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Check Email Properties in Outlook Using These Simple Methods

Aksh Nayak | Published: June 7, 2023|Outlook | 4 Minutes Reading

Checking Email Properties in Outlook can be a challenging task and can be difficult for normal users to carry out. It is a fairly common task and hence it is useful for you to learn.


To analyze the details of the email, you need all the information that an email may contain. An email header contains information like sender and receiver address, encryption information, route information, attachment details etc. which is generally found in the PST File in the case of Outlook. While the email header has a lot of information, you need to consider additional details if you want to do a proper forensics style investigation.

For just the Email header analysis, here is a reliable tool that is trusted by many and can help you to Check Email Properties in Outlook.

Tool to Check Email Properties in Outlook Through Header

The PST Viewer Pro+ is the one stop tool to examine Email Properties in Outlook through the header information in a PST file. The PST Viewer Pro+ is a software that offers a variety of features like exporting the findings, splitting of the exported PST files, searching by applying a date range filter etc. Here is a list of all the features that this tool offers:


  • Add multiple PST files for analysis at the same time
  • Take advantage of multiple file viewing options like MIME view, Hex View, Header view and HTML view.
  • Facility to recover damaged or corrupt files. 
  • To ensure flexibility, support for Multiple Export Format files for like EML, EMLX, MSG, MBOX, PDF, PST etc. is in this software.
  • You can search for the desired emails in the file with an advanced search feature.
  • Use the filter of applying Date Range to obtain the emails in a particular timeline .
  • There is a PST splitting feature in the tool that helps you manage your storage
  • You can apply specific naming parameters to the export settings so that you can have desired naming conventions for your files.
  • This tool supports all the various MS Outlook versions like Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016 and even older ones.
  • You can print and scan the exported files for further consideration of the findings with the concerned parties.

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This tool is concerned with only the email header of the emails in question. But, if you want to do an advanced Check Email Properties in Outlook, you require a much more advanced software like the one mentioned below. This application also takes into consideration other contents of a PST file apart from the header information. Forensic experts trust this tool for their investigative tasks. Hence, There is no doubting the capabilities of this tool. Learn more in the next section.

Checking Email Properties in Outlook by Using an Advanced Tool

The MailXaminer is an allrounder tool used by experts around the world to Check  Email Properties in Outlook or for any other Email Forensic Analysis for that matter. You can use this tool to analyze your outlook email data in a more thorough way. Here are some features that this tool offers:


  • Multiple Case Building: Build multiple cases. This feature is very useful if you are working on multiple PST files at once. 
  • Support for Different File Formats: Use files of various formats in your analysis.
  • Advanced OCR Capabilities: Digital data present in images of an email is made editable by this functionality. This enables you to analyze every detail in the file.
  • Search Analytics Windows: Various features like word cloud, timeline analysis, link analysis and entity analysis are provided in this tool. This is to help you understand the data better.
  • Multiple In-Built Search Options: Multiple search options like General Search, Proximity Search, Fuzzy Search, Stem Search, Wildcard Search, and Regular Expression are provided to better suit your needs.
  • Reliable Export/Extraction Formats: You can export your findings in both CSV and PDF formats.


In this article, you get to know about methods you can use to Check Email Properties in Outlook. You can choose one of the two methods mentioned in this article according to the task you are doing.