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Solution to Configure Zoho Mail in Outlook as IMAP and POP

Aldrich Calvin | Published: 2020-09-22T10:26:00+00:00|Zoho Mail | 5 Minutes Reading

This blog describes the steps to configure Zoho Mail in Outlook for Windows. Here you will learn how to configure and connect Zoho to Outlook as POP and IMAP.

Before starting the process, first let’s take a quick overview of Zoho and Outlook and also know why user needs to switch from Zoho to Microsoft Outlook.

Zoho Mail is a webmail service which offers users to manage emails, attachments, templates, contacts, calendars, etc. It provides services for personal and business email accounts. Zoho Mail is free for a single user with 5 GB storage.

Undoubtedly, Microsoft Outlook is the widely used and popular desktop-based email client. It comes with updated version time to time with advanced security and features. Outlook offers the facility to send/receive emails, manage contacts, calendars, etc.

Why Migrate / Add Zoho Mail to Outlook?

In many situations, Zoho servers stops or goes down and Zoho users becomes frustrated and looks for ways to fix the problem. Sometimes, users are facing issues like Zoho mail not receiving some emails, Zoho mail not sending emails, Overflow, etc. To overcome all these problems, users want to connect Zoho to Outlook as MS Outlook offers many benefits such as:

  • Outlook application work in Online and Offline
  • Provides 50 GB storage in the latest versions
  • Facility to import and export data via PST file
  • Outlook offers best data management features
  • Allows to create multiple email accounts to store data

Now, let’s move to the solution of how to add Zoho Mail to Outlook application.

Steps to Configure Zoho Mail in Outlook as POP

Step 1. First, Login to Zoho Mail Account and go to Settings.

Step 2. Select Mail Accounts >> POP >> Enable POP Access.

Step 3. Now, Open Outlook in your system.

Step 4. Go to File tab and select Add Account.

Step 5. In Add Account window, select Manual setup or additional server types and click Next.

Step 6. Select POP or IMAP option and click Next.

Step 7. Enter your Name and Email Address (Zoho Account) in User Information.

Step 8. In Server Information, Select POP3 Account type.

Step 9. Incoming Mail Server: pop.zoho.com

Step 10. Outgoing Server: smtp.zoho.com

Step 11. In Logon Information, enter Username and Password of your Zoho account.

Step 12. After that click on More Settings.

Step 13. In Outgoing Server tab, select “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” and also check “Use same setting as my incoming mail server” box.

Step 14. Click on Advanced tab and enter Server Port Numbers

Step 15. Incoming Server (POP3): 995

Step 16. Check “This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)” box.

Step 17. Outgoing Server (SMTP): 465

Step 18. Select SSL for encrypted connection.

Step 19. Click OK to continue.

Step 20. It will be redirected to “Add New Email Account” section.

Step 21. Here, check “Test Account Settings” to check the Zoho to Outlook configuration details.

Step 22. Once the tests are successful, you will receive a popup message “All Tests completed successfully”.

Step 23. Click Close and it’s done.

This is how you can configure and add Zoho Mail to Outlook as POP. Now Let’s see the steps of how to connect Zoho to Outlook for Windows as IMAP.

Steps to Configure Zoho Mail in Outlook as IMAP

Step 1 to Step 7 same for IMAP and POP. You only need to change few information as mentioned in the below steps:

Step 8. Select IMAP Account type.

Step 9. Incoming Server: imap.zoho.com

Step 10. Outgoing Server: smtp.zoho.com

Step 15. Incoming Server (IMAP): 993

Step 17. Outgoing Server (IMAP): 465

That’s it. These are manual steps for how to add Zoho Mail to Outlook as IMAP and POP.

Note: If the number of emails is large, it will take a long time to connect or sync all emails from Zoho to Outlook. This usually leads to frustration among users. If you see any errors and unable to configure Zoho Mail in Outlook for Windows, then you can go with the alternate approach which is mentioned below.

Alternate Solution to Import or Add Zoho to Outlook

There can be many errors occurs while configuring Zoho Mail account with Outlook. But don’t worry this task can be easily accomplished using Zoho Backup Tool. This allows you to export Zoho emails to PST file and then you can easily import PST file into Outlook. Using PST file, it is easy to do Zoho to Gmail Migration without any loss.

Follow these steps to backup Zoho Mail to PST file format are as follows;

Step 1.Download and run Zoho Email Backup tool.

PST Merge Free Download

Step 2. Enter Zoho Mail Account Credentials and Login.

enter credentails

Step 3. Select PST file format and choose location to store output.

add zoho mail to outlook via pst

Step 4. Select Email Folders and click on the Start button.

export zoho emails to pst for zoho to outlook

Step 5. Now, import PST file to Outlook. For this Open Outlook.

Step 6. Click File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export.

import pst file

Step 7. Click Import from another program or file.

import from another program or file

Step 8. Select Outlook Data File and click Next.

outlook data file

Step 9. Browse PST file and hit the Next button.

browse pst file

Step 10. Select folder to import and click the Finish button.

finish import pst file to outlook



Many Zoho users want to add Zoho Mail to Outlook to meet their needs. Here we have covered the manual steps to configure Zoho Mail in Outlook as IMAP and POP. If the configuration method failed, we also suggested the alternative solution, the Zoho Mail Backup Tool. This allows you to export emails to PST files so that you can easily access Zoho emails in Outlook.