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How to Convert Excel to Outlook CSV Format? Complete Guide

Aldrich Calvin | Modified: January 25, 2023|Excel, Outlook | 4 Minutes Reading

Are you looking for convert Excel to Outlook CSV format conversion process? If so, you will find one of the best ways to export Excel to CSV after reading this blog. Because there is no direct way to solve this task. That’s why we need to use professional methods. For more details, you need to read this article in its entirety.

User Query: I used to work in a certain unit and due to work needs, I often used Word, PowerPoint, Excel and other software. But I just quit my job and I want to save all my Excel spreadsheet to Outlook. Through it I can easily access all my Excel data in Outlook CSV. Please give me the right solution to convert XLS to Outlook CSV.

In the above situation, users are very stuck and they want a reliable solution to convert their data in Outlook CSV. They also want to know an easy and reliable way to import all spreadsheet into Outlook CSV. For that you need to learn the complete article. We will also discuss the need to transfer Excel XLS to Outlook CSV.

Why Need to Transfer Excel to Outlook CSV?

  • It is a popular email service for business communication and is often the first choice for users in large companies.
  • Despite offering advanced features and integration, It does not provide an easy way to sort/extract data from emails.
  • Business data that arrives via email or attachments is often manually extracted into Excel spreadsheets or other business applications.

Automatic Solution to Convert Excel to Outlook CSV

For those who want to keep it simple and avoid the hassle of external email applications, use Expert Software. It is an all-in-one application that handles all major conversion scenarios of Excel file formats. Plus, it’s a tried-and-tested method trusted by professionals around the world. This application supports all sources and types of excel files. You can expect attributes and metadata to be kept intact.

In fact, you can even download a free trial version of the software to see for yourself how the tool works. You can easily import data exported from any version of Excel to Outlook CSV without any problem. You can use the product on both Windows and Mac machines.  The tool also convert Excel file to HTML, TXT, MSG, PDF and multiple formats. The tool is capable to import multiple files in a single click and also gives many additional features to the users like exclude contacts, empty email addresses, etc.

  • Access you to map the attributes accordingly
  • Remove duplicate  data and empty email addresses
  • Retains original folder structure throughout the process
  • Uncomplicated and most trustworthy solution to execute such tasks
  • Able to import multiple files in a single click
  • Virus-free software and having a user-friendly interface
  • Deliver 24*7 support from the experts

Complete Steps to Convert Excel to Outlook CSV File

  • Download and Install Software
  • Add the Excel file using the Browse button

browse Excel file

  • Preview All the files before conversion

Preview all Excel files

  • Select the CSV option to convert into a particular format

Select the csv file

  • Mapped the Excel Fields and Outlook CSV Attributes accordingly

click AutoMap Option

  • Hit the Convert button to begin the process

Click on Convert button

Summering Up

Most of the users encounter several situations while convert Excel to Outlook CSV format. Therefore, after lots of research and implementation, we introduce these two solutions. But the manual approach has so many restrictions like data corruption issues and doesn’t work for a higher version of Outlook CSV. So we suggested you choose the best and most simple automated approach to conduct this query. This automated tool is has a user-friendly interface even a non-technical person can easily execute it without any disruption.