Remove Local NSF Security & Open Encrypted NSF File – How To

Carl Wilson | Last Modified: October 24th, 2017 | Email Forensics

ACL (Access Control Lists) is used by the techies to restrict and limit the actions of various users when the access to NSF files in Domino Server are taken into account. The very first step with which the Domino Server administrators proceed after a new user account is registered, is an implementation of the ACL factors on the account. This action turns into a disadvantage when it comes to the forensic investigation of the Lotus Notes NSF files that have ACL encryption enabled or have been protected by the local security.

Manual decryption of the ACL encryption enabled NSF files are very tedious and time – consuming. To check that whether the local NSF security has been applied on the NSF file and it is ACL encrypted, just double-click on the NSF file. Confirmation of the same can be achieved if the following error pops ups: –

“Local Access Protection”

This indicates that the NSF file is encrypted. Investigations can be more challenging and tiring when it comes to understanding the anatomy of such NSF files. A detailed R & D by the experts have shown that most of the investigators have been asking for a software solution with the following potential: –

  1. Remove Local NSF Security
  2. Open Encrypted NSF Database File
  3. Free from any kind of malware
  4. Fixes the following error, “You are not authorized to open this file”

Remove Local Security from Local NSF Database via Securase Forensics Tool

The SECURASE advanced forensic tool which can be used to remove local security. The tool can be very conveniently used in situations where the following error messages pop up while accessing the NSF file: –

“You are not authorized to access that database”


You are not authorized to perform that operation”

Free Download

System Requirements by the tool to Open Encrypted NSF File: –

Operating System: – Windows 8.1 and below Windows versions

Processor: – 1 GHz

RAM: – 512 MB

Hard Disk Space: – 5 MB

NOTE: – Installation of Lotus Notes 9.0 or any below version is mandatory

Peculiar Features Of The Tool

  1. Remove Local Security From Local NSF Database: – The software very accurately removes the NSF file security parameters and allows the investigators to proceed with the further investigation without any hindrance.
  2. Tested and Verified: – The software Securase v3.5 has been tested and verified by the experts. The software has positively passed the repeatedly conducted quality tests.
  3. Remove Local NSF Security without harming the data integrity: – During the complete forensic analysis of Lotus Notes NSF file, the software plays its key role in removing the local NSF file security, that too, with complete data integrity maintained.
  4. Open Encrypted NSF File: – As already mentioned that investigators deliberately require some technology that may allow them to decrypt the Lotus Notes NSF files, the Securase, a forensically sound tool meets this required need of investigators.


The sophisticated job to remove local NSF security, if not carried out with proper strategy and smartly, may lead to complete breakdown and corruption of the NSF file. Thus, experts have been suggesting tools like Securase that has been developed using advanced algorithms.