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Save HP Laptop Hard Drive Failure Reoccurrences

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“It is not a matter to discuss if a hard drive will fail, but important is when??”            – HP Tech Support


“My father’s HP laptop (running Windows 7-64 bit) used for Office; suddenly use has appeared with an error message regarding hard drive.

No physical damage has occurred to the laptop by any means nor has any internet malware been attached to it. An error message displays

“HP Hard Drive Check Detected Drive has SMART Check Issue.”

Save HP Laptop Hard Drive Failure Reoccurrences

What caused this error?? Is it a virus or malware?

How can I fix it and is there any way to recover deleted data?”

When we talk about the HP laptop Hard Drive failure, there are several reasons that are accountable for this dysfunctionality. We will put light on each probable reason and their potential solutions.
Here’s the first one…

Reason 1. Loosened or Improper Device Connection

Solution – Often the Connected Wires/Cables Are loosened or not connected as guided, which results in HP Laptop Hard Drive failure being shown as an error message.
Always secure the cable connections.

Step 1. Turn Off the system and remove the battery. Next, detach the other components along with the HP Hard Drive.
Step 2. Clean the ports and components, then attach them again following the manual guidelines of the system.
Step 3. Reconnect your hard drive to your computer securely.
Step 4. After attaching the battery, power up the system and check if the HP Laptop Hard drive failure issue is fixed or not.

Reason 2. – No Boot Disk Is Detected OR HDD/Boot Disk Is Not at the Top of Boot Order

Solution – System retrieves boot information by following boot order. This order must be in sequence to retrieve valid information.
If the HDD/boot disk is not at the top of the boot order, then the system moves to another source to extract the information and results in an error message.

Method 1. Prioritize the BIOS Boot

Step 1. Power on Computer
Step 2. Press F1 key / other specified keys (depending on HP edition) and enter BIOS setup.
Step 3. Locate the BIOS Boot order.
Step 4. Locate the HDD/SSD boot disk and move it to the top position. HP Laptop Smart HP Hard Drive Failure
Exit after saving the changes.

Method 2. Reset Default HP Laptop BIOS Settings

  • Turn off the laptop and wait for 10-20 seconds.
  • Power ON and keep pressing F10 to open the BIOS setup.
    HP Laptop Hard Drive Failure
  • The F9 key will load the BIOS setup Default settings.
  • Hit F10 to save the settings and exit BIOS.

Reason 3. – Hard Drive in a Failure State

Solution – Hard Drive failure can occur due to several reasons, these reasons count from Software to Hardware external and internal malfunctioning.

However, it is highly recommended to first run the Recovery solution on the drive and access it to extract all the data and then format it. Also, check if the drive is functioning or not.

Changing the drive is the last option when no other alternative can fix the issue. Without trying the recovery method it will lose both your data and worth driving.

Reason 4. Cluttered Windows Operating System

Solution – Always execute the clean installation of Windows OS on the system.
You can visit Microsoft Installation Support for complete guidance on the clean installation of Windows.

Reason 5. Boot Error Causing HP Laptop Hard Drive Failure

Solution – This bootable installation can fix the boot error which might be causing the failure of HP laptop

Step 1. Insert Windows 10 bootable installation CD/DVD. Next, start your system.

Step 2. Boot insert CD/DVD when prompt appears.

Step 3. Select a language and click next.

hp laptop smart hard disk error

Afterward, repair the system by clicking on the bottom left corner.

Step 4. Choose Troubleshoot >> Click Advanced Option >> Automatic Repair/Startup Repair. And wait till Windows Automatic Repair completes.

How fix HP laptop hard drive failure

Step 5. Restart your HP laptop and boot the Windows.

Reason 6. If Repair Stuck Automatic Loop Stuck

Solution – You can run chkdsk command on system in case the above-mentioned method gets stuck due to any reason.

Step 1. Boot the Windows installation DVD/CD.
Step 2. In the prompt, press key to start the boot.
Step 3. After selecting the language go for the repair process.
Step 4. Click on Troubleshoot >> Advanced Options >> Command Prompt
Step 5. Type chkdsk c:/f in there and wait for the scanning process to complete

(Note – Press Y, if the drive is engaged in another process.)

Step 6. Type chkdsk c:/ r to initiate the read command for the files.

After the process completion, restart your PC.

Solution 7. Run Hard Drive Data Recovery Solution

The SysTools Windows Data Recovery Tool will check the disk and recover all the infected, corrupted, and inaccessible data information regardless of the corruption issues. It also retrieves files from Toshiba external hard drive

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This solution is the farthest, most secure option when a user wants to recover shift deleted PDF files from hard drive and secure it to another destination place.

Solution 8. Format HP Laptop Failed Hard Drive

After performing Solution 7, the user can freely move to reset the drive.

Formatting the drive will remove everything from the system memory including cache, RAM, etc., and restore the default configuration. Then you set up the hard drive and install the programs.

Follow these steps to perform

Step 1. Type diskmgmt. msc in the search column and press enter to open Disk Management.
Step 2. Right-click on the HP laptop hard drive.

hp laptop smart hard disk error
Step 3. In the prompt, select the drive for the format.

(Note – You can opt for the available option while formatting accordingly.)

Step 4. Click OK to start the format.

Please wait for the completion and check if the hard drive is still having issues while accessing the data.

As A Matter Of Course

You can’t keep waiting for the destruction of HP laptop Hard Drive failure data that can’t be recovered if the last step only remains either to throw away the disk or replace it with the next one.

Take measures before the damage becomes irreversible and avoid the overwriting or any kind of modification on the drive.