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Why am I Unable to Open JPEG Files on my Mac Device?

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Published On August 5th, 2022
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Summary:- If you are unable to open JPEG files on Mac operating system. Then, make sure to read this blog till the very end. Do not worry, this issue is quite common and is faced by many Mac users in particular. Since there can be multiple reasons behind this issue.

JPEG file is however considered to be broken when usually some of the bits of data are incorrect or they go MIA during the compression process. Also, your images can be either broken, distorted or opens up completely blank. There are chances that your broken file may not open on Mac device. Hence, in this article, we will show you different solutions regarding your issue:- “Unable to open JPEG files on Mac”.

Unable to Open JPEG Files in Mac? – Responsible Factors

Whenever you try to open JPEG files in Mac, a message appears stating:- “unable to open JPEG file as you do not have the permission to view it. Users can also try yo report this issue as they tend to access their JPEG files. Here are some of the reasons why you cant open JPEG files in Mac OS:-

  1. High chances of JPEG file to be infected by some specific bugs or errors.
  2. Also, storage media might have some bad sectors.
  3. JPEG files can get affected due to unexpected power interruptions on your device.
  4. Issues with Third-party software installation. For instance, users may have different users and accounts on their Mac OS and you may have installed a third-party application on your different account.

Cannot Open JPEG Files in Mac?” – Try these Methods

1. Remove Files From your Library

If you are somehow unable to open JPEG files, then quit the photo viewing the application and backup all your pictures. Then, go to the Finder menu bar hold down the option key and select Go<Library. From the library folder, remove these following items:

  • Containers/com.apple.Preview
  • Saved Application State/com.apple.Preview.saved state
  • Preferences/com.apple.Preview.LSSharedFileList.plist
  • Preferences/com.apple.Preview.SandboxedPersistentURLs.LSSharedFileList.plist
  • Caches/com.apple.Preview

After removing the items, try opening the JPEG files. If everything works fine, then you can proceed with next step.

2. Run Disk Utility

The major issue could be with your Mac hard drive and to fix the error, you need to run the disk utility to regain access to your pictures to your pictures.

Also, there are high chances that your drive is corrupt or damaged and that is however causing the issue. Disk utility is the preferred way to eliminate disk regarding issues as it generally scans the disk’s structure for errors and automatically fixes it.

Execute these below mentioned instructions to fix the error:-

1. To start, restart your Mac system and hold back “Command + R” until the apple logo appears on the screen. Afterwards, select disk utility option when Mac OS utilities are shows.

disk utility

2. Also, select the required hard drive and click on the First Aid followed by Run button.

run option

3. Disk utility basically analyzes the Mac hard drive for errors. Moreover, if Disk utility finds any error on the drive, then it automatically fixes the error and repairs the disk.

3. Use an Automated Solution

For this procedure, users can opt for the Mac Photo repair Software. This tool however won’t fix the error yet of the error happens to be in the JPEG files. Then it can easily and efficiently repair the affected files. In a matter of fact, the repairing process is however process much simple and users can repair their pictures in just a couple of seconds.

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1. To start, Download and Run this application on your system.

unable to open jpeg files

2. Afterwards, choose either Add File or Folder(s) option to browse your JPEG files into the software panel.

add file or folder

3. Hit on the Scan option after successfully browsing your files into the software interface.

scan option

4. Furthermore, users can also view their files in the software interface before the procedure. Then, press on the Save option.

save option

5. With the help of this application, you can also view you conversion report just by simply clicking on the View report option. Along with that, the resultant report will be however generated in CSV file format.

unable to open jpeg files

Key Prospects of Mac Photo Repair Tool

  1. This software allows users to repair multiple images in the same format that too at the same time. Furthermore, it is a quick and easy solution for repairing various corrupted, broken and damaged JPEG files on Mac OS.
  2. With the help of this tool, this repair application helps users to recover the embedded thumbnails without even damaging their quality of visual.
  3. Along with that, users can also preview your repaired images. This way users can easily check for any sort of irregularity in the repaired images before saving them.
  4. However, It also keeps the quality of the photos intact before and after the procedure.
  5. Moreover, it works smoothly with all the versions of Mac operating systems.
  6. This tool provides a desired destination for saving repaired images. Users can however also store their repaired image anywhere they like.

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Time to Say Goodbye

In this following article, we have mentioned why users are unable to open JPEG files. Apart from this, we have mentioned both manual and professional solutions in brief. However, users can select any method as per their requirement.