How to Find Who Deleted Records in SQL Server? Perfect Workarounds

Dexter Morgan | Last Modified: May 4th, 2021 | sql server

Summary: Learn the solutions and the reasons on how to find who deleted records in SQL Server. This blog consists of all the useful solutions for users to check their files containing all the transactions and who has deleted them. Stick to the blog for best results!

There have been situations where users are not making any transactions and yet there are transactions being made without them knowing. This is not very hard to determine who has made changes to the records if you have the technical expertise required for SQL and its queries.

It is very important to keep checking your record files in case you need to find who deleted records SQL Server. For those who do not have the expertise required for this, you can make use of the SQL Log Analyzer Tool. It has a simple interface and can be easily used to analyze the files and check who deleted or made changes in the logs. Also, it is useful to instigate SQL log in forensics cases as well.

User’s Concern: I found some changes being made to the SQL log of our organization that show some of the transactions have been deleted. I couldn’t find out who did it from the back-end support. Is there any other way that I could implement that doesn’t involve technicality but solves my problem?

Let’s find out.

How to Find Who Deleted Records in SQL Server Manually?

As we know, there are manual methods for almost every requirement, every query which is why also have a manual solution for this query. For the users who do not want to go through the troubles and face the technicalities of this workaround can consider using the software.

Check out how this solution works as shown below:

Step 1 – To start, you have to run the given command on your SQL Server.

Select [Transacation SID],
[Transaction Name] from fn_dblog(NULL,NULL)
WHERE [Transaction Name]= ‘DELETE’


Step 2 – Once you have entered the given command, you can find the [Transaction SID] of the deleted transactions.

Step 3 – Now, to find who deleted records in SQL Server, pass the [Transaction SID] in suser_sname function in the server.

Step 4 – As soon as the command is executed, the details of who made changes in the logs will be shown.

This function may seem to be easy for the users who have knowledge in the technical and SQL arena. But for the novice users who have no technical expertise, it becomes a difficult and confusing procedure. Well, do not worry, we are here to help and guide you.

Simple Solution for Users with Little or No Technical Expertise

There are a lot many users who do not know how to work with the SQL commands which is why, manually it is difficult for them to learn how to find who deleted records in SQL Server. As discussed above, we have an easy workaround for the users to help them with their situation.

The software that helps to analyze the records and the transactions made in the log file also has the feature to track who deleted or modified the records. There is a support for Quick Scan that allows a deep examination of the log files and it offers full visibility to the database.

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There is a plethora of features that the tool offers for an effortless analysis of the transaction files to help users find who deleted records in SQL Server. Let’s take a look at them:

  • It lets users analyze the records for critical changes
  • All of the SQL transactions can be checked like Insert, Update, and Delete
  • Mainly, it can track who has modified the table records
  • It also allows to check the files without having SQL Server application
  • Open the files in both Online and Offline Database Environment
  • Permits to show the information in CSV, SQL Scripts, or SQL server database
  • The tool supports MS SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, 2005

Now, towards that working of the tool.

Steps to Learn How to Find Who Deleted Records in SQL Server Via Software

Implement the given steps to get the required answers:

Step 1 – Run and install the software and select the Open button to enter the data files you want to analyze.

click on open

Step 2 – Choose Online Database option and enter the Server Name and Authentication Hit OK for the next step.

online db option

Step 3 – Now, select all the tables you desire to check and hit the Export button.

click on export

Step 4 – Mark Insert, Delete, and/or Update checkbox(es) and apply the Date-Filter and set the dates From and To dates.

sort according to table name

Step 5 – Select the SQL Server Database option in the Export To/As type after you find who deleted records in SQL Server. Input the details for the Database Credentials in the given fields.

multiple export option

Step 6 – Enter the destination location, Create New Database if required and enter the name for it. Hit the Export button to complete the task.

export procedure

Once the task is completed, you will be given an option to export the details of the process in a .csv file. The Date-Filter offered by the tool allows users to find the transactions from a certain time-period by enter the data from which you want the transactions to be check and until when.

That’s About it

It is not as difficult as it may seem to learn how to find who deleted records in SQL Server. Although, while using the manual method, it may become a little complicated and hard for those who do not have technical knowledge.

This is why we have explained both the methods, manual and professional, for users to get what they want as they want. The software, in fact, makes it quick and easy to perform the task with the help of the Quick Scan and Date-Filters. Also, the files can be analyzed in the Offline Database Environment as well.