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How to Fix Cannot Open ZIP File as Archive Error?

Eva Mendis | Modified: August 10, 2021|Zip File | 4 Minutes Reading

“A few days ago, I tried to open a zip file as an archive, but I got an error message “Cannot Open ZIP file as archive. If you are downloading this file, please file Try to download again “Your ZIP file data will become inaccessible after this error message appears. Is there a solution to fix these issues? If yes, suggest a solution as soon as possible. ” Thank you

ZIP is a compressed file format that most computer users use to store, transfer, and encrypt important files. For creating and extracting batches of files from ZIP, there are several utilities available over the internet such as WinZip, 7-Zip, WinRAR, and various others. Compressing a file into Zip format will reduce the actual file size so that it can be stored in very small memory space. Because of this, it reduces the effort of transferring large files over the network as all files can be sent as a single Zip file. Unfortunately, in some cases, the zip file becomes invalid and an error message “unable to open Zip data file as archive”. But don’t worry, we have brought a solution for one such problem for you. Before we proceed with this process, let us first also know about their possible reasons.

Possible Reason “Cannot Open Zip File as Archive” Error 

If you want to resolve a ZIP file that cannot be opened as an archive error, it is important to study the possible causes. Let us know about the reasons given below.

  • Zip file from header corruption
  • A malicious virus attacks a compressed single file inside a zip folder
  • An error occurred while downloading the zip data file
  • The collection has incorrect or incorrect headers.
  • The last collection is damaged or lost.
  • Due to some internet problems, you may see some errors in zip files, which usually occur when downloading these zip files, which causes their corruption. As a result, the data stored in these ZIP files may be unrecoverable.

Automated Solution to Resolve Cannot Open ZIP File as Archive Error 

The SysTools Zip Repair Tool is an efficient tool that allows you to easily fix errors in zip files. This Utility incorporates very powerful scanning algorithms to repair or recover ZIP files and ensure the complete recovery of your ZIP file data. This software is specifically designed to fix a damaged zip file in almost any corruption issue. This tool is very safe to use because it maintains the integrity of your data due to its non-destructive nature. This useful application is compatible with almost all versions of Windows including 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc.

Step by Step Procedure to Open ZIP File as Archive

Now let’s see the steps involved in the operation of the tool:

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  • Launch the Software after downloading it to your computer.

windows bkf recovery tool

  • Browse BKF data file from local system

preview files from bkf

  • Choose Any Scan Mode: Quick Scan, Deep Scan, Range Based Scan. After this click on scan.

preview files from bkf

  •  Next Search and all preview the recovered Zip data.

Preivew BKF file items

Extraction Mode

Amazing Key Features:  Zip Repair Tool

  • No matter what caused your zip file to become inaccessible, the software fixes it effectively.
  • You can download a free demo version of the software to find out how the software creatively fixes the error message “Can’t access zip file as archive.
  • The tool does not limit the size of the zip file
  • Easily restore BKF File symantec backup exec
  • The software provides 3 options to scan for corrupt Windows BKF files as Quick, Deep, and Range-based scanning.

Final Thoughts

In this write-up, we have discussed all the possible solutions to the cannot Open ZIP file as archive error. Now, as a user, You can use the BKF Repair Tool to open the zip file as an archive error.