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Rediffmail Email Backup – Non-Technical Guide to Save Emails

Anuraag Singh | Published: 2022-03-31T10:32:48+00:00|Mac, technologies | 4 Minutes Reading

Summary: The main objective of this blog is to provide the methods for Rediffmail email backup to troubled users. Here, you will find out about the methods to download your data and the reasons for the same. Also, we will be explaining the benefits of exporting your messages using the technique. Let’s get going!

For Rediffmail users, backup of data is such a frequent query searched by several users on the internet. Same or similar queries keep on adding to our forum site.

And during research, we found various users telling their troubles & asking for a solution to backup Rediffmail inbox.

If you have also been struggling with the same, you are on the right page. We will be explaining the solutions for this operation in detail for a clear vision.

Rediffmail is a cloud-based email service that many users have their accounts on. Being on the cloud, the data is stored on the cloud’s server which is accessible to all.

This, here, creates trouble for users working in large enterprises as it is important for them to keep their data safe at any cost.

Various risks are always hovering over the data.

Like what?

Rediffmail Email Backup – Reasons and Causes

The major reasons to take a backup of the data are:

  • To keep data safe from the hackers. Various hack attacks lead to compromised data which can cause a lot of trouble to the user or their company in monetary terms as well.
  • If you take a backup of your data beforehand, there will be no troubles faced in case the data is accidentally deleted.
  • With the help of copies, you don’t have to worry if any of your data is corrupted due to virus intrusion. Once you backup Rediffmail inbox, you will still have your data stored in one piece.
  • In case your mailbox is attacked with malware like ransomware, you will not be able to access your data. Such viruses encrypt your messages making them inaccessible until the ransom is paid.

Experts suggest taking a backup as there is no harm in keeping copies and it will only put a second-layer of protection.

Applying Second-Layer of Protection With the Experts

For the expert’s choice, we are here with the Incredible IMAP Mailbox Backup Tool embedded with several functions.

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Why the tool for Rediffmail email backup?

Well, because there is no manual technique available to download messages in bulk. After surfing the internet for solutions, there are no manual methods that we could find.

Thus, the software, as per the experts, is the best shot a user has at downloading and saving the emails.

Don’t worry, the tool is safe and keeps the data secure during the entire procedure. It is full of amazing features that any user would be glad to apply.

Let’s first go through the steps of the tool.

How to Backup Rediffmail Inbox With the Help of the Software?

1. Start by launching the tool. Enter the credentials of your account and the IMAP Server & Port No. Click on Login.

viewing modes

2. Mark the file format as per need and hit the Advance Settings option to apply filters.


3. Choose the Naming Convention option and select the pattern. Set the dates “from” and “to” in the Date-filter.


4. Apply the Delete after Download feature if needed by marking the checkbox beside the option. Hit Yes to confirm.



5. Click on Browse to set the location & hit Start Backup.


Talk about the features now!

Rediffmail Email Backup – Functions of the Software

  • You can choose any format: PST, EML, PDF, MSG, MBOX, HTML, etc.
  • Option to download emails selectively from a time-period via Date-filter
  • Choose the folders to export messages from using the Email-Filter
  • Free up space in the mailbox by applying Delete after Download feature
  • Preserving the folder structure & the data integrity is a default function
  • After first process, use Incremental Backup to download only new data
  • Split Outlook Data File option to break large files into smaller sizes
  • Available for all earlier & latest versions of Mac OS

Noted Points

The reasons for Rediffmail email backup are explained here. You can overcome all the threats that risk data-loss or corruption situations by making copies of the data. When users search for solutions, there are none found other than various tools and software.

Experts recommend making use of the tool to export the emails in your desired format. Even if there is a manual method, it might not be as useful if users are not in the knowing. Using the software is a great option as it consists of several features that can help you. The software is easy-to-use even by non-technical users as well since it has a user-friendly interface.