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Mass Delete Old Gmail Emails – Importance of Deleting Emails

Anuraag Singh | Modified: 2022-03-16T12:48:02+00:00|Gmail | 6 Minutes Reading

Today, we are going to explain the simple methods to mass delete old Gmail emails & the importance of removing this data.

There is a possibility that the emails that you want to delete can be of importance, right?

If the old emails you are deleting are useless & have no purpose, you can delete them without giving it a second thought.

But, if this data holds importance & you delete it, you might face trouble in the future since there is no going back once these are gone permanently.

Now, why do you think there is a need to delete older emails in Gmail. This is mainly due to the little storage space that Gmail offers to the users.

The storage being divided into three parts i.e. Gmail, Google Photos, & Google Drive usually fills up quickly when there is a heavy flow of emails on a daily basis.

Sometimes, this space is taken by old emails that you did not sort out & delete earlier when it would have been easier.

There are also various important points that you should know while deleting old emails.

What is the Importance of Learning Mass Delete Old Gmail Emails Process?

Gmail has billions of users out of which, a few millions of user’s inboxes have become a storage space for various old emails. These emails make it really difficult to stay organized & harder for new emails to arrive since there is no space left.

Deleting old emails will make space so that you don’t have to purchase more storage & makes organizing the mailbox much easier.

Don’t worry, it is not as hard as it might sound.

Removing old emails from the mailbox is a piece of cake if you have the right method to go.

The Perfect Solution to Delete Older Emails in Gmail Is Here

Well, perfect as the experts say, is the Professional Gmail Email Backup Tool which can be used by all the novice users as well.

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Why use a backup tool to delete emails?

Are you sure you want to remove all the older emails without saving certain important ones that you might need in future or are just too precious to be deleted?

No, right?

This is why we are here with a backup tool.

This tool will perform both the actions together without you having to go through any procedure separately to mass delete old Gmail emails.

The tool has a Delete after Download function which is capable enough to transfer the emails to your choice of location & then delete them automatically.

This feature is the major reason why it is a preference of various experts & professionals.

Now, let’s take a look at the steps of this software.

How Does the Software Work to Remove the Emails from the Mailbox?

1. Start by installing the tool & launching it. Provide the account credentials for your Gmail account & click on the Login button.


2. Select the desired email format to export data as before you delete older Gmail emails. Browse for the destination location of the output.


3 .Navigate to the Delete after Download feature to automatically remove the data after backup. Hit Yes when prompted with confirmation.


4. Then, apply the Date-filter for exporting data from a certain time-period & choose the folders you want to transfer messages from.


5. Hit the Start button to finish taking the backup.


The software will save all the emails on your chosen location & delete them from the mailbox automatically to accomplish your requirements.

User Reviews to Mass Delete Old Gmail Emails Using the Utility

User 1This software has helped me a lot to download the messages first to make sure I’m not losing any important ones. And then, it allows me to remove the downloaded messages without following a separate process. How cool is that? I’m glad to have found this tool when I needed it the most.
User 2I needed to free up some space in my account to get receive more emails. However, I didn’t want to purchase more storage. So, I decided to delete them and with this software, it has been super easy. Selective messages could be deleted without wasting any time.

Is There Any Other Method to Delete Older Gmail Emails?

There is another technique to erase these messages from the mailbox & that is by using the Gmail account itself.

Follow the below steps to start the process:

1. Open a browser & login to Gmail account.

2. To remove emails before a certain period, enter the command in the Search box like “category:social , older_than:1y” & view all the Social emails.


3. Mark the Select All checkbox to choose all the searches shown in the page.


4. Press the Select conversations that match this search option to select all the related searches to mass delete old Gmail emails.


5. Click on the Delete or Trash icon to remove all these emails from the mailbox.

6. Remove these files from the Bin folder by going to Bin.

7. Choose the Empty Bin Now option or Delete Forever option.


8. Tap on OK to confirm the deletion.


The only problem with this method is that it will remove all the emails without saving them anywhere else.

If you want to save your emails as backup before deleting them using the manual method, you will first have to use the Google Takeout Tool.

Short Note

As seen above, it is not difficult to mass delete old Gmail emails but there is no harm in taking a backup of the data. Since restoring lost emails can be a bit of a task (if it’s possible), it is a recommendation that you keep a copy of the emails before removing them.

The manual method is capable of deleting the emails in bulk with no errors & quickly. However, it doesn’t make copies. For that, another procedure needs to be performed. The software, on the other hand, is capable of performing both the procedures at the same time.