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How to Recover Files From Virus Infected Computer – Know Here

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Published On April 26th, 2024
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Laptops and PCs are prone to virus attacks. Users take different measures to better protect themselves from these malware attacks, but they may still find themselves ill-prepared. One of the main results of a virus attack is the corruption and/or deletion of data from the PC. Data on a volume or disk infected by a virus is at high risk of being deleted. Data on a virus-infected volume or disk is at high risk of being deleted and there are ways users can attempt to restore this data. Today, we will look at some ways that users can try to restore corrupt files and deleted files after a virus attack on Windows PCs.

How to Recover Data from Virus-Infected Computers Using Anti-Virus Software

  • The very first step is to search for any reliable anti-virus software which can restore virus-infected files safely.
  • The next step is to download and install the anti-virus software to recover your data from your computer.
  • Use this software and scan your files properly to remove the virus from your PC.
  • If the virus is removed by using anti-virus software then save the recovered data. But, if the virus is not removed after using the anti-virus application then you should use Data Recovery Software to recover your data safely from the computer.

Restore Files From A Virus Infected Computer Using Professional Software

You can use SSD Data Recovery Software to retrieve files from virus infected computers. Because this software is reliable, safe, and secure, it will recover your complete data from the SSD drive. You  can download and install this software on your Windows machine

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Step 1:– After downloading this tool. You should select the “scan” option.

how to restore virus infected files

Step 2 – After that, the software will show the data in the left panel of the software.

How to Recover Files from Virus Infected Computer

Step 3 – Explore the folder and view complete data in the right panel of the software. Select the files which you want to recover and right-click on the selected files click on the “save” option and select a destination for your recovered data.

how to recover data from virus infected computer

Key Features This Application 

  • SSD data recovery software can recover deleted data and it can also recover permanently deleted data from the computer.
  • This software can retrieve files from virus-infected computer.
  • SSD data recovery software can recover data from internal as well as external SSD drives.
  • This software supports different file formats like FAT, exFAT, and NTFS.
  • Capable of restoring data from GPT and MBR partitions.
  • It provides you with a “refresh view” option to detect the newly attached storage device.
  • SSD data recovery software also highlights the permanently deleted data in red colour.

Final Words

In this post, I have discussed how to recover files from virus-infected computers. You can recover your important data using anti-virus software but it has some major drawbacks. So, to overcome those drawbacks you can use SSD Data Recovery Software and by using this software you can restore virus-infected files.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I recover virus-infected data by using anti-virus software?

Yes, you can recover virus-infected data by using anti-virus software. To resolve this problem, read the above blog.

Can this software recover data from different file formats?

Yes, this software can recover data from different file formats like FAT, exFAT, NTFS, etc.

Can this software recover shortcut data from the pen drive?

Yes, if your data became shortcutted by a virus then use the above-mentioned software.