6. At last, click on the Restore button.

Limitations of Manual Method

There are multiple limitations of using check disk command and few of them are listed below:

The manual method primarily scans the integrity of the file system and disk metadata. In case of any logical file system errors, it fixes them.
Chkdsk command is used to recover minor corruptions from your drive and also used for checking the health of your driver. But, it does not ensure the complete recovery of permanently deleted data from computer.
It optionally scan every sector on a disk and looking for the bad sector.

Method 3: – Recover Deleted Data from Computer Desktop (100% Safe)

If you are finding manual methods lengthy and tricky or if no manual solution works for you to deal with everything was deleted from my computer. Then, use Hard Drive Data Recovery Software. This is an eminent data recovery technique to recover and restore desktop deleted files in Windows 10, 8, 7, and all below versions.

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It allows to recover normal as well as permanent (Shift+Delete) deleted data from computer desktop and recovers deleted data even after formatting. The tool supports data recovery from FAT/ NTFS file system and recovers video, audio, docs, PPT, images, etc. The tool is compatible with all versions of Windows OS. Use this tool, because it is the best data recovery technique.

data recovery methods and techniques

What Could Be the Reason of Deleted Desktop Files?

Data loss from the desktop is a major inconvenience, that interrupts the workflow of any user or information-based business. There might be several reasons for data deleted from desktop issues and some most probable causes are mentioned below. In the above section, we have explained different data recovery techniques.

  • Damaged Hard Drive: If the hard drive of Windows computer is crashed frequently, facing issues while booting up, or the files stored in it gets corrupted then, it might cause data loss from the desktop. You have to adopt a trusted data recovery technique to fix this issue.
  • Reinstall or Upgrade Windows: Reinstalling Windows OS, formats the drive where the Windows is installed and mostly it is the drive where desktop files are stored. Hence, it removes the original files after re-installation. In this situation, the data recovery methods will not help you. Because it is the case of overwritten data.
  • Sudden Power Outage: Shutting down the system without warning, abrupt power loss or computer shut down can result in everything deleted from desktop issue. In this, you can perform the data recovery methods.
  • Human Errors: Intentional or accidental deletion of crucial files, liquid spill, hard drive formatting, and improper installation of Windows OS or any program can result in loss of desktop files. In this situation perform the above-mentioned data recovery methods and techniques.
  • Software Corruption: Improper or unexpected software closing may seem fine on the surface however, it can cause some serious issues like deletion of data from the desktop. In this case, use the above-explained data recovery techniques and get all files back.


Everything deleted from computer is a serious disaster and most of the computer users undergo accidental deletion of necessary files. In this article, we have disclosed some simple and actually working data recovery methods and techniques to resolve everything deleted from desktop issues. So, from now recovering lost data from computer will be no more a difficult task.