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How to Free Up Storage Space In Outlook Top Three Methods

Anuraag Singh | Modified: February 27, 2023|Outlook | 5 Minutes Reading

-Have you ever received an alert stating that your Outlook mailbox is about to become full, but you’re not sure how to resolve it? As a result, this blog is aimed primarily at users who are annoyed or frustrated by the storage issue in Outlook Here we will talk about how to free up storage scape in Outlook.

We all know that Outlook is one of the most widely used email clients on the planet. So most of the users use this email client for their daily email services. Basically in Outlook data files hold emails, including sending and receiving emails, as well as contacts, calendar appointments, tasks, and notes, as well as their file attachments.

Now, this much data is well enough to fill your Outlook storage. But along with that many users faces some issue like duplicate data items in Outlook and unnecessary Outlook attachments which consume unnecessary storage of your mailbox, Now, if you are dealing wilt such type of issue then keep reading the blog because in the end will definitely be able to free up the storage space in Outlook.

Consequences of Oversized Outlook Mailbox

Many experts say that an oversized mailbox affects both the email client experience and the user’s data. According to them, a large Outlook mailbox creates a variety of performance difficulties, which we are going to mention below:

PST File Corruption- An enormous Outlook mailbox might damage your PST data, which is not a good indication for anyone who uses Microsoft Outlook. You may lose crucial information if your PST file becomes corrupted.

Performance Degradation- One of the most serious issues with a large Outlook mailbox is performance issues like freezing, program hanging, becoming slower to respond, and so on. Due to a large PST file, you may have to wait a long time to open a certain file.

Less Productivity- Microsoft software that hangs and is sluggish will provide less output. And this is why there is a decrease in production.

After knowing the consequence of fully packed storage space let’s move toward the methods to reduce the size

How to Free Up Storage Space In Outlook

To free up the PST size Microsoft has provided various built-in workarounds for reducing the size of PST files. So, in this section, we’ll go over all of the techniques one by one. All you have to do now is choose one of them.

#Method 1: Use Compact Now

This is a built-in feature of Microsoft Outlook that can help you reduce the size of your Outlook mailbox.

To begin, open Outlook on your Windows computer.

2: Next, select the Info option from the File menu.

3: After that, choose Account Settings and then Account Settings again.

4: Pick the data file choice from the drop-down menu, then settings >> select the required file>> hit the Compact Now button.

5: When you’ve completed all of the options, click the OK button to complete the operation.

#Method 2: Use Clean Up Tool

To free up the space of the mailbox in Outlook you can use Outlook’s built-in cleaning tool i.e, Clean Up Tool. And to use this utility, follow the procedures below:

1: Open Microsoft Outlook.

2: Next, go to the tool menu and choose the mailbox cleanup option.

3: To reduce the size of large PST files, you may see various choices such as emptied delete items locate things longer than view mailbox size view contract size view deleted item size and empty conflict.

# Method 3: Delete Duplicates Items

Well as we said above duplicate items is one of the major reason for the oversized mailbox so it is very important to remove duplicate from the Outlook mailbox. And if we talk about the method to draw out duplicates then, unfortunately, there is no manual method available. Users have to remove it one by one, so make the task you can try Outlook Duplicate Remover Tool from SysTools. It is a fully developed software for removing duplicate emails, contacts, notes, calendars, and journals from Outlook. This program can draw out duplicate emails from OST and BAK files without causing any data loss.

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To delete duplicate items from MS Outlook, follow this step-by-step guide.

1: Download and install the software.

2: To add files, select Add Files or Add Folder from the File menu.

3: To remove duplicates, choose either Within Folder or Across Folder.

4: Select the destination location for the file by clicking the Change button.

5: From the Select filter, select the email data item and duplicate criteria.

6: Click on the OK button once the task is completed.

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Well, this is all, we all know that an oversized Outlook mailbox is very frustrating during work because it affects your work experience. So it is very important to free up the space to work on the program accordingly. And to this is easy manner here in this write-up we have discussed the top three methods on how to free up the storage space in Outlook.