Learn How to Backup MSN Email on Computer / PC / Laptop

Anuraag Singh | Last Modified: September 10th, 2020 | Updates, Windows Live Mail

This article is an illustrated guide to understand how to backup MSN email on the computer system locally. Though, there are many solutions in the market to do this task, but, we have taken only the most suggested and verified methodology.

MSN is one of the categories of Microsoft Domain. This mail account can be accessed with any of the Microsoft accounts like Hotmail,, Live Mail, etc. If you are one among them and need to have a prominent solution to save the data from the MSN account, kindly go through the article below. Here we have discussed a safe and secure methodology to easily get all your data on the local system.

The method is a real safe and gives away an end to end secured transmission of the data. You can go through the process to get all your data to safety with no time and at most safety.

How to Backup MSN Email on Computer System?

Creating a backup copy of the MSN emails has become very easy with the introduction to this direct method. SysTools Hotmail Backup Tool is a popular application gemmed to download the data from the Microsoft account. In its latest edition, it is found to take away all the emails from them MSN email to the local system on Windows and Mac system.

The simple way to get all your emails in MSN mail is to install the application on your system and run the procedure. The Windows and Mac platforms have different download files compatible on the platforms respectively. We start with the process of the Windows system first.

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Steps to Backup MSN Email on Windows System

Step 1: Run MSN Email Backup Tool and login with MSN account

login to hotmail backup tool

Step 2: Select an email format to backup MSN emails

select mail format

Step 3: Browse a location to save the MSN email backup file

browse location

Step 4: Start the process and backup MSN email to computer

backup MSN email

This will begin the process and complete the task with notification of successful completion. The emails can be saved on the system in multiple email formats supported by major mail clients. The email formats supported are PST, EML, MBOX, and MSG. You can open the emails in any of the desktop email clients in offline mode using this backup file. This is for the users having the Windows system

For Mac users, move down to learn the process of MSN email backup. Here we are using the SysTools Mac Backup Tool. The application also offers the same number of email formats extending with EMLX format that is supported by the Apple Mail. Now the process is discussed down below

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Steps to Download MSN Mailbox on Mac System

Step 1: Download and Run Mac Backup Tool

Step 2: Log in with MSN mail account

login to backup tool

Step 3: Select a format to backup MSN emails

email format

Step 4: Browse a location to save MSN email backup file

browse location

Step 5: Click on Start Backup option to download MSN email

backup msn email

This will begin the process of taking a backup copy of MSN emails in the Mac system. A successful notification will be shown on the screen to justify the process is completed. With this simple process, you can easily backup MSN email on the local system or in any external hard drive.

Before ending the session, we just look up some of the functionalities that we get on while using this application to backup our email data on MSN account.

Functionalities of MSN Email Backup Tool

The MSN Mail Backup Software happens to be very efficient and safe while performing the process of creating a backup. In addition, there are some additional advantages to using the application. Some major attractions are listed down below:

Email Filtering: This option is amazing as it gives you the facility to select a date range so that the emails within the range are backed up leaving the rest. It saves time and the efficiency of the application increases.

Email Local Archiving: This is another promising option of the MSN email backup software. It hopes the mail user to download the emails to the local system and simultaneously remove the same emails from the mail account forever. It has opted for some important emails whose security concern is far ahead of others.

Incremental Backup Option: This option is very helpful for the user as it contains the functioning to skip the previously downloaded data and save on the new mails. This way you won’t need to take all the emails downloaded in the past sessions.

Pause and Resume Download Process: It is very important to have the managerial power of the download process. In the process of MSN email, you can stop the process in the middle and resume the same whenever required. This option is very useful for the users having a network bandwidth issue at their end.

These are some amazing functionalities given away by the SysTools tools to create a backup of MSN email. So use the utility wisely and get your data safe in your computer systems.

Final Words

Before closing it up, we want to tell you, the process that is discussed above is the fundamental and most promising technique to save all your data from the MSN account. You came here in search of the query on how to backup MSN email to the computer and here you have been answered it in the best possible way.