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How to Connect Apple Mail to Office 365 Primary Mailbox

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Published On May 2nd, 2024
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Topic Covered – How to Move Emails from Mac Mail to Primary Mailbox of Office 365 Account?
Connect Apple Mail to Office 365 Primary Mailbox

Figure: Connect Apple Mail to Office 365 Primary Mailbox

User Query– “I want to connect Apple Mail to Office 365 Primary Mailbox. Is it possible to move Emails from Mac Mail to the Primary Mailbox of the Office 365 Account with attachments? What are the different ways to perform Apple Mailbox to Exchange Online Migration? How is Outlook Online a better alternative than Mac Mail? I need to migrate a large amount of data. Please provide me with a reliable solution for the same!”

Office 365 is a premium product by Microsoft which allows you to access your data from any place or device across the world. This cloud platform comes with a unique set of updated features that are hard to find in traditional mail clients like Apple Mail.

Apple Mail or Mac Mail counts as one of the most popular email service providers across the globe. Even though Mac Mail offers a variety of features to its users, the need to access data from any place or any device is causing users to migrate to cloud-based platforms.

How to Connect Apple Mail to Office 365?

  1. Launch the Mail app on your Mac.
  2. Go to the Mail menu.
  3. Click on Add Account and select Exchange.
  4. Continue to the next window.
  5. Enter your name, Office365 email address and password.
  6. Click on the Sign-in button.
  7. Authenticate your account to continue.
  8. Select all the apps you want to connect with Office 365.
  9. Click on the Done button.

You have successfully connected your Apple Mail to your Office 365 account. All your emails and other connected data will be synchronized between your Mac and Office 365 mailbox.

Given below are the reasons and methods to migrate your data from Mac Mail to Office 365 account. If you have Apple MBOX files that you wish to migrate over to your O365 account, you can use these methods.

Why is Outlook Online a better alternative than Mac Mail?

There are numerous factors that make Outlook Online a better alternative than Mac Mail. Some of the top reasons to connect Apple Mail to Office 365 Primary Mailbox are:

  • Office 365 offers the latest and updated features like accessing the mailbox online, managing calendars and invitations and arranging meeting invites. You also get better connectivity, easy collaboration and the facility of arranging the mail data items in a systematic format. These features are not available with Mac Mail.
  • Outlook Online allows you to manage and store an unlimited amount of data whereas it is tricky to arrange and store large email files in Apple Mail. This product by Microsoft also allows storing emails in different mailboxes like Shared Mailbox, Groups, Public Folders, Archives, etc.
  • The world is quickly moving towards globalization. Therefore, at workplaces, it is a need of the hour to use a mail system that allows the employees to work from multiple locations, from a remote location or with multiple machines and operating systems within the organization. With Office 365, you can save valuable time and resources for the company.
  • With O365, you are no more restricted to a local machine to access your important data. You are free to manage emails, tasks, calendars, and contacts from any place or any device across the world. This cloud platform removes the dependency on a platform to access mails.

Ways to Perform Apple Mailbox to Office 365 Migration

There are 2 methods to perform Apple Mailbox to O365 Migration – Manually or using a Third-party Tool ( Automated Method).

1) Manual Migration

You can perform the manual migration using IMAP configuration on MAC OS X. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Open Mac Mail. Use the IMAP feature and configure your Gmail Account in Apple Mail.
  2. Create a new folder in the Gmail account ( within Apple Mail ).
  3. Select the desired email files and move them to a new folder.
  4. Now Launch Office 365 and configure your Gmail account here as well using IMAP.
  5. After the completion of configuration, find the new folder created in Gmail account in Apple Mail.
  6. Open the folder and transfer the files to Office 365 folder.
  7. Once the migration is complete, the Gmail account can be deleted from both platforms.

Using IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) Configuration comes with a set of limitations some of which are:

  1. Apple Mail can transfer only limited data files and you will not be able to get access to the entire data stored in the MBOX file of Mac Mail.
  2. You should have a working Gmail account and O365 added as well as configured in your machine.
  3. You must be technically sound to perform this migration.

2) Using a Converter – Third-Party Tool

Opting for a manual migration method to connect Apple Mail to Office 365 Primary Mailbox is not an easy task. Therefore, the better option is to choose a MBOX to Office 365 Migration Software. This tool can be used by anyone due to its easy user interface and gives results in a few minutes. It is also helpful for owners of companies to migrate a large amount of data, without wasting their crucial time and resources.

Steps to Move Emails from Apple Mail to Office 365 Mailbox

  1. Download the converter and install it on your local Windows machine.

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2. Pick a file/ folder using the ‘Add File(s)’ or ‘Add Folder’ button and proceed.


3. Click on the ‘Open’ button provided.


4. Selected data will be visible on the tool interface. Hit the ‘Next’ button.


5. Office 365 is automatically selected. Hit the ‘OK’ button.


6. For Impersonation, add the credentials of Office 365 Admin.


7. In the next row, add the Office 365 Id where you want to migrate all the data.


8. Without Impersonation – Add the Office 365 Id and password where you want the data to be reflected.


9. Authenticate the Id and proceed to the next step.

10. Select ‘Apple Filter(s) option to move data filtered by date/ date range.

11. Start the ‘Export’ process.

12. Check the progress of conversion with the help of the live progress bar.


13. Save the output in CSV format for future reference.


14. Log in to Office 365 account with the credentials where the data is to be reflected and check the output in the Main or Primary Mailbox.

Benefits offered by Conversion Tool

  • No Technical Expertise is needed.
  • Allows importing multiple files to perform the migration.
  • Direct procedure to move files into Office 365 Webmail.
  • A proper hierarchy of the folder is maintained.
  • Data can be exported using a file or a folder.
  • Provides an In-built filter to transfer only selective files.
  • Provides support for all Windows and below versions.
  • Facility to download output in CSV format.

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To Sum It Up

Email Migration can be a tedious procedure, especially if you are not from a technical background. Therefore, it is easy to pick a migration tool and finish the conversion within a few minutes. It is safe to connect Apple Mail to Office 365 Primary Mailbox as the tool makes sure that the data integrity is never compromised. We have covered both manual and automated methods to move Emails from Mac Mail to the Primary Mailbox of the Office 365 Account. You can try both the methods and pick the best one that fits your requirements.