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E01 Forensic Analysis Using an Expert Solution

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Published On June 15th, 2023
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This article explores all the aspects of E01 Forensic Image files, their uses, their application, etc. in modern digital forensics. This article also talks about a professional tool that enables you to specifically analyze email data and carry out E01 Forensics.

E01 File Forensics

E01 Forensics Image – Format and Uses

E01 files or Encase image files used for E01 Forensics are files that contain bit-by-bit identical copies of any storage device such as a hard drive, solid-state drive (SSD), or a USB drive. The investigators use these files to ensure the legitimacy of any data that might be stored in a storage device. These make them an integral part of forensics and any data-related investigations that may take place.

There are some key points about E01 Forensic Image files worth mentioning.

  • Forensic Imaging: Investigators create an E01 Forensic file to record a replica of the storage device in question including data like hidden data, free space in the storage device, and even deleted files. The investigators use this data for E01 Forensics and arrive at appropriate conclusions accordingly.
  • File Format: This file has a very stringent format which was developed by Guidance Software, its creators. These files are divided into multiple sections and have a predefined size.
  • Metadata and Case Information: These files can hold all the metadata associated with the case. Hence provide context to the ongoing investigation.
  • Compatibility: E01 Forensic Image files are widely supported by forensic software tools, including the tool mentioned further in this article.
  • Metadata Extraction and Analysis: E01 files store metadata such as file names also along with the exact disk image. This helps forensic experts to perform specific searches and timeline analysis along with other techniques.
  • Chain of Custody: These files have checksums and specific integrity checks which are helpful to detect any changes or tampering with the data. This is essential to maintain a proper chain of custody, essential in court proceedings

Analysis of E01 Forensic Image Files

The investigation following the data acquisition and obtaining the image files for E01 Forensics is what matters the most in an investigative task and hence the experts need to do a very thorough and meaningful job of doing just that.

The E01 file contains various types of data but when it comes to extracting and analyzing data specific to emails. Tools like the MailXaminer comes in handy as it is an easy-to-use, functionally superior, and feature-rich software available in the market that is the best friend of an expert who is doing email forensic analysis on E01 Forensic Image files. We talk about the tool in much more detail further in the article.

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Professional Tool for E01 Forensics

This advanced software has various functionalities and features built into it. This makes it an excellent choice for a reliable, thorough, and accurate analysis of disk images having email data.

The features that set this tool apart in the market are:

  • Data Analysis of Emails: The tool can perform detailed E01 Forensic analysis of the disk images. It also supports a wide spectrum of file formats like PST, OST, MBOX, etc.
  • Analysis of Attachments: This tool facilitates the examination of email attachments and other embedded data in an email which the investigators can use for analysis.
  • Search with Keywords: The tool features a very rich and detailed filtering window by which the expert can fine-tune the contents showing according to the scenario. The tool also has various search techniques like General Search, Proximity Search, Regular Expression, Stem Search, etc. You may choose these according to your specific use case.
  • Various Visual Analysis: The analysis feature in the tool is an excellent and intuitive feature that implements the all-important correlation in the scattered E01 Forensic Image data which was acquired. This feature enables investigative experts to visually analyze the data like a mind map.
  • Report Generation: This tool has a very simple process of creating reports and exporting them. This is the final step of any forensic investigation and hence the process should be reliable and admissible.

MX Demo

Short Guide For the Tool

  • To start the analysis, open the tool and enter the user credentials where you can create a new case.
  • On the evidence tab, you can add the relevant files required for the analysis. Selecting the E01 option in the image tab and selecting the relevant file for analysis. You can opt for options like image analysis and OCR from this screen
  • You can modify and see options like analyze information like custodian information through this screen.
  • After completing the analysis you can export the findings in the form of a detailed report. You can choose the format of the export document in this window


This article contains information on E01 Forensic Image files and their analysis. The article also shows the importance of an automated and functionally superior tool to navigate the evidence and to make it usable for the process. We also discuss the tool that is required for E01 Forensics in this article