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How to Fix Outlook To-Do List Shows Duplicates Items?

Aldrich Calvin | Modified: 2021-06-09T17:51:39+00:00|Outlook | 5 Minutes Reading

With Outlook 2007 Microsoft introduced a new feature of To-Do List in Task. It will help users to track their tasks until it has done. Moreover, Outlook allows you to create a single To-Do List, that also helps users to enhanced with reminders and tracking. But sometimes when a user tries to create a To-Do List, then Outlook To-Do List shows duplicates in a task panel, and when they try to delete the duplicate once it automatically deletes the original one too.

Hence, at this troublesome situation users have no idea, to get rid of this situation. Which make the users look for a different solution to resolve duplicate To-Do list from Outlook. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss multiple methods that fix Outlook To-Do-list shows duplicates issues.

Reasons for Duplicate To-Do List

As we said above once the users encounter duplicate To-Do lists in tasks, then it becomes very hard to delete duplicate items without deleting the original once. This kind of issue can be caused by multiple factors, and some of the major factors are mentioned below.

 If you are importing Outlook 2003 PST file to outlook 2007 and 2010 then you may face duplicate tasks due to file compatibility issues

Improper View Settings is one of the major reasons behind creating duplicate To-Do List in Outlook tasks.

While importing the process of Outlook PST file if you forget to check do not import duplicate items then after importing process completed you may face duplicate items in your Outlook account.

Corruption in the To-Do List also creates a duplicate in Outlook tasks.

Expert Solution
Whatever be the reasons for your duplicate To-Do List items in Outlook. And if you are seeking for the smart solution that deals with duplicates, then try SysTools Outlook Duplicate Remover Tool. It is a software which effective on every duplicate item in Outlook.

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#Method 1 Change View Settings for the Task Folder-Manually

In this section, we are going to discuss a manual method were will delete duplicate To-Do lists we said above one of the main reasons for the Outlook To-Do List shows Duplicates issue is setting configuration in View Setting. So, in order to resolve, this issue from View Setting then follow the guidelines mentioned below.

  1. First open Outlook and then open Task folder.
  2. Now remove the duplicate task from the task view this step will show all the task in a list view
  3. Go to the View tab and click on the change view >> detailed option
  4. After that click on view tab >> View Settings.
  5. Now, and advanced view setting simple list dialogues will be open, then select the shot button
  6. A short dialogue box will pop up. Select a subject from a short item dropdown menu, and click on the ok button
  7. A warning dialogue box will appear. Now click just click on the yes button to confirm view modification
  8. Now, select the duplicate to-do list by comparing the similar ones then press shift + delete.

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#Method 2: Export Solution to Resolve Outlook To-Do List Shows Duplicates Issue

After attempting the manual method to delete duplicate To-Do List from Outlook. And if you are still facing duplicate To-Do List in your Outlook account, then an alternative method can be the best approach for you. The software easily fixes the Outlook To-Do List shows duplicates items To- DO List items. As we as it is a single utility that deletes duplicate emails, contacts, calendar, etc.

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 Now, follow the step by step process to remove duplicate tasks from MS Outlook.

1. First, install the software on your local machinestep-add

2. Click on the Add Files or Add Folder option to add Outlook filesAdd-folder

3. Now, select the Within Folder option to delete duplicates To-Do List.across-folder

4. Select the destination location to save the resulting >> Open.save

5. Now, select Filter and duplicate criteria option to choose the Tasks option.tasks

6.Select the specified field to remove duplicate tasks like Subject, Start Date, Due Date, and many more.field

7. At last click on the Next button and the software will successfully delete the To-Do List from Outlook tasks.next

Additional Features of Software

  • This tool is able to maintain your folder hierarchy as well as it is capable to preserver the metadata during the whole process
  • It gives you specific field options like BCC, Subject, Cc, Start Date, Body, and many more to remove duplicates from the Outlook.
  • This tool provides different actions to remove duplicate items from Outlook such as Delete Permanently, Move to Deleted Item Folder, Move to Folder, Put Flag, and Mark as Expire.
  • This software gives you the facility to delete duplicate in two different wary like remove duplicate from within folder or remove duplicate from across folder.

Final Words

It is very hard to handle duplicate items in Outlook because it creates performance issues, as well as duplicates, also affect the workflow. Hence, the above article has covered all the possible ways to fix Outlook To-Do List Shows Duplicates items. So, to delete duplicate To-Do List from the Outlook task, a user can consider any solution mentioned in the above blog.