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Get the Best Solution for EML File Analysis with Advance Search Option

John Doe | Modified: March 9, 2023|Email Forensics | 5 Minutes Reading

Nowadays, email applications are used by various organizations all over the world for the data management & communication process. There are several file formats associated with various email clients for storing emails. The wide range of email applications is available like Mozilla Thunderbird, Seamonkey, Eudora Mail, Entourage, Apple Mail, etc. having their unique file format. EML file format is one of the most supported file formats by these email clients. Why EML File Analysis required and how to examine emails with attachments?

In this blog, the user gets complete information about EML file analysis. The complete analysis of the EML file including the header part, main message body, and the attachment part. The user can go through an efficient way to analyze, search and view EML files securely.

Get an Overview of EML File

EML file is an electronic mail or Email. It is a file format used to save a single email message. EML file contains the file attachments and the entire content of email messages including recipients, subject, sender, and date. It is a plain text-formatted file and can be easily open by using any text editor.

What are the Need of EML Files Analysis?

The need arises for EML files Analysis completely depends upon the user as well as the organization. Deep Analysis of EML file helps the Forensic Investigators to carve evidence. Expert’s analyze, search and view complete EML files including the header part, main message body, and all the attachments to investigate their case.

Before Moving Further Let Us Consider User’s Query

“Hi Everyone, During the Investigation process of an ongoing case, I came across a large number of EML files. I tried to open EML files but I don’t have any EML supporting email application to access these EML files. As these EML files are very important for the evidence purpose. So, I am looking for the complete and risk-free solution to view detailed information of EML files. Also, looking for the best solution for EML file analysis.”

There is no manual solution to view, analyze and save bulk EML files in portable document format without any email application. With the help of an automated solution, the user can easily view the EML files.

In the below section we are going to know about the utility that can examine EML file in different preview modes and also providing the facility to print.

Best Automated Solution for EML File Analysis

Here comes the all-rounder automated Solution SysTools EML Viewer Pro that allows the user to view, examine, search and save EML files. The best solution for EML file analysis without the installation of any email application.

Some Advanced Features of EML Viewer Pro are Described Below:

1. Different Preview Modes for EML File Analysis

This utility allows the user to open and read EML files in multiple preview modes. Different range of preview modes makes it easy for the user to carry out a deep analysis of EML files. A deep analysis of EML files helps the Forensic Investigator to carve evidence. This software is compatible with all Windows Operating System.

This tool supports the different preview modes:

  • Mail View: This view shows EML files metadata like Path, From, Cc, Bcc, Subject, etc.
  • Properties View: This view shows Date, Size, Message Class, etc. of an email.
  • Hex View: This view provides an option to view mails in Hex Code.
  • Message Header View: This view shows the EML email’s Message header details.
  • MIME View: This view provides MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) details like Content-Type, MIME-Version, X-Priority, etc.
  • RTF View: This view shows the emails in plain text format.
  • HTML View: This view shows the emails in the HTML format including all tags.
  • Attachments: This view shows email attachments along with the message.

EML File Analysis - View Modes


  • EML Email Attributes
    This tool provides the facility to read the EML files with the associated attributes like Path, From, To, Cc, Bcc, Attachments, Subject, Date, and Time.
  • Sort EML emails
    This tool provides the facility to sort the emails according to attributes such as From, Subject, To, Sent, Received, and Size.

2. Advanced Search Option to Find Any Emails

This utility allows the user to search for a selective EML file among the bulk of EML files in a systematic manner. This option makes it easier for the user to analyze the EML file according to their needs. There is also the option to apply the search filter to get more accurate search results.

Advanced Search Option

3. Provides Dual Preview Mode for EML File Analysis

The advanced functionality of the software provides dual Preview mode for better EML file analysis in the Vertical as well as the Horizontal mode.

Dual Screen Mode

4. Print or Export Selective Emails

This Tool provides an option according to the user’s need to print or save selective EML file to PDF format. This utility allows the user to convert selective EML emails into Portable Document Format instead of converting all EML files.

EML File Analysis: Print

5. Convert Batch EML to PDF File

This program provides the facility to save bulk EML files into PDF format. This utility securely converts EML files into the Portable Document Format along with its attachments. This the best option as in few clicks multiple EML files get converted or printed.

EML File Analysis: Export

Final Words

Here we have introduced an efficient and reliable solution for EML file analysis. The user can analyze, search, and preview the EML files and also saves EML files in PDF. Because it becomes a difficult task for many users to save their EML file into a Printable format. This blog will help the user to complete their email analysis task without any difficulty.