Easily Archive Emails to Mac System [Update 2020]

Anuraag Singh | Last Modified: June 26th, 2020 | Outlook, Tips

All the email users around the world may have some of the mail very important and need to keep them safe from the other emails. One method to keep it safe is to archive the emails. In this session, we will have a discussion on how to archive emails on the webmail account and to the local system. Stay tuned to find the best possible methods.

First, let us get to the process to archive the emails in the webmail account itself. Down to it, you can find an optimum solution to archive emails to the local system on Mac. Let us start exploring the information on email archiving.

Archive Emails on Outlook Web App

The account has the feature to move all or selected emails to an archive folder. This folder keeps all the important emails that are required by the user. It also helps to retrieve the email easily without searching down the long list of emails.

So if you want to archive emails from the Outlook Web App, then perform these below steps

  1. Login to Outlook web app using your Outlook account.
  2. Click on the email in the folder to archive.
  3. Then, click on the Archive icon from the Top menu.

This will move the email in to the Archive folder. It is a very easy task. In case you want to move multiple emails to the Archive folder, it can also be done in the same manner. Just click on multiple emails within a folder and click on the Archive option.

Do you need to archive emails in the Outlook web app to the Mac system? In that case, move down to find the best solution that can help you do this.

How to Archive Outlook Web App Emails on Mac Machine?

SysTools Backup for Mac is one efficient utility to save the emails in the Archive folder in to the Mac system. It also gives the facility to archive Outlook Web App emails to the local Mac machine. The process to execute is very simple and you have many facilities while performing this task.

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Steps to Archive Emails to Mac

Step 1: Run Mac Archive Tool and login with Outlook account

login to tool

Step 2: Select a format and browse location to save the email file

browse location

Step 3: Enable Delete after Download option

archive emails

Step 4: Click on Start Backup to archive emails on Mac

archive emails

This simple process will directly download the emails from OWA to the local system on Mac. It will also make sure that these emails are removed from the account so that no trace of the email is present in the Outlook mail server.

During this process of email archival to the local system, you have many other functions to achieve success more comfortably. See down to know some exclusive features while using this method. Archive Tool Amazing Features

Some of the helpful functionalities offered within this method are:

Multiple Email Format Backup Option: The utility is capable to give the resultant file in various popular file formats. You can have the emails saved in PST, EML, EMLX, MBOX, and MSG email formats.

Email Filtering Option: There is an option to filter the emails of account within a date range. Thus, the emails within the range will only be archived and the rest are skipped.

Delete After Download Option: This is the main option to archive emails directly to the local system. With this option, the emails will download to the local system and then, the utility will automatically delete the same from the mail server.

Incremental Backup Option: This option is to help the user perform the archive process in an incremental manner. Using this function, you will skip the previously archived data and only take the new ones important to you, saving time and effort.

Using these facilities you can backup emails and move data directly on the Mac system.

Final Thoughts

There are many users trying to keep their email data safe so that no important data is lost or leaked by their end. One best option for this is to Archive the data. In this article, we have gone through various methods that archive emails. So the users who wish to do the same can follow the approaches and find your easy way to succeed.