How To Turn Off Geolocation On iPhone To Safeguard Your Privacy

Eva Mendis | Last Modified: September 22nd, 2015 | Updates

Geolocation can be inferred as the identification and assessment of the real-world geographic location of a certain object such as mobile, radar source or a connected computer device. In order to locate a certain device, the locating engines make use of RF (Radio Frequency) location methods. In cases when GPS signal is not available, the information from cell tower is made in use and used to locate the approximate location.

Geolocation Feature In iPhone

The geolocation feature in your iPhone or in any other smartphone you own, gives away the exact location of your device when a picture is being taken from it. In other words, whenever you click a picture from your smartphone, it adds the information to the picture that helps in locating your exact location.

For example, the following picture clicked from an iPhone, reveals the location at which it was taken in the form of its Latitude and Longitude coordinates.


how to turn off geolocation on iphone

The location at which this picture was taken can be found out by locating the latitude and longitude coordinates in Google Earth. The location will be displayed in a matter of time.

The Geolocation feature is a great step in our evolving technology but it also has some drawbacks that may compromise with your privacy. The unintentional users may take advantage of this feature by accessing your location and performing unlawful activities like theft in your house in case you are away. Therefore, if you want to get rid of this feature and want to protect your privacy, you can simply do so by deactivating this feature in your phone.

Steps To Turn Off Geolocation On iPhone

The procedure to turn off Geolocation on iPhone is very easy and can be done in a few seconds.

  1. Select the Settings application in your iPhone.1
  2. From the drop-down menu, select the Privacy to turn off geolocation on iphone
  3. In this select the first option, Location Services. You will find that the button is green which means that the Location Services feature is On.
  4. Select the third option, Camera from the drop-down menu.
    turn off geolocation on iphone
  5. Select Never option in order to off the geolocation services from your camera.

You can turn this feature On or Off as per your need and depending on your privacy requirements.