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How to Fix A Corrupted Hyper V VHDX File? Know Two Techniques

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Published On February 12th, 2024
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Are you looking for a solution for how to fix a corrupted hyper V VHDX file? But facing problems with it. We have a solution that will be useful for you. With the help of manual and automatic solutions, users can easily repair corrupt Hyper-V VHD files.

As we know, corrupt VHDX files can cause problems and inconvenience for the users accessing their valuable details. Stay tuned, as we are going to share a complete and trustworthy Microsoft VHD Repair Tool with you that you can easily download. Before starting the article, we will learn about the VHD file.

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Overview: Virtual Hard Disk (VHD)

A virtual hard disk (VHD) is a disk that functions like a regular hard disk but is accessed, managed, and installed within a virtual machine infrastructure. VHD is considered a file and application format primarily intended for use in virtual machines. It typically contains the same hard drive sectors as a physical hard drive, including disk partitions and file systems.

Causes of Hyper V VHDX File Corruption

  • Due to a sudden storage failure
  • Damage to documents is another reason
  • Connection to storage device lost
  • The error occurs due to the incorrect installation of antivirus software.

Solutions to Fix A Corrupted Hyper V VHDX File

If the VHDX file is corrupted and users cannot access it, there are two methods users can use to fix this issue.

  1. Repair Corrupt Hyper-V VHDX Files Manually
  2. Automatically Repairs Damaged Hyper-V VHD files

Method 1: Repair Corrupt Hyper-V VHD Files Manually

Microsoft provides a built-in tool that allows users to easily repair damaged .vhdx files. Let’s discuss steps that can help resolve problems with VHDX files:

  • Users should first connect the VHDX file and the parent partition and then use CHKDSK to resolve the issue.
  • Now check the integrity of the VHDX with the HyperV system.
  • After this, users need to add the.vhdx .vhdx file to the IDEmanager and select the search option.
  • Users can merge all types of VHD and VHDX files. They need to confirm if it can be opened in Windows 7, Server 2008.

Users can now download the Microsoft VHD tool for free, which includes a “fix” option designed to resize the original VHD when another VHD becomes available.

Disadvantages of the Manual Method

The use of manual methods has a number of limitations. The manual method is very time-consuming and labor-intensive and does not require the user to repair damaged vhdx files by choosing this method.

Repair Damaged VHD or VHDX File Automatically 

The Microsoft VHD Recovery Software is all-in-one software that can handle any issue that may appear on a VHD drive. It can repair soft or hard deleted files as well as remove corruption from the files. If users need to fix a corrupted hyper-V Vhdx file, this utility can be used for this purpose.

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When it comes to VHD disk compatibility, this software supports both dynamic and static VHD files. Even for dynamic VHDX files, both NTFS and FAT32 formatting are supported. This software recover deleted files from virtual machine hard drive. It can be run on any Windows OS-based machine, regardless of its OS version.

  • Download the utility on your PC.
  • Browse vhd or vhdx file in tool panel
  • Now apply quick and advance scan option
  • Save restored VHD file at desired location

Note: You can free download this software and purchase the activation version of the software by clicking the below-mentioned link.

Steps to Repair Damaged Hyper-V VHD/VHDX Files

Only by performing these four steps will users be able to recover deleted data files, repair the vhdx file hyper-v or restore the partition of VHD.

1: Firstly, download and install Hyper V Recovery Software.

repair vhdx file hyper-v

2: Then add VHD or VHDX files to the software.

microsoft vhd repair tool download

3: Now choose Quick Scan, Advanced Scan or repair corrupt VHD files.

4: Then, all VHD file data will be available for previewing purposes.

vhdx repair tool microsoft

5: Finally, choose the necessary files and save them in your preferred location.

microsoft vhd repair tool download

Prime Aspects of VHDX Repair Tool

This application is full of exciting and useful features that help users get back their lost and damaged files from VHDX. So, let us learn about some of the main features of this application:

  • Repair Corrupt Hyper-V VHD Files: Corruption can affect the VHD file and its complete data. Using the suggested tool, all corruption can be removed and the VHD drive files can be restored to a healthy state. Moreover, this software functions with equal efficiency on the dismounted VHD or VHDX files of the virtual disk.
  • Retrieve Files from Formatted VHDX: Usually, formatting wipes out all data from any disk, including VHD files. So, if users are willing to recover data from a formatted VHDX disk, they should choose the VHDX Repair Tool. This application works perfectly even if the VHDX has been re-formatted for any reason.
  • Restore Deleted VHD Files: Accidental file deletion causes disruption in the workflow of the users. Whether the files got soft-deleted or hard-deleted (permanently deleted) from the VHD drive, the software can restore those files in their original format. The deleted files get highlighted in red for quick recognition.
  • Virtual Environment Not Required: If users are left with VHD or VHDX files on their system from which they want to repair vhdx file hyper-v, this software can get this task done without any trouble. In addition to this, users are not required to install a virtual environment on their system for this reason.

Compatibility with All Types of VHD

This application has complete compatibility with all types of VHD files. Whether the files are static or dynamic, file recovery is possible with the VHD Recovery Tool. Both FAT (16 and 32) and NTFS (4, 5, and 8) format VHD. Apart from all these, it supports fixed.vhd files with the FAT16 file system.

  • Search within Recovered Items: Once the recovery is done and all items are shown in the preview pane, users can find any file using the Search option. Users can search by entering the file name or file extension and the tool will display all the results that match the query.
  • Preview All VHD File Items: After the data recovery, all the retrieved files are available to the users for previewing with their basic information. Users can view the files along with their size, path, creation and modification date, etc.

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How to Download Microsoft VHD Repair Tool

Users can easily download this VHDX repair tool from the official website. This software is available in two different versions. The demo version can be downloaded for free, but it has some limitations in its functionality.


  • Restores formatted VHD partition
  • Repair corrupt VHD or VHDX file
  • Retrieve permanently deleted data
  • Fix VHDX file of any size


  • Does not support Mac OS

Final Words

If you are struggling with any type of VHDX file corruption or want to fix a corrupted hyper V VHDX file, the Microsoft VHD Repair Tool is the right choice for you. Moreover, this tool does not require Virtual Environment installation and works perfectly on dismounted VHD or VHDX files. Considering all of its amazing features, we would rate this tool 9.8 out of 10.

FAQs About Corrupted VHD File

Q: How to repair corrupt VHDX files?

You can repair corrupt Hyper-V VHD files after reading the above-mentioned blog.

Q: Is it possible to recover Shift-Deleted VHD data?

Yes, it is possible to recover shift-deleted data by using the VHD repair tool. Users can recover all kinds of data, such as deleted, corrupted, and formatted VHD file data.